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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Faculty

How do I go about placing material on reserve at Howe Library?

A reserve request form must be completed for each set of course materials (available at the Circulation/Reserve Desk, from departmental staff and on the World Wide Web at the following links).

Call numbers for books in the Howe Library collection must be included. Items not currently in the library collection will be rush ordered. Please furnish the requested publisher and copyright information for these items. If you wish to place non-print materials on Reserve (DVDs, VHS, CDs, etc.), please contact Media Services (656-1947).

How long can students borrow reserve material?

Items may be placed on reserve for a loan period of either 2 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours. Items placed on 2-hour reserve may not leave the library. Loan periods must be consistent throughout any course's reserve list. Materials on the web are of course available at any time for any amount of time.

When should I place my reserve requests? How long will it be before the requested items are available to students?

Reserve lists for each semester should be submitted as early as possible. In general, the reserve desk can process requests within 72 hours. Reserve requests submitted after the first day of classes for the current semester will take at least one week to be processed. These times are for materials that are given to the reserve staff with complete and appropriate citations. Items that are currently checked out to another patron or materials that the reserve staff must procure themselves will take longer to process.

Can I put my own material on reserve?

Yes, journal articles and book chapters must meet the copyright guidelines see (UVM Copyright Policy V.2.12.1.).

Is there a World Wide Web Page for Howe Reserves?

Yes, there is. As part of the UVM Libraries Electronic Reserves, we are more than willing to put material such as journal articles, exams, class notes, etc. on this page. If the material is from a journal or a book, please provide the Reserve Department with a complete citation (if you know it is available online, please let us know this also). The most expeditious method is to provide us with a clean (no smudges, no black borders), a single-sided copy of the material on 8.5 in. x 11 in. paper. If the copyrighted article(s) are placed on the web, copyright law does not allow us to simultaneously retain a hard (paper) copy of the same article(s). For non-copyrighted material (exams, notes, etc.), the quickest way to get the material online is to provide the Reserve Department with a disk containing the information (pdf is preferred) or send the file via email.

Anything else?

There are no permanent reserve lists; reserve lists expire at the end of each semester. Faculty must contact the Reserve Department ahead of each semester during which a reserve list will be required. If possible, please provide the Reserve Department with a copy of your course syllabus for reference. You can reach us at 656-2023 or by email Reserve Department, David W. Howe Memorial Library

-- Copyright Guidelines --

Do I need permission to place copyrighted articles on reserve?

Individual articles and book chapters may be placed on reserve. If possible, we place such materials on the World Wide Web. One time use of such material does not require copyright permission, but it is necessary to place a complete citation on the first page (a photocopy of the book or journal title/verso page is acceptable). In addition, no more than one chapter (or 10% of total pagination, whichever is smaller) of a book or one article of a journal issue may be copied. If you plan on using several articles (for example, 30 or more), we recommend you compile a course pack with the help of UVM Print & Mail Center. If you use the Print & Mail Center's course pack service, copyright permissions must be obtained. However, if you choose to use the Library's electronic reserve option and your requests are outside the guidelines stated above; please contact the Reserve Department in advance. Successive uses of copyrighted photocopied or digitized material require permission from the copyright holder for all semesters after the first. The Reserve Department staff will apply for such permission and bill departments as needed.

See our Electronic Reserve Copyright Guidelines page for more information.

Can I place course packs on reserve?

Yes, up to 2 copies of an authorized course pack (produced by UVM Print & Mail Center) may be placed on reserve. The course pack must be for the current semester only and produced under the guidelines of current copyright law. Course packs from previous semesters will not be placed on reserve unless copyright permission has been extended. For more information on coursepacks and coursepack copyright guidelines, please contact the UVM Print & Mail Center, x62960.

rev. 10/14