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Research Databases

Not sure where to start?
  •  A-Z guide to Shakespeare
  • ABI/INFORM global
    This resource, one of the largest business databases, contains citations and some full-text articles from scholarly journals, popular magazines, and newspapers (including full-text articles from the Wall Street Journal back to 1984), as well as full-text business cases, conference proceedings, and dissertations.
  • ABSEES online :
    This interdisciplinary resource, American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies provides citations to articles on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Materials referenced include journal articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, dissertations, and more, published since 1989.
  • Academic one file
    This resource is multidisciplinary and indexes a large number of peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, as well as newspapers, books, and multimedia content such as videos, podcasts and audio files. Articles may be available as full text or as citations or abstracts.
  • Academic search premier
    This resource is a multidisciplinary database that provides access to scholarly journal literature across all disciplines, as well as magazine articles and some newspaper articles. It is a recommended starting point for research on any subject, and very useful for topics that span disciplines. It includes some full text as well as links to full text.
  • Accessible archives (18th-early 20th centuries)
    This resource includes a variety of primary source materials relating to U.S. history from the 18th through the early 20th centuries. The collection includes newspapers, magazines, county histories, books, and more. Note: materials in this collection are text (not image-based) versions of the originals.
  • AccessMedicine
    Use this resource to access comprehensive diagnostic and treatment information in many accessible forms.
  •  Achieving sustainability
  • ACM digital library
    This resource provides a portal to full-text articles published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The content includes journals, conference papers, magazines, newsletters, and selected book titles in the fields of computing and information technology.
  • Acta sanctorum
    This resource is the electronic version of the complete printed text of Acta Sanctorum, which is a collection of documents, written in Latin, examining the lives of the saints (hagiography), organized according to each saint's feast day. It includes all prefatory material and original texts with critical commentaries on the source documents. It is cross-searchable with Patrologia Latina Database.
  • African American newspapers (1827-1998)
    This resource provides access to newspapers by and/or for African Americans. Significant titles include: Freedom's Journal, the first African American newspaper published in the US; Frederick Douglass' Paper; and the Washington Bee. Explore historical events related to the anti-slavery movement, the great migration, the modern civil rights movement, and more. Search or browse the collection to find news articles, letters to the editor, advertisements, images, and editorials.
    This resource, created by the National Agricultural Library, provides comprehensive access to U.S. agricultural and life science information, including journal articles, books chapters, monographs, theses, patents, and technical reports. AGRICOLA covers all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, farming and farming systems, agricultural economics, extension and education, food and human nutrition, and earth and environmental sciences.
  • Agricultural & environmental science database (formerly Environmental sciences and pollution management)
    This resource is a multidisciplinary compendium of databases that covers broadly: agriculture, environmental sciences, pollution, energy, ecology, air and water quality, policy issues. It includes references to journal articles, reports, books, conference proceedings and government publications. The default search screen searches across multiple databases. It contains citations with abstracts and some links to full text.
  • Alexander Street counseling
    This resource provides access to streaming videos for the study of counseling, social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. Videos often include demonstrations of a certain counseling technique or method. Browse by therapeutic approach, counseling method, presenting condition, therapist, or subject and search videos by keyword. Clips can be made and saved to a personal library. Full videos or clips can be linked or embedded.
  • Alt-PressWatch
    This resource gives researchers full-text access to alternative, independent, and grassroots-supported newspapers, journals, and magazines, including Burlington's Seven Days. These publications cover local, national, and international news and issues with a critical view that contrasts with coverage in corporate-owned media.
  • Alternative press index
    This resource provides citations for articles from international alternative and small-press journals, newspapers and magazines, sometimes with links to full text. Articles include news reports, biographical profiles and arts reviews and cover cultural, economic, political and social change over the last 25 years.
  • America, history & life
    This resource provides information and full-text access to materials on American and Canadian history from prehistoric times to the present. It references materials published since 1964 and includes journal articles, book reviews, dissertations, and more.
  •  American Chemical Society journals
  •  American decades
  •  American decades: 2000-2009
  •  American decades primary sources
  •  American decades primary sources: 2000-2009
  • American historical periodicals from the American Antiquarian Society
    This resource provides access to a wide array of difficult-to-find American periodicals that were published between 1684 and 1922. The collection offers multiple perspectives on the thought, culture, and society of North America.
  • American history in video
    This collection includes both original archival materials and documentary streaming video on American history. Search for videos by keyword or browse by time period, subject, people, places, and more. Each video includes a full transcript, and users may create clips for use in teaching.
  • American Library Association archives
    This resource contains non-current records of the American Library Association (ALA) dating back to the 1920s, including full-text records from elected officers, administrative and staff offices, executive board, council, annual conferences, associations and divisions, roundtables on special interests, and committees. ALA Archives also includes correspondence, publications, photographs, sound recordings, films, and video.
  • American memory
    This resource provides digital access to a wide variety of primary source materials relating to all periods of American history, 1490-Present. The collection includes photographs, maps, posters, texts, pamphlets, sheet music, sound and video recordings, and more.
  • American national biography online
    Each biographical essay in this extensive collection includes an in-depth overview of the subject's life and significance in American history. Entries provide a list of further readings and, when applicable, indicate where the subject's papers or manuscripts are located.
  •  American Physical Society journals
  • American state papers, 1789-1838
    This resource provides access to primary materials in American history and a wide variety of other areas. It contains searchable full-page images of documents, reports, maps, and statistics from the U.S. Congress and other federal government agencies.
  • America's historical newspapers (1690-1999)
    This open source collection includes digitized local newspapers from all regions of the U.S. and provides a number of ethnic and foreign language titles. Papers are presented as full image PDFs and include news, editorials, advertisements, and more. Dates of publication range from the late 18th century through 1963.
  • Ancestry library edition
    This resource is marketed as a collection on family history and genealogy materials but is useful for conducting other historically based research. It includes census and voter data; vital records; immigration and naturalization records including passenger lists; selected court, land and probate records; United States military and draft records; city directories; maps; statistics; and reference books. The census data included is largely from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Western Europe. Date coverage varies but is primarily 18th century - present.
  •  Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Annals of Congress (1789-1824) (in: Congressional record bound edition & predecessors, 1789-present)
    This resource contains summaries and some full-text of debates, speeches and floor activity in the U.S. Congress, from 1789 to 1824.
  • Anthropological fieldwork online
    This resource provides access to digitized primary documents from the original fieldwork of seminal anthropologists in the early 20th century, including Bronislaw Malinowski, Victor and Edith Turner, Max Gluckman, Raymond Firth, Ruth Benedict, Charles Seligman and Edith Durham. Additional anthropologists' work will be added on a regular basis. This is an excellent resource for students and scholars studying the history and development of the field of anthropology. It includes fieldwork notes, photographs, letters, and other primary source materials.
  • AnthropologyPlus
    This resource provides comprehensive indexing of journal articles, reports, commentaries, edited works, and obituaries in all the sub-disciplines of anthropology, including cultural, social, physical, biological, linguistics, archaeology, folklore, and interdisciplinary studies. It provides complete citations with descriptors and geographic information.
  • AnthroSource
    This resource is a full-text, searchable database of publications from the American Anthropological Association (AAA). It contains the full-text of articles from AAA journals, newsletters, bulletins, and monographs.
  • Aristoteles Latinus database
    This resource provides the complete collection of medieval Latin translations of Aristotle. These can be searched by period, author, clavis, or century.
  • Art full text
    This resource includes articles and images on a wide variety of topics relating to art, art history, architecture, design, and film and media studies published in scholarly and professional journals.
  • ARTFL project, University of Chicago
    This resource is North America's largest collection of digitized resources in French. It comprises ARTFL-FRANTEXT, which indexes French texts, and more specialized collections of French women writers, Provençal poetry, ancient French texts, and historical dictionaries.
  •  Arts & humanities through the eras
  • ARTstor
    This resource provides images of artworks and cultural artifacts of a wide variety of types, including paintings, sculpture, photographs, prints, furniture, textiles, ceramics, and more from around the world. The collection can be searched by creator, time period, type of work or by region of origin.
  • Associated Press (AP) photo archive
    This photojournalism database provides access to photographs, graphs, and audio files from the Associated Press covering worldwide news events. It includes photographs dating back to the nineteenth century, as well as audio files from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
  • ATLA religion database
    This resource is an index to scholarly works in all fields of religion and theology, including Biblical studies, ancient religions, world religions, church history, mythology, archaeology, and religious perspectives on social issues. It contains citations to articles in journals, books, book chapters, and book reviews. Some citations have links to full-text articles.
  • Atlas of North American English
    This resource provides an overall view of the pronunciation and vowel systems of the dialects of the US and Canada. It redefines the regional dialects of American English on the basis of sound changes active in the 1990s and draws new boundaries reflecting those changes. It also includes audio files.
  •  Familiar quotations
  •  Fashion, costume, and culture
  •  Feminism in literature
  • FIAF international index to film periodicals
    This resource is the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) portal to information and research on film and television. Its most significant contents are: The International Index to Film Periodicals (academic and popular film and television journals) and the full text of key reference works: Encyclopedia of Early Cinema, Routledge Companion to Film Studies, Oxford History of World Cinema, Critical Ideas in Television Studies, Film Analysis: A Norton Reader.
  • Film & television literature index with full text
    This resource is an index to journals, magazines and books covering all aspects of film and television: film criticism, reviews, film and television theory, preservation and restoration, writing, production, and cinematography. It contains citations with abstracts (some with links to full-text articles) to articles, books, book chapters, and reviews (film, television, and book).
  • Film literature index
    This resource is an international index to journals, magazines and books covering all aspects of film and television. It contains citations with abstracts (some with links to full-text articles) to articles, film reviews and book reviews published between 1976-2001.
  • Filmakers library online
    This resource provides streaming video access to documentary films, including award-winning productions. It allows users to isolate and annotate clips for scholarly projects and provides full transcripts. It can be browsed by topics, places, or director/producer; or searched by keyword or phrase.
  • Food and fitness
    This resources provides more than 1800 entries on matters of exercise and diet. This second edition includes a variety of specific terms (‘mindfulness-acceptance commitment theory’) as well as broader topics (‘calorie requirements of different activities’).
  • Food environment atlas
    This resource, produced by the US Department of Agriculture, features online maps that compare US counties by 211 indicators of the food environment. Broad statistical categories include Food Choices, Health & Well Being, and Community Characteristics. Maps can compare a single indicator across the United states, view all indicators for a selected county, and zoom in to specific areas. Options include printing & exporting data to Excel spreadsheets.
  •  Fowler's concise dictionary of modern English usage
  • Gale academic OneFile Select (formerly Expanded academic ASAP)
    This resource is an excellent multidisciplinary index to both scholarly and general-interest publications. Its streamlined search interface provides results that include full bibliographic data, abstracts, and very often the full text of a resource. You can gather both background information and extensive research on topics in the arts, humanities, sciences, and technology. Use the innovative Topic Finder to visualize new connections you had not thought of. Results are arranged either in groups of concept tiles or organized on a wheel.
  • Gale business: entrepreneurship (formerly Small business resource center)
    This resource provides information about starting, financing, and managing a small business, including journal and news articles, reference books, and sample business plans.
  • Gale ebooks (formerly Gale virtual reference library)
    This resource is a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries and guide-books in e-book format, covering a multidisciplinary range of subjects. It is possible to search individual titles or the entire collection.
  •  Gale encyclopedia of alternative medicine
  •  Gale encyclopedia of American law
  •  Gale encyclopedia of children's health
  •  Gale encyclopedia of medicine
  •  Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America
  •  Gale encyclopedia of psychology
  •  Gale encyclopedia of U.S. economic history
  • Gale in context: middle school (formerly Research in context)
    This multidisciplinary database, designed for students in junior high school, provides access to journals, magazines, and newspapers with full-text articles.
  • Gale OneFile: News (formerly InfoTrac newsstand)
    This resource is a collection of articles from a wide range of newspapers, including major U.S. dailies and British and Mexican publications. Most articles are full-text and there are tools for exporting, sharing, and translating articles.
  •  Gale virtual reference library (see Gale eBooks)
  • Gender studies database
    This resource provides information about research materials on all topics relating to gender, sexuality, and women’s studies. It includes information about articles from scholarly and popular journals, newsletters, chapter from books, and government reports.
  • GenderWatch
    This resource provides access to articles on all topics relating to gender, sexuality, and women's studies. It includes articles from scholarly and popular journals, newsletters, and government reports. Most articles are available as full-text.
  • General OneFile
    This resource contains newspapers, journals, and other general-interest media sources, including the New York Times and NPR transcripts.
  • General reference center gold
    This resource offers access to full-text articles from general-interest sources, including newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  • Geo-data
    This encyclopedia includes information on the physical geography of every country in the world, including basic information on climate, vegetation, and natural resources.
    This resource covers the fields of physical and cultural geography, earth sciences, ecology and natural resources, as well as international development-related topics. Coverage includes scholarly journal literature, magazine articles, product reviews, directories, conference proceedings, and reports. It includes bibliographic citations with abstracts and links to full-text articles.
  • Geofacets
    This resource offers over 1.5 million maps, figures, and tables sourced from scientific publications, covering a spectrum of geoscience disciplines from general geology to specialized subject areas like organic geochemistry and sequence stratigraphy. Content types include maps and photos (some with Shapefiles or georeferencing), stratigraphic columns, seismic sections, cross-sections, well data, and more. Items display citations and link to original articles.
  • GeoRef
    This resource provides access to the geoscience literature of the world, including coverage of scholarly journal literature, books, maps, government reports, conference papers, theses, and dissertations. It includes bibliographic citations with abstracts, and links to full-text articles.
  • GeoScienceWorld
    This database, developed by the American Geological Institute and the Geological Society of America, disseminates full-text international scholarly literature in the earth sciences.
  • Global health
    This resource broadly covers international and community-level scholarly literature in public health, including rural development and health policy. Content includes journal articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, newsletters, reports, and gray literature.
  •  Global plants
  • Godey's lady's book
    This resource provides full access to Godey’s Lady’s Book (1830-1898), one of the most influential U.S. women's magazines of that era. Alongside articles concerning all aspects of the domestic sphere, the magazine includes patterns for handcrafts, color plates of the latest fashions, literary works, song lyrics, and sheet music.
  • Google scholar
    This resource provides access to scholarly literature including articles, theses, books, abstracts, court opinions, technical reports, patents and many other document types.
  • GreenFILE
    This resource covers broad environmental literature, including scholarly journal articles, magazine articles, and some government reports. It includes some full text as well as links to full text.
  •  Green's dictionary of slang
  • Grove art online
    This resource is the online version of the Grove Dictionary of Art, the standard encyclopedia for Art History. It contains thousands of in-depth entries, including recommendations for further reading. Search or explore by time period, type of work, or location. This resource is also useful for locating biographical information and images.
  • Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia
    Based on the 17-volume print encyclopedia, this resource features information on more than 4000 species, presented with more than 12,000 photos, maps, videos, audio clips, and interactive tools. Articles written by scientists and subject experts are peer reviewed authoritively and selected by an expert editorical board. Entries can be translated to 11 languages and includes text-to-speech properties.
  • Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia
    This resource features encyclopedia entries focused on evolution, supported by subject specialists and peer-reviewed by an editor and editorial board comprising of evolution experts. This is a supplement to Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia (2003), and compliments a companion volume, Extinction (2013).
  • Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia. Extinction
    This resource features more than 80 topically arranged, comprehensive articles, focusing on extinction. Suggestions for further reading, lists of scientific organizations & contact information are included. This is a supplement to Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia (2003), and compliments a companion volume, Evolution (2011).
  • Guardian (ProQuest historical newspapers, Manchester, 1821-2003)
    This database provides digital access to the British newspapers the Guardian (1821-2003) and the Observer (1791-2003).
  •  Johns Hopkins guide to literary theory & criticism
  • Journal citation reports (also called: InCites journal citation reports)
    This resource provides a wealth of journal productivity metrics, including impact factors, which are derived from Web of Science’s three citation indexes: Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts and Humanities Citation Index. These key performance indicators can be used to evaluate and compare journals within a specific subject area; identify trending journals in various research categories; and suggest journals in which to publish your forthcoming research.
    This resource is a searchable multidisciplinary database of the full content of archival issues of scholarly journals. Issues published within the last 3-5 years are generally not covered. It also provides citations to books and pamphlets provided by JSTOR in digital format.
  • Kanopy streaming video
    This resource is a platform for streaming video, including feature films and documentaries from around the world. Faculty note: please contact Multimedia Services if you need Kanopy videos for teaching, as access varies over time.
  • Kids infobits
    This multidisciplinary database, designed for elementary school students (grades K-6), provides access to age-appropriate features, magazines, reference books, and newspaper articles.
  •  Kings & queens of Britain
  •  KinoDen
  • L'Année philologique
    This resource is useful for locating scholarly works relating to Antiquity, including Late Antiquity. It contains citations and abstracts to journal articles, conference papers, books, book reviews, and related research in ancient Greek and Latin language, culture, history, literature, religion/mythology, and philosophy, including material about the early Christian church.
  • Latin America digital beat
    This resource, created by the University of New Mexico, provides current and historical news about Latin America in English.
  •  Latin American history
  • Lecture notes in mathematics (1964-2017)
    This resource provides online access to the full text of Lecture Notes in Mathematics from the first volume (1964) to 2017. This series covers new developments in all fields of mathematics, predominantly in the form of research monographs and lectures.
  • LegalTrac
    This resource provides indexing for a wide variety of legal journals, as well as full text for some publications. It includes U.S. and international journals, as well as a "Topic Finder" tool.
  •  LexisNexis academic (see Nexis Uni)
  • LGBT studies in video
    This streaming video service provides access to documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and select feature films exploring LGBTQA issues.
  • Library, information science & technology abstracts
    This resource provides citations, abstracts, and some full-text articles from journals (including peer-reviewed) in library science. It also contains citations and abstracts of books, book chapters, book reviews, research reports, case studies, and conference proceedings.
  • Library literature & information science full text
    This resource contains citations and some full-text articles (including peer-reviewed) from journals and magazines including key library and information-science periodicals, as well as citations for books, conference papers, book reviews, and book chapters.
  •  Library of Congress digital collections (formerly American memory)
  • Library of Latin texts (Cross Database Searchtool)
    This resource is a major database of full-text Latin texts from ancient times (Livius Andronicus, 240 B.C.) through to the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). It draws from more than 3,000 works that are attributed to about 950 authors.
  • LILACS (Latin American & Caribbean Health Sciences Literature)
    The resource includes freely available literature related to medicine and the health sciences that has been published in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. It contains articles, including clinical studies and systematic reviews, from almost 900 journals, as well as theses, scientific reports and government publications. Coverage extends back to 1982. The database is published by a network of international health organizations coordinated by the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information.
  • Linguistics and language behavior abstracts (LLBA)
    Use LLBA to find scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, books and dissertations in linguistics, communication sciences, speech, hearing and language studies.
  • Lippincott nursing books@Ovid
    This collection of e-books contains numerous popular nursing titles, including the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, Lippincott’s Nursing Drug Guide, Professional Guide to Signs & Symptoms, Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, and many others.
  • Literary encyclopedia
    This peer-reviewed online encyclopedia provides authoritative background and short criticism on world literature and cultural history. The work includes authored essays, chronologies, critical bibliographies, and more. It is continuously updated.
  • Literary research guide
    This is the open-access version of the Literary Research Guide, 6th ed. by James L. Harner (Modern Language Association, 2014). It is a selective, annotated guide to reference sources essential to the study of British literature, literatures of the United States, other literatures in English, and related topics, including film and literature.
  • Literature criticism
    This resource is a searchable database of full-length or excerpted criticism of works in all literary genres and biographical information about significant writers and filmmakers worldwide from all eras. It presents a range of modern and historical views on writers and their works. This is the main interface for cross-searching seven Gale literary resources.
  • Literature resource center
    This database contains biographical profiles of significant writers worldwide from all eras and literary genres. It also includes full-length or excerpted literary criticism articles and book reviews from scholarly journals and magazines, book chapters, and reference books. It also includes overviews of literary topics and work overviews (plots, themes, characters).
  • LLMC digital
    This resource includes U.S. federal, state, and territories government documents, laws, case reporters, legal periodicals and treatises. It also includes foreign government, multi-jurisdictional, and international law documents; canon law, Native American law, and legal philosophy.
  • Loeb classical library
    This resource provides full-text of over 500 volumes of original ancient Greek and Latin texts (from 800 B.C. to A.D. 1000) alongside their modern English translations. Works include poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; medical writers and mathematicians; and those Church fathers who made particular use of pagan culture. An integrated Greek keyboard aids in searching the Greek texts.
  • Los Angeles times (Current content, 1985-present)
    This database provides comprehensive, full-text access to the Los Angeles Times (1985-present).
  • Los Angeles times (ProQuest historical newspapers, 1881-1995)
    This resource provides historical access to the Los Angeles Times (1881-1996). Materials are in PDF format and include illustrations, advertisements, and photographs.
  •  Los Angeles times (ProQuest recent newspapers)
  • Masterplots
    This database contains full-text summaries and critical evaluations of selected books, plays, stories, and poems in literature worldwide from all eras.
  • MathSciNet
    This resource is one of the leading indexes for publications covering all fields of mathematics, including research articles, review articles, conference papers, theses, and books. Many records provide an abstract, a peer review, and a link to full text. Records may also provide citation data.
  •  MedEdPortal
  • MedlinePlus
    This database is a free online resource from the U.S. National Library of Medicine that provides high-quality, authoritative health information for the consumer. It includes a medical encyclopedia, with articles, images, and videos; health topic pages with carefully selected links and references to the medical literature; drug and supplement information; and much more.
  •  MedRxiv
  • Mental measurements yearbook with Tests in print
    This resource includes standardized English-language tests and measurements used in education, early childhood development, reading, speech and hearing, psychology, and related fields. It contains descriptions, professional reviews, and pricing information for the tests, but due to copyright limitations, does not provide the actual test instruments.
  • Mergent archives
    This resource provides access to industry reports, historical annual reports back to the mid 1800s, corporate histories and financial statements back to the early 1900s, and information about municipal securities issued by each U.S. state, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Content from Mergent manuals (formerly Moody's manuals).
  • Mergent bondviewer
    This resource provides information about more than 320,000 U.S. taxable securities and 3 million municipal bonds, with up to 20 years of historical bond ratings from Moody's, Standard and Poor's, and Fitch.
  • Mergent intellect
    This resource provides detailed information about millions of public and private companies in the United States and around the world. It also provides access to Key Business Ratios (formerly published as Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios) and contact information for 210 million U.S. consumers.
  • Mergent online
    This resource contains information on U.S. public companies (active and inactive) and non-U.S. companies (active and inactive). It also includes country information, global industry reports, historical stock prices, and equity research reports.
  •  Middle Ages
  • Middle English compendium
    This resource provides access to and interconnectivity between the Middle English Dictionary (C.E. 1100-1500), Bibliography of Middle English (all the Middle English materials and editions cited in the Middle English Dictionary), and the Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse (full-text digitized collection of Middle English texts in the public domain).
  •  MLA directory of periodicals
  • MLA international bibliography
    This is a comprehensive index for research works on world literatures, literary theory, linguistics, rhetoric and composition, folklore, and the dramatic arts. It contains citations (some with links to full text) to articles in scholarly journals and magazines, books, book chapters, and dissertations.
  • Mometrix eLibrary
    This resource provides ebook study guides and practice questions for Praxis Core, and all Praxis II tests required by the State of Vermont's Testing Requirements for Educator Licensure. It also provides a limited number of ebooks for licensure testing in Massachusetts as well as support for GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and SAT tests.
  • Monthly catalog of U.S. government publications, 1895-1976
    This resource provides titles, subjects, call numbers and other information for U.S. government publications. Many of the documents described can be located in the Government Information collection on the Ground Floor of the Howe Library.
  • Morningstar investment research center
    This resource enables users to screen for and get information about stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and closed-end funds. It also provides information about various investment indexes and the full text of Morningstar publications.
  •  Music online : American music
  • Music online : Classical music library
    This resource brings orchestral, chamber, choral and theatrical music to your computer. It has audio tracks that cover the full range of Western music: plainchant, cantatas by Bach, piano concertos by Brahms, symphonies, and more. Each entry has complete information about the composition, composer, performers, and the recording. Users can create playlists and download selections for a fee.
  •  Music online : Contemporary world music
  •  Music online : Jazz music library
  •  Music online : Popular music library
  • Music online : Smithsonian global sound for libraries
    This audio resource offers listeners access to a wide variety of recorded music and spoken word, including folk songs and world music, poetry, historic events, lectures and language instruction, and music for dance.
  • PAIS index
    This index provides access to journal articles, books, government documents, statistics, gray literature, and conference reports for international public and social policy.
  • Patrologia Graeca
    This resource provides access to the full text of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Graeca and indexes, which is an edited collection of writings by the Christian Church Fathers and various secular writers, published in Greek with Latin translations. The content covers the history of the Christian Church from its beginnings through the Council of Florence in 1439.
  • Patrologia Latina
    This resource is the electronic version of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina and indexes. It comprises the works of the Church Fathers (e.g., patristic works) from Tertullian (A.D. 200) to the death of Pope Innocent III (A.D.1216).
  • Performing arts periodicals database
    This resource is an international index to magazines, scholarly and trade journals pertaining to the performing arts, and extending to stagecraft, circus performance, opera, pantomime, puppetry, performance art, comedy, storytelling, and magic. It contains citations to articles, book reviews, performance reviews, obituaries, and biographical profiles.
  • Perkins Digital Library
    This resource, created by the University of Vermont, provides digitized images of rocks, minerals, fossils, and thin sections from the Perkins Geology Museum collection.
  • Philosopher's index.
    This database contains abstracts covering journal articles, books, book chapters, and book reviews in all areas of philosophy.
  • PhilPapers
    This resource is a directory and search engine for articles and books in the field of philosophy. A community of philosophers contributes scholarly work and the database is maintained by the Australian National University.
  • Picture post historical archive (1938-1957)
    This resource provides complete access to The Picture Post (1938-1957), a photojournalistic magazine from the United Kingdom.
  • Play index
    This index is a finding aid for plays written or translated into English, published since 1949 in anthologies, collections, or discretely. Includes monologues; single plays; classic dramas; one-act plays; puppet performances; radio, television, and Broadway productions.
  •  Pocket Oxford American thesaurus
  •  Pocket Oxford-Hachette French dictionary : English-French
  •  Pocket Oxford-Hachette French dictionary : French-English
  •  Pocket Oxford Italian dictionary : English-Italian
  •  Pocket Oxford Italian dictionary : Italian-English
  •  Pocket Oxford Latin dictionary : English-Latin
  •  Pocket Oxford Latin dictionary : Latin-English
  •  Pocket Oxford Spanish dictionary
  •  Pocket Oxford Spanish dictionary : Spanish-English
  • Poetry criticism
    Part of Gale's Literature Criticism series, this resource is a database of full-length or excerpted criticism of poetry and biographical information about significant poets worldwide from all eras. It presents a range of modern and historical views on poets and their works.
  • PolicyMap
    This online data and mapping application gives access to indicators about U.S. communities and markets covering demographics, employment and socioeconomic indicators, housing, crime, health, and more, at multiple geographic levels. Users can access data in interactive maps, tables, charts, and reports.
  • Pollution abstracts
    This database contains references to journal articles, conference proceedings, government reports, and other gray literature focusing on air, water, land, and noise pollution. It includes bibliographic citations with abstracts and links to full-text articles.
  • Project Gutenberg
    This resource is a collection of free digitized books that are either in the public domain or have the approval of the copyright holder.
  • Project Muse
    This resource is a searchable multidisciplinary full-text database of scholarly journals primarily in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Issues published prior to the last 15-20 years are generally not covered. It also provides citations to books provided by Project Muse in digital format.
  • ProQuest Central
    This multidisciplinary database provides access to a variety of resources including scholarly journals, international newspapers, business information and dissertations.
  • ProQuest congressional
    This resource provides access to the full text and indexing for most Congressional hearings, the Serial Set (House and Senate Reports and Documents), Committee Prints, the Congressional Record and Congressional Bills.
  • ProQuest dissertations & theses A & I
    This resource is a database of international scholarly research as presented in theses and dissertations from institutions of higher education.
  • ProQuest health management
    This resource covers health administration topics including public health administration, health economics, hospitals, health insurance, management and ethics in healthcare. Content includes journals, dissertations and theses. Search by keyword or subject heading. Results include citations, abstracts and some full-text.
  • ProQuest newsstream
    This resource offers access to the full text of local, regional, and national newspapers from throughout the world.
  •  ProQuest statistical insight
    Use this database to find a limited selection of scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals published by the American Psychological Association, Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe Publishing. For comprehensive research on a topic, PsycINFO is preferred.
  • Psychological experiments online
    This multimedia collection synthesizes important psychological experiments of the 20th and 21st centuries. It includes original videos, photos, documents, notes and other primary materials.
  • PsycInfo
    This resource contains international scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, books and dissertations in psychology and the social, behavioral and health sciences. PsycINFO is the most comprehensive database for literature in the psychological sciences.
  • PsycTESTS
    Published by the APA, this resource provides information on thousands of psychological, behavioral, and achievement instruments. Measures, tests and scales are included, and in some cases, the actual instrument can be viewed and downloaded.
  •  PubMed
  • Ulrich's periodicals directory
    This resource provides information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types (scholarly journals, e-journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters) in more than 900 subjects. It provides ISSN, publisher, language, and subjects, and indicates where a periodical is indexed and whether or not it is peer-reviewed.
  •  University Reporter (see Brand catalyst)
  • Uniworld online
    Use this resource to find information about multinational public or private companies, including the relationships between parent companies and subsidiaries (who owns/operates whom), contact information, executive names, revenue, number of employees, industry, and type of ownership (public or private). Excludes companies operating only domestically.
  • UpToDate
    This resource contains descriptions of medical diseases and disorders and is designed to be consulted by health care practitioners as they evaluate potential clinical diagnostic and treatment options. It also includes drug information, medical calculators, images, patient information in English and Spanish, continuing medical education modules, and links to full-text journal articles.
  • U.S. congressional serial set
    This resource includes full-text documents, reports, maps, and statistics from the U.S. Congress and other federal government agencies, 1817-1980.
  • Vermont Center for Geographic Information
    This source provides access to Vermont's geospatial data, searchable by keyword or theme.
  •  Vermont Online Library
  •  Vermont vital statistics
  • VisualDx
    This resource is a diagnostic decision support system designed to aid health care practitioners in the diagnosis of visually identifiable diseases. As the clinician enters patient findings, it creates a differential diagnosis of visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, and infections. The database contains many images from people of different ages, skin colors, body size, and other variations that can affect the recognition of these visible symptoms of disease.
  • Vogue archive
    This archive contains full issues of Vogue magazine from the first issue in 1892 to the current month. The archive is indexed and can be searched by photographer, fashion item (kimono, scoop neckline, Breton jacket), person pictured, company/brand, designer name, or material (chiffon, wool, taffeta).