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A laptop with modern wireless capability will see a signal to the UVM network. Upon clicking on this network, a UVM NetID and password is required.

If you have recently changed your netid password, you may need to go into the settings of your device and tell it to forget that WIFI network (password).  See a full description of how to forget a WIFI network password on Enterprise Technology Service's Knowledge Base.

If a patron wishes to use the network with the use of an Ethernet cable, there are jacks available along the outside wall of the Cyber Café. Ethernet cables can also be checked out from the Circulation Desk.

  • Find your Subject Librarian by department. Select the librarian’s name to find a “Schedule an Appointment” link or contact information.  
  • Librarians are also available at the Reference Desk. Consult Hours and Directions for more information about Reference Desk hours.

You can print from any device by simply uploading documents to the Pharos Print Center via a web browser or from your smartphone.

To begin login to the Pharos Print Center with your UVM NetID and password. Then upload your documents with your browser or smartphone. In the print center, you can see your balance, specify black & white or color printing, page range and the number of copies. In addition, you can view your printing activity, delete print jobs and see a print preview.

At any print station at Howe Library or at the CATCard Service Center, you will see all of your jobs and can pay and release them from there. Note: Unprinted documents are purged after 2 hours.

See printing from library computers. The job will be listed as the name of your computer or UVM NetID (e.g. John’s computer).

On the Library home page, select “Connect Off Campus” and log in with your NetID and password.

Connect Off Campus

If you continue to have problems accessing a database after logging in, please submit an eResource Problem Report.

NOTE: If you do not have a NetID and password, you will need to access the databases from the public computers in Howe Library.


The Howe Library provides ten group study rooms to currently enrolled UVM students, faculty, and staff.

The group study rooms are designed to serve as a place for users to engage in collaborative work in small groups, watch videos, and hold meetings.

Group study rooms are equipped with large monitors, whiteboards, and computers. Most have additional data and power jacks for up to six laptops.

You can book a group study room, as well as review further details about the policies governing the use of these rooms by visiting the following link:

To set up access to UVM GuestNet, navigate to the UVM Guest Accounts article from the University's Enterprise Technology Services Knowledge Base.  There are two methods for connecting to wireless: self-sponsored and sponsored. Self-sponsored accounts require the use of SMS (mobile phone with text messaging). For a sponsored account, you need a current UVM affiliate to complete the process.

Our quick guide to Finding a Book in the Library explains how to look up books on the library website by using CATQuest and how to find books on the shelves of the library's main collection.


Print jobs need to be retrieved through a card reader (touch or swipe) system. 

  • Non-UVM affiliates can purchase and deposit money onto the required card at the CATcard machine at the front (Circulation) desk. 
  • UVM affiliates can use this machine to deposit more money onto their UVM ID card, if necessary.
  • Using the card reader located near the printer, swipe or touch your card to view recently sent jobs on the desktop monitor. 

All black and white print jobs are sent to a centralized server (regardless of the printer chosen) and then picked up at a print station in the desired location (see Printing in Color just below). Double-sided printing is the default.

Printing in color

To Print in color, users must choose the Gallery-Color-Queue printer (and in some applications, you may also have to ensure that the color mode is set to ‘color’). Print jobs sent to this queue will print out at the lefthand printer in the McCrorey Gallery. Printing to 11x17 paper is an option on the Gallery-Color printer.  Change the paper size option before sending (how so differs among applications).

Printer/Copier Locations

  • Outside Cyber Cafe
  • McCrorey Gallery (1 machine: Black and White; 1 machine: Black and White or Color)
  • 2nd floor, near microforms (Only Copy)

Retrieving Print Jobs

Jobs sent from UVM Affiliate (Authenticating) machines can be found listed under your NetID. Jobs sent from public computers can be found listed under the name of the computer (e.g. user110). Jobs sent from personal devices will be found under the name of the device.  See the locations of Affiliate/Public Computers here.

Of the two print stations in the McCrorey Gallery, if a color print job is sent, it will only print out at the leftmost machine.  If a black and white print job is sent, it could be printed on either machine. Check both machines for your black and white document(s).

To Print from Laptops or Smartphones (and desktops if you choose)

Users can upload a file to the online Pharos Print Center or ( Using the online Pharos Print Center:

  • Jobs are placed in a print queue that is accessible from every printer in the library for up to two hours.
  • Jobs will be listed under the user's netid. 
  • To print in color, after uploading the document to the Pharos Print Center, check the associated checkbox and, in the "print options" section in the bottom righthand corner of the page, change the dropdown box from black and white to color. 
  • To print a web page, choose "file > print" from the Browser menu, then choose "Save as Pdf" as the printer option.   The file can then be uploaded to Pharos Print Center from the chosen save location.
  • Other variables, which can be changed in the online print center are number of copies, page range, and single or double-sided.  You can also view a print preview.

Interlibrary loan:

  • of books usually takes 7-14 days after we process your request, depending on the type of material ordered and from which library we can get the book.
  • of articles/chapters usually takes 3-5 business days, unless we can get them through the RapidILL service or other expedited services that fill requests in 24 hours.

​Community members are welcome at the UVM Libraries.

  • The Howe Library offers public computers which will give you access to library databases and to most internet sites. Please note, these computers are intended to support affiliates and non-affiliates in their studies and research. Some websites are restricted. Computers for the public are located near the front of the Library and on the 2nd and 3rd floors at the top of the stairs.
  • To check out books, community members will need to aquire a guest borrower card. This card will not allow you to check out DVDs, media equipment, or request items through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).
  • To use the interent on campus, community members will need to set up access to UVM GuestNet. While this provides access to the interent, it does not give access to the libraries electronic resources.  For access to electronic resources, please use the public computers. 

To set up access to UVM GuestNet:

  1. Select UVM Guest from available Wifi networks.
  2. A sign-in screen will pop up with two options: Sponsored guests and Other guests.  Click "Other guests".
  3. A new sign-in screen will pop up.  Enter your phone number and click “Text me a code”.
  4. You will receive a text message with your code.  Enter that code in the sign-in screen.