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Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab (CMD) is a division of Multimedia Resources and Services department and the David W. Howe Memorial Library. The lab comprised of high-powered iMac and PC computers loaded with GIS software, the Adobe Creative Cloud, statistical applications, data visualization applications, 3D modeling applications, and more.  Hardware offerings also include format importing hardware, two 3D printers, a 3D model wash station, and a 3D scanner. Support staff is available to lead specialized workshops, assist with project creation, and to help troubleshoot technical issues.

This lab is available to any UVM student, faculty, staff or affiliate with a valid UVM NetID. If you have any questions regarding NetIDs please speak with one of the support staff at the help desk.

Phone: (802) 656-1947


Multimedia Lab Policy

For policies concerning the use of the Multimedia Lab, please see the Multimedia Lab Policy in the policies section of the website.

Use of Multimedia Lab

  • The Multimedia lab exists to provide all UVM students, faculty, and staff with access to state of the art multimedia hardware and software. Only UVM affiliates with a valid UVM NetID may use the Lab.
  • The Multimedia Lab is an open production facility and is not intended to serve as a classroom. Instructors who wish to teach classes in a computer lab should reserve the Waterman Computer Lab.
  • Multimedia Lab software and hardware is not to be used for the illegal duplication of copyright-protected works. Duplication of copyright materials must be done in adherence to fair use guidelines as stated in the University of Vermont copyright Policy:
  • Use of the computers is for multimedia projects only.

3D Printing

Target Audience: The 3D printer is available for use by UVM students, faculty and staff. Users must have a valid UVM NetID to use the printer and accompanying computer. 3D printing is for experimental prototyping only. Manufacturing items for sale or consumption are prohibited.

Weapons are Prohibited: The UVM Weapons and Explosives policy prohibits weapons and explosives on campus - including replicas and facsimiles of weapons and explosives. Therefore, weapons and explosives, or replicas and facsimiles thereof, may not be created on the 3D printer. Please see the UVM Weapons and Explosives policy for more details:

Copyright and Terms of Use: Those wishing to use the Library's 3D printer must do so for lawful purposes. Users must abide by all applicable laws and University policies while respecting the health and safety of the University community. Library staff reserve the right to decline any print request for any reason, particularly if the request might violate University policy. UVM abides by the copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). These laws govern photocopying or creating other reproductions of copyrighted materials. All users of the 3D printer must abide by copyright laws. For more information, visit the UVM copyright policy:

Printing: The 3D printer is set up for UVM students, faculty and staff to use under the guidance of a Multimedia staff member.  Users are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Multimedia staff member in order to engage in hands-on printing or to simply observe the printing process.  Appointments are available Monday - Friday (non-holiday)  between the hours 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm.  Please contact Multimedia Services at or 656-1947 to schedule an appointment. 

File Types: The Ultimaker S5 works with .stl and .obj 3D model file types. Ultimaker's Cura software will convert your file to the proper format when it is sent to the printer or is saved to a hard drive. The Cura file type contains essential instructions for the printer.  You may bring us your file on a flash drive or email it to us in advance at

Down Time: There may be times that the printer is in repair or is scheduled for a workshop. During such times, the 3D printer may not be available for immediate use and there will be a delay in printing prototypes. Any significant lapses in printing time will be noted on the 3D printing web page.

Print Time: 3D printing is a slow process. Some print jobs can take several hours to complete. Please consult with a staff member and plan your time accordingly.

Quality: Users may see slight imperfections in their prints. Although the Ultimaker is quite accurate users might see some instances where objects do not fit precisely together. Users can expect to see holes, small bumps and rough edges at the base of an object. Some projects require support materials (such as rafts) that users will want to remove from the finished product. Most of these imperfections can be removed or cleaned up with the tools provided in the finishing toolkit available at Multimedia Resources. The finishing toolkit does not circulate and is only available for use in the Multimedia area. Multimedia staff will not engage in the finishing of prototypes or removal of support materials.

Cost: To encourage innovation and experimentation all printed materials will be free of charge for the time being.

Contact: If you would like to speak with a Multimedia staff member for more information on 3D printing please e-mail or call 656-1947.