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Films with: Quadir, Muhammad R.

African Americans & Islam
"African Americans make up over a third of the Muslims in America. This documentary film captures their history - starting from the time of Prophet Muhammad in Makkah (Saudi Arabia) through the great civilizations and explorations of West African Muslims and to their inhumane enslavement and systematic removal of religion in the new world. The film touches on the struggles of African Americans over the centuries, the civil rights movement and particularly on the life and sacrifice of Malcolm X. Filmed in the US, in various parts of Africa and in the Middle East, this unique production chronicles the Islamic spirit that resides within the African American community" --Container.
DVD 9519
Christians & Islam
"Did you know that Muslims believe that Jesus (peace upon him) was one of the greatest prophets sent to humankind? Did you also know that Muslims believe that Jesus was conceived without a father and that Muslims hold his mother, Mary, in the highest regard? These are some of the many questions that this film addresses. It shows the many similarities and the few differences between these two great faiths" --Container.
DVD 9518
Islam a faith hijacked /
"Never in history has an idea - a concept - been so widely used and yet, simultaneously, been as misunderstood as the concept of Islam. Islam is a peaceful way of life. However, in today's world, Islam is seen as anything but peaceful. So what is the 'real Islam?' What exactly does Jihad mean? And what about Holy War? Does Islam permit terrorism, suicide bombings and the killing of innocent civilians? Is Islam the violent faith that so many have attempted to paint it as, or is Islam simply a faith hijacked?"
DVD 9516
Islam an American faith
"Islam and America. For many, these two ideas are not compatible. Many Muslims and many Americans feel that there is a great divide: that America can never reconcile with Islam; and that Muslims can never live in peace with America. This film aims to dispel such myths. It starts from a historical perspective; highlighting the fact that Muslims were already present in the "New World" prior to the coming of the Europeans. And it ends in a post 9-11 America where some are questioning their identity; whereas others are defining their American Muslim identity. This is a unique film that answers some of the most pressing questions of today's times" --Container.
DVD 9517
Islam faith & history /
"Islam calls for the belief in only one God - the creator and master of everything. This fundamental Islamic belief is thoroughly explored in this film. Also explained is that Muslims believe that God has a purpose for each and every creation; and this meaning of life is taught to humanity through various prophets and books sent by God. The prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him); the Muslim holy book - the Qur'an; and various aspects of the Muslim faith, Islam, are defined within this timely documentary. Filmed in the US, and in various parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, this new production touches upon the faith and history of a fifth of the world's population." --Container.
DVD 9515
Women in Islam
"The rights, status and responsibility of Muslim women are some of the least understood topics when talking about Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recognized women as individuals with specific rights and responsibilities over 1,400 years ago. He encouraged the education of woman and returned their God-given rights back to them. Many Muslim women today are asserting these rights and reclaiming their staus as equal partners in society" --Container.
DVD 9514