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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Karloff, Boris

Bells At 3:25.
The Bells (68 min.). An ambitious innkeeper murders a wealthy traveller to settle his debts and is haunted by a hypnotist in a traveling carnival. His conscience is tormented by an apparition of the dead man seeking a confession of his own. At 3:25 (19 min.). A surreal fantasy in which an eccentric scientist freezes the population of Paris with a mechanical ray of his own invention. The American edition of the French film.
DVD 1625
Bride of Frankenstein
Baron Frankenstein is blackmailed by Dr. Praetorious into reviving his monster and building a mate for it.
DVD 33
Corridors of blood
Set in the primitive hospitals of 19th century London, this recounts the story of the unfortunate Dr. Bolton, an early pioneer in anesthesiology, showing his gradual addiction to drugs and his dealings with grave robbers.
DVD 904
Devil commands
A respected scientistis obsessed with the idea of communicating with his late wife, so he rigs up corpses in robot suits connected electrically to a live medium. When the experiment kills the first person, he straps his daughter into the chair.
DVD 12533
Frankenstein the legacy collection /
Frankenstein: Dr. Frankenstein creates a true monster from dead human parts, but it gets out of control and into trouble. Bride of Frankenstein: Dr. Frankenstein agrees to help create a new creature, a woman, to be the companion of the monster. Son of Frankenstein: Wolf Frankenstein, the doctor's son, returns with his wife to claim his inheritance. Ghost of Frankenstein: Ygor resurrects Frankenstein's monster and brings him to the original doctor's son, Ludwig, for help. House of Frankenstein: Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein monster exact revenge upon their many enemies.
DVD 4258
Haunted strangler
In this terrifying story, set against the sinister background of London in the gaslight days and reminiscent of the unsolved "Jack the Ripper" case, a number of young women are found brutally murdered. "
DVD 856
I walked with a zombie
I walked with a zombie: A young Canadian nurse comes to the West Indies to care for the wife of a plantation manager, who suffers from a strange catatonic condition, and learns about local voodoo practices in her search for a cure. Robert Louis Stevenson's The body snatcher: A surgeon and teacher of anatomy needs fresh cadavers for classroom demonstrations and pays a sinister cabman to supply them. When the cemeteries become more closely guarded, the cabman turns to other means to provide the bodies.
DVD 4366
Isle of the dead
Isle of the dead (72 min.): Boris Karloff shares a quarantined house with other strangers on a plague-infested (and perhaps spirit-haunted) island. Bedlam (79 min.): Karloff plays the doomed overseer of St. Mary's of Bethlehem Asylum in 1761 London.
DVD 4362
Lost patrol
A terse drama about British cavalryman lost in the Mesopotamian desert during World War I. They are pursued constantly by Arab sharpshooters. When the leader of the patrol is killed, McLaglen takes charge of the eleven ragged survivors. This film established John Ford's reputation as a director internationally.
DVD 5651
Mark of the vampire
Mark of the vampire: Sir Karell Borotyn appears to have been killed by Count Mora, a vampire believed to haunt the local village. Now his daughter Irena is the Count's next target. Enter Professor Zelen, an expert on vampires who's sent in to prevent her death. At the same time, secrets are revealed surrounding the circumstances of Sir Karell's death. The mask of Fu Manchu: Englishmen race to find the tomb of Ghengis Khan. They have to get there fast, as the evil genius Dr. Fu Manchu is also searching, and if he gets the mysteriously powerful relics, he and his diabolical daughter will enslave the world.
DVD 6475
For the first time ever, the original The Mummy film comes to DVD in the extraordinary Legacy Collection. Included in the collection is the original classic, starring Boris Karloff and four sequels featuring Lon Chaney, Jr. and others.
DVD 5371
A mummy is accidentally revived after 3,700 years by a British archeology team. Dressed in the garb of a modern-day Egyptian, he sets out to find his lost love, terrorizing the members of the expedition who must find a way to stop him.
DVD 430
Old dark house
A group of travelers on a mountain road, overtaken by a thunderstorm and torrential rains, seek shelter in a mysterious old mansion. It is full of eerie characters and uncanny happenings.
DVD 435
"An exciting story of organized crime's brutal control over Chicago during the prohibition era. This compelling tale of ambition, betrayal and revenge is a groundbreaking masterpiece that influenced all gangster films to follow."--Container.
DVD 302
Secret life of Walter Mitty
Walter, a mild-mannered mouse, imagines himself as a number of daredevil heroes. One of Walter's dreams becomes a reality when he gets involved with a beautiful blonde and becomes the target of a gang of jewel thieves who believe he has their loot.
DVD 532
In seemingly unrelated events, an aging horror film star announces his retirement, and an apparently average young man accumulates an arsenal of rifles and handguns.
DVD 2949
"When a young officer in Napoleon's army gets separated from his regiment, he stumbles upon the ghoulish happenings at the mysterious Castle Von Leppe."--Container.
DVD 849
Thriller the complete series /
"Now available for the first time, experience the complete series hailed as the most frightening ever created for television. Horror legend Boris Karloff guides you through 67 unforgettable episodes of suspense, murder, and relentless terror from the minds of such masterful writers as Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Block, and Cornell Woolrich."
DVD 4158
Tre volti della paura Black Sabbath /
Three stories: A beautiful woman is terrorized by a call from an ex-lover who has escaped from prison for the pleasure of killing her. A family becomes a feeding ground when their father returns home wounded after ridding the countryside of a hideous vampire. A nurse steals a cursed ring from a corpse that she is preparing. Join Boris Karloff as he hosts and stars in this trilogy of tales.
DVD 11097