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Films with: Fassbinder, Rainer Werner

All that heaven allows
Cary Scott, an attractive and wealthy New England widow, creates a social outcry in her community and within her family when she becomes romantically involved with Ron Kirby, her much younger gardener.
DVD 1587
Amerikanische Soldat The American soldier /
Fassbinder's homage to American gangster movies. Ricky, a professional killer, is hired by 3 Munich policemen upon his return to Germany from America. He visits family, meets up with friends, and drops by old haunts, all the while carrying out his kills without hesitation of emotion. Upon completion of all his assignments, Ricky finds himself in a shoot-out with the cops who hired him.
DVD 4543
Angst essen Seele auf Ali, fear eats the soul /
Lonely widow Emmi Kurowski meets Arab worker Ali in a bar during a rainstorm. They fall in love--to their own surprise, and to the shock of family, colleagues, and drinking buddies. An emotional power that reflects the ethnic tensions within German society.
DVD 2221
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Story of Franz Biberkof, a former transportation worker. When we first see Franz, he has just been released from prison where he has served four years for an irrational act of violence. He returns to his Berlin neighborhood resolved to go straight but forces in his environment, the influences of his cronies, the grinding poverty, the decay of society overwhelm him and he begins his duel with fate.
DVD 5246
Bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant The bitter tears of Petra von Kant : ein Krankheitsfall gewidmet dem, der hier Marlene wurde /
Petra von Kant is a successful fashion designer who carries on a melodrama of erotic attractions with two other women in her claustrophobic apartment.
DVD 2916
Bolwieser The stationmaster's wife /
The stationmaster Bolwieser is sexually obsessed with his beautiful wife. Soon bored with her husband she engages in adulterous affairs, causing him to become sullen and depressed leading to disasterous consequences.
DVD 3894
BRD trilogy Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The marriage of Maria Braun, Veronika Voss, Lola /
In 1978 Rainer Werner Fassbinder embarked upon a project to trace the history of postwar Germany in a series of films told through the eyes of 3 remarkable women. The 3 films would garner him the international acclaim for which he had always yearned and place his name foremost in the canon of New German Cinema.
DVD 3204
Chinese roulette
A businessman, his wife and their lovers are forced by the couple's paraplegic daughter to participate in a rigorous game of truth-telling which leads to violence.
DVD 3468
Deutschland im Herbst Germany in autumn /
Produced in response to the kidnapping and murder of a prominent industrialist by a German terrorist group 30 years ago, this film will resonate with today's audiences who are all too familiar with political terrorism.... More of an essay than a straightforward documentary, the film captures impressions of this explosive and emotive moment in Germany's history.--From publisher description. Special features : News of the Staufers (22 min.).
DVD 7960
Dritte Generation The third generation /
An inept group of middle-class German radicals plot to kidnap the director of a multinational company. Their position is compromised by the arrival of two mysterious strangers, yet still they persist with their controversial strategy.
DVD 6734
Effi Briest, oder, Viele die eine Ahnung haben von ihren Möglichkeiten und ihren Bedürfnissen und trotzdem das herrschende System in ihrem Kopf ak
Effi Briest is a radiant beauty, a vivacious blend of naivete and intelligence, forthrightness and willful self interest. She is married when very young to a much older Prussian diplomat and carried away to a remote Baltic port where she drifts into a brief, passionless affair with a local womanizer. The full effects are felt only later, in a chilling manifestation of the Prussian legal code.
DVD 1967
Fassbinder collection.
In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden: "When the object of his affection off-handedly commented, 'too bad you're not a girl,' Erwin disappeared to Casablanca and returned as Elvira. Now, adrift and alone amid the maze of streets of Frankfurt, Elvira revisits the people and places of his past"--Container. Martha: "When her domineering father collapses of a heart attack during their vacation in Rome, virginal spinster Martha encounters the man of her dreams, the sadistic engineer Helmut. Their marriage soon becomes a chamber piece of matrimonial terror"--Container.
DVD 4588
Händler der vier Jahreszeiten The merchant of four seasons /
Hans, a fruit peddler, watches his unexceptional life disintegrate. Seduced and rejected to the point of a nervous breakdown, Hans drinks himself to death as he toasts his loved ones at the dinner table.
DVD 3472
"When her domineering father collapses of a heart attack during their vacation in Rome, virginal spinster Martha encounters the man of her dreams, the sadistic engineer Helmut. Their marriage soon becomes a chamber piece of matrimonial terror"--Container.
DVD 3486
Mutter Küsters fahrt zum Himmel Mother Küsters goes to heaven /
A factory worker goes berserk one day killing the boss' son and then throwing himself into the machinery. Trying to clear her husband's name, the murderer's widow journeys through ludicrous arenas of yellow journalism and left-wing politics.
DVD 3473
Pioniere in Ingolstadt Pioneers in Ingolstadt /
A group of young German recruits are on assignment to build a wooden bridge in the town of Ingolstadt. The young men seek relief from boredom with alcohol, acts of brutality and sexual escapades with the local women. Alma and her friend Berta welcome the excitement that the new arrivals bring to their lives, but while Alma picks up passing soldiers, Berta searches for true love.
DVD 4642
"Centers around the illegitimate son of the seriously deranged Ben Nicholson. Despite being their slave, [Whity] becomes the obsession of each member of the family as they try to enlist his aid in disposing of one another."--Container.
DVD 592
Zärtlichkeit der Wölfe Tenderness of the wolves /
The story of German serial killer Fritz Haarmann, who murdered dozens of young boys. He vampirized them, and sold their remains as meat. Some factual details have been changed.
DVD 691