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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Eisenstein, Sergei

Alexander Nevsky
Biographical story of Prince Alexander Nevsky and his successful resistance against an attempt by the Teutonic Knights to invade Russia in 1242.
DVD 649
Avant-garde experimental cinema of the 1920s and '30s.
Twenty-five short films selected from the avant garde movement of the 1920's and 1930's.
DVD 3807
Battleship Potemkin
Dramatization of actual events in Czarist Russia (1905). Shows the fierce mutiny aboard the battleship "Prince Potemkin" and the bloody aftermath in Odessa, where the Czar's troops ruthlessly massacred hundreds of innocent civilians who had sympathized with the mutineers. The film is notable for its use of non-actors in roles.
DVD 5161
Battleship Potemkin Bronenoset︠s︡ Potemkin /
Potemkin re-creats the 1905 mutiny on the battleship "Prince Potemkin." It focuses a mutiny by the battleship's crew and the subsequent massacre of civilians - that reflects the spirit of the times.
DVD 43
Ivan the Terrible. Ivan Groznyĭ .
The first part of Sergei Eisenstein's epic chronicle of the 16th Century Tsar.
DVD 1070
Ivan the Terrible. the Boyar conspiracy.
Ivan returns from retirement to fight the Boyars.
DVD 1067
Landmarks of early Soviet film 4 disc DVD collection of 8 groundbreaking films /
"This groundbreaking collection features eight seminal films from the Soviet silent era - all are new to DVD" The house on Trubnaya: Comedy about a young peasant woman who travels to Moscow to start a new life. By the law: Tense drama about Alaskan gold-miners. Extraordinary adventures of Mr. West in the land of the Bolsheviks: The first Russian anti-American film both arrogantly mocks American ignorance toward the Soviet Union and enviously copies American cinematic methods. Old and new: In this early Soviet propaganda film, a poor woman persuades her fellow villagers to form a cooperative. Stride Soviet!: Documentary exploration of the various layers of Moscow society on the ten-year anniversary of the Revolution. The film reveals the continuing class-based nature of Soviet society through a series of montages of city life. The fall of the Romanov dynasty: Historical documentary which uses newsreel footage (some shot by Czar Nicholas II's own cameramen) to depict the tumultuous events of 1912 through 1917, as the leadership of the Czar and the Russian aristocracy crumbles and Lenin rises to power in the wake of the Soviet Revolution. Turksib: Soviet documentary on the building of the first railroad across the Asian continent from Turkestan to Siberia. Salt for Svanetia: Explores the Caucasus region of Svanetia, a remote, mountainous area where the Ushkul tribe still lives in a stone-age culture.
DVD 10327
October 1917
The events leading up to the Russian revolution of October 1917; the period of Kerensky's provisional government until the organized rising of the proletariat.
DVD 337
Qué viva México! = Da zdravstvuet Meksika! = Viva Mexico! /
Que viva Mexico!: A film document of the history of Mexico, presented in four novellas: Sandunga, an exposition of Tehuantepec jungles and the peaceful lifestyles of their inhabitants; Manguei, a love story about a poor peon and his bride; Fiesta, devoted to bullfighting and romantic love; and Soldadera, a portrayal of the 1910 revolution in Mexico as depicted in the frescoes of Siqueiros, Rivera, and Orosco. "With sequences devoted to the Edenic land of Tehuantepec, the savage majesty of the bullfight, the struggles of the noble peon and the hypnotic imagery of the Day of the Dead, [the film] is a vivid tapestry of Mexican life."--Container, Romance sentimentale: Eisenstein's first sound film, this experimental 1930 short is a dazzling symphony of images and sounds, made in collaboration with Alexandrov and Tisse. Misery and fortune of woman: A 20 minute excerpt from an ultra-rare 1929 film by Eisenstein, Alexandrov and Tisse intended to encourage legal and sanitary birth/abortion clinics in Europe. A dramatization of the plight of working class women.
DVD 2381
Sergei Eisenstein. Avtobiografiya Sergei Eisenstein, autobiography /
Based on Eisenstein's memoirs, this autobiographical film reflects the inner world of the great Russian film director during the tragic years of two Russian revolutions and the Stalin terror. The film follows Eisenstein on a long voyage abroad which he started in 1929, and presents transformed episodes from Eisenstein's films and his contemporaries, as well as rare archival shots of Eisenstein himself presented with a soundtrack of Eisenstein's reminiscences, which are sometimes very personal.
DVD 3458
Sergeĭ Ėĭzenshteĭn, meksikanskai︠a︡ fantasii︠a︡ Sergei Eisenstein Mexican fantasy /
"In 1930, legendary film pioneer Sergei Eisenstein (Battleship Potemkin, October) arrived in Mexico to make Que viva Mexico, a film about the struggles, triumphs and tragedies of this unexpectedly rich and diverse country. Eisenstein's luminous images capture the heart and soul of this amazing land. When Eisenstein was compelled to return to Russia, he was forced to leave the film behind and was never permitted to finish his 'lost masterpiece.' Filmmaker [and] Eisenstein biographer Oleg Kovalov used his insights into the late master's genius to create this thoughtful and contemplative interpretation of the film that might have been made."--Http://
DVD 3459
Stachka Strike /
Story of a strike by factory workers in Tsarist Russia which is brutally suppressed.
DVD 2816
After the death of his grandfather, Vasil wishes the neighboring farmers to share the use of a tractor purchased by the village council. Struggling against superstition, rich landowners and nature itself, he becomes the victim of a tragic murder.
DVD 1908