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Films with: Asner, Edward

Americas in transition
The program provides a concise and fast-paced history of the volatile forces that rocked Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua in the 1970s and 1980s.
DVD 12875
Circuits of fear Anxiety disorders /
(Producer) Anxiety disorders, the most common mental illnesses in America, account for approximately one third of the nation's direct and indirect mental health costs each year. Drawing on the experiences of patients and the insights of medical professionals, this program examines panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Medications, therapies, and imaging technologies that are leading the way to total recovery for people with anxiety disorders are spotlighted.
DVD 3664
Class dismissed how TV frames the working class /
"Featuring interviews with media analysts and cultural historians, this documentary examines the patterns inherent in TV's disturbing depictions of working class people as either clowns or social deviants, stereotypical portrayals that reinforce the myth of meritocracy"--Container.
DVD 4038
Dark voices schizophrenia /
"Schizophrenia is a neurological brain disorder that affects 2.2 million Americans today. This program seeks to understand how schizophrenia touches the lives of patients and their family members while examining the disease's etiology and pathology. Although there is currently no cure, schizophrenia is a highly manageable disorder - in fact, its treatment success rate is comparable to the success rate associated with heart disease"--Container.
DVD 3665
A human baby accidentally ends up at the North Pole and grows up among the elf community. Buddy, as he comes to be known, knows that he's "special." When he's 30, Buddy learns from Santa that he's really a human. He decides to go in search of his father, to find out where he belongs. He walks to Manhattan, and is immediately run over by a cab. At first his father rejects him and Buddy ends up in a department store where other elves are working. But all the while, things are looking bad for Santa Claus. When Santa crashes his sleigh in Central Park, it's Buddy's moment to shine.
DVD 10790
Flight from despair depression and mania /
Approximately 20 million Americans are currently grappling with mood disorders, devastating mental illnesses that force people's feelings to the extremes of the emotion spectrum. In this program, patients and those who are closest to them relate compelling stories of life with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood-related conditions. Pharmacological advances that are helping to manage these diseases and improve patient quality of life are addressed.
DVD 3666
Fort Apache, the Bronx
In a bombed out wasteland in the Bronx stands a police station--less a precinct house than a fort in hostile territory. Each officer does what he must to survive his tour of duty at Fort Apache, the Bronx.
DVD 1623
Good war and those who refused to fight it the story of World War II conscientious objectors /
This is a previously ignored chapter of WWII, the American conscientious objectors who refused to fight. These men loved their country but, based on both ethical and religious beliefs, could not bring themselves to kill another.
DVD 8630
Invisible wall Autism /
(Producer) This program delves into the physiology of autism, a pervasive developmental disorder of the brain that can cause severe deficits in the areas of cognition, communication, socialization, and play. Computer animation reveals the impact of autism on the language center and other parts of the brain, while case studies demonstrate interventions being used to help people with autism live fuller lives. Interviews with Ivar Lovaas, Temple Grandin, and a variety of therapists are featured.
DVD 3663
Long way home
This documentary traces the stories of courage in the years between the end of World War II and the formation of the state of Israel. Includes archival footage, original broadcasts and personal testimonies from survivors of the Holocaust.
DVD 2755
Mary Tyler Moore show.
DVD 2604
Olive, the other reindeer
Olive is really a kind-hearted dog who sets out to save Christmas when she hears that Blitzen is injured and Santa can't find a replacement.
DVD 6169
An adaptation of Alex Haley's Roots, in which he traces his family's history from the mid-18th century when one of his ancestors was captured and sold into slavery. Follows the struggle for freedom that began with the boys' abduction to America and continues throughout the generations that follow.
DVD 2596
Too big to fail
Offers an intimate look at the epochal financial crisis of 2008 and the powerful men and women who decided the fate of the world's economy in a matter of a few weeks. Centering on Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the film goes behind closed doors to examine the symbiotic relationship between Wall Street and Washington.
DVD 8702
Carl Fredericksen is a 78- year-old curmudgeon. He used to enjoy his modest life as a balloon seller when his adventure-loving wife Ellie was still alive. When she died, Carl was left with his memories and the awareness that they never made their dream journey to Paradise Falls in South America. When well-meaning officials consign Carl to Shady Oaks Retirement Home, he rigs thousands of helium balloons to his house and floats away. He discovers that Russell, a chubby Wilderness Explorer Scout has stowed away. In the tropical jungle, Carl and Russell find more than they bargained for. Charles Muntz is a crazed explorer whose newsreels once inspired Carl and Ellie; Kevin is an exotic bird with a weakness for chocolate; and Dug who is an endearingly golden retriever fitted with a voice box. More importantly, Carl and Russell discover they need each other.
DVD 7212
Frank Bass (Ed Asner) attempts to promote the sport of professional wrestling as a fair and honest game. Features cameos by various big-name wrestlers.
DVD 6138