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Prospect Fellowship Recipients at Bailey/Howe

On July 16, the first cohort of Prospect Practitioner Fellows will gather at Bailey/Howe Library for a week-long residency to study the rich Prospect Archive of Children’s Work. The participants will receive stipends from the Prospect School and Center for Education and Research Fund, which is managed by UVM Special Collections.

From the day it opened its doors in 1965, the Prospect School in North Bennington, Vermont was committed to documenting children’s growth and learning, the school’s curriculum, and the school itself. Prospect developed a methodology for describing children and their works that traveled far beyond Prospect in the capable hands of teachers who attended summer institutes, seminars and conferences sponsored by Prospect. In 2006, the cumulative documentation now known as the Prospect Archives was donated to Special Collections at the University of Vermont. The gift included funds to support two research fellowship initiatives designed to encourage educators to continue to benefit from the Prospect experience.

The first recipients of the Practitioner Fellowships include Barbara Burrington, principal at the Alburgh (VT) Community Education Center; Jed Norris, the Program Director at the Children’s Space in Burlington; Lara Ramsey, a fourth grade teacher at the Smith College Laboratory School in Northampton, Massachusetts; and Amanda Terreri, a classroom teacher and pedagogical coordinator at the UVM Campus Children’s School. Special Collections selected mentor Ellen Schwartz to guide the fellows during the residency and after they return home and implement what they have learned in their own classrooms and schools. Schwartz’s long association with the Prospect School and Center began in 1984, when she attended her first Summer Institute and was amazed at how much is revealed about a child through description of her works.

In addition to the Practitioner Fellowships, Special Collections awarded the first Prospect Research Fellowship to Amy Robertson, a graduate student in elementary education at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.  Robertson will use the Prospect Archives to gather information for her research on how peer learning can positively influence learning communities.

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Jenny’s Story: Taking the Long View of the Child, Prospect’s Philosophy in Action (2010)
LB1115 .C278 2010 (B/H 3rd floor)

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LB1117 .C28 2001 (B/H 3rd floor)

From Another Angle: Children’s Strengths and School Standards, The Prospect Center’s Descriptive Review of the Child
LB1117 .F735 2000 (B/H 3rd floor)


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