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2001: A Space Odyssey

DVD 1708

2001: A Space Odyssey is the quintessential science fiction film, spanning space and time, the fears of growing technology and the evolution of man. This film is a mind bending journey like no other movie that has ever been made. A vast commentary on society, its machines and the benevolent beings that exist in our galaxy. Possibly Stanley Kubrick’s greatest masterpiece and one of the most visually stunning films in cinema with one of the most rich and thoughtful narratives in science fiction. The film was cutting edge in special effects at the time, being released in 1968, that continue to boggle viewers of today –  the film even depicts very accurate images of the surface of the moon before we had even visited it. My favorite aspects of the film are the visually dazzling shot compositions and color that pops off the screen. These fantastic visuals are also complimented by one of the best film scores in history.

The film’s plot is complex and hard to summarize but to explain it basically, it revolves around the journey of man from the basic evolutionary beginnings into something much more. A journey that begins with our primate ancestors creating the first tool, then cuts to the greatest extent of our creation in space travel. During the journey man’s creations become too great, almost overshadowing humanity as an artificial intelligence becomes sentient and jeopardizes the entire journey. The film ends on the very boundaries of space and god-like presence.

Viewers beware though:  this is not a casual film to be watched lightly. This film requires deep conceptual thought and analyses of remarkable poetic images. So if you’re looking for a Michael Bay type film full of action and explosions this is not recommended. This is a film for lovers of cinema and thought provoking film about life, existence and the grand workings of the universe.

Persistent Link: http://voyager.uvm.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=1356961

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