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Pink Flamingos

Starring Divine

If you’re looking to feel sick, or confused, or even horrified, may I recommend John Waters’ masterpiece movie “Pink Flamingos.” Waters tried really hard to make a movie as repulsive as possible, and he succeeded. The story follows Divine, an obese drag queen, and her quest to earn the title of “Filthiest Person Alive.” Divine lives in a trailer (with namesake lawn ornaments) with her mother Edith, her son Crackers, and companion Cotton. Each character is in some way twisted; Edith, for example, sits in a crib and eats boiled eggs. The Marbles, a husband-and-wife team and Divine’s main competition for the title, run a black market baby ring from their basement and incite fierce competition by mailing feces to the trailer-dwelling gang. It’s expected that what follows would be disgusting, but things go incredibly and repulsively over the top.

A warning to the easily offended: don’t watch this. Or make sure to cover your eyes, especially as Divine crouches down on the sidewalk, for this movie requires a strong stomach and an odd sense of humor. There has, however, never been another film quite like “Pink Flamingos,” which established John Waters as an auteur in his own (trashy) right.

-Elias Baldwin

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