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Blackboard Jungle 3

The 21st Century Classroom is a complex, diverse and multifaceted space for teaching and learning. The third annual Blackboard Jungle Symposium, designed for higher education and K-12 educators and administrators, addresses some of the challenges and emerging approaches used to navigate integration, equality, social justice and cultural competence in the classroom.

Join keynote speakers Dr. James A. Anderson, Dr. Sonia Nieto, Dr. Carlos E. Cortes, and Dr. Angela Y. Davis at this extraordinary three-day event (March 25-27, 2010).

Sample titles by keynote presenters, in the Bailey-Howe Library:

James A. Anderson

Handbook for the assessment of diversity

The unfinished agenda of Brown v. Board of Education by the editors of Black issues in higher education with James Anderson and Dara N. Byrne

Carlos E. Cortes

The children are watching : how the media teach about diversity

The making and remaking of a multiculturalist

Angela Davis

Women, race & class

Are prisons obsolete?

Sonia Nieto

Affirming diversity : the sociopolitical context of multicultural education

Why we teach edited by Sonia Nieto

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