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From Adenoids to Zoonomia

From Adenoids to Zoonomia exhibit case

From Adenoids to Zoonomia: Selections from Dana’s Medical History Collection is now on view in the Dana Medical Library’s exhibit case. This exhibit features instruments and books from the Medical History Collection including: curettes and forceps used to remove the adenoids from 1850-1900; textbooks on midwifery from the mid to late 1800s; a pelvimeter created around 1899; Phrenology texts from the late 19th and early 20th centuries; and a copy of the 3rd American edition of Zoonomia from 1803. Zoonomia was Erasmus Darwin’s (Charles Darwin’s grandfather) most important work containing a system of pathology, and a treatise on “generation” which foreshadowed his grandson’s theory of evolution.

For more information about the Library’s Medical History Collection, see http://library.uvm.edu/dana/about/collections/medhist.php.

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