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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Willoughby, Janet

Adinkra printed ceremonial cloths of Ghana /
Explores and explains the designs as well as showing in detail the carving, dyeing and printing processes.
DVD 8872
Ajrakh mordant resist, batik and tie dye.
Ajrakh cloth is produced by the men of Indian Muslim communities to be used by them for shawls, lunghis, and turbans. This complex process of producing cloth using mordant resist was introduced by the Moghuls and are reputed to be of Sufi origin. The Ajrakh is the only remaining fabric using this process. This film shows in detail the making of the hand carved printing blocks, the block printed mordant and resist dyed process in Damadka, and the use of the indigo and alazarin/madder dyes. There is also a section on block printing with wax and the tying of saris and dupattas. Filmed in Kutch, India.
DVD 8867
Backstrap weaving traditional weaving in Mexico and Guatemala /
Backstrap weaving allows the weaver to weave in any location. See how the complex and colorful traditional fabrics of Mexico and Guatemala can be produced by a few sticks and balls of yarn, and much more.
DVD 8863
Batik in Java
Shows batik processes in the traditional centres of Jogiakarta, Solo and Cirebon, with footage of the traditional costumes, wax application with Chantung and stamps.
DVD 8861
Glass bead making in Turkey & Ghana
Filmed in Mahmut Sur's Workshop in Kurudere, Turkey and in the Krobo Workshop of Nomoda Djaba and in the Workship in Asiofia, Ghana respectively, it introduces the craft of glass bead making in Turkey and Ghana.
DVD 8873
Ikats of Sumba the dyeing and weaving of ceremonial cloths /
This program introduces the craft of ikat weaving. Ikats are woven in traditional, unique and original designs.
DVD 8862
Kalagas Burmese embroidered tapestries.
The padded embroideries of Burma are virtually unique. They are produced on large frames so that a number of people can work on them. Their combination of legendary figures and animals using sequins, stones, and mirrors, create hangings unlike any others. Burma has been largely inaccessible for almost 50 years so this footage of this craft is new to the hand-craft industry and is exciting to view. You will see the designing process, the making of sequins, glass beads, and threads (gold and silver wound with tinsel), the appliqu ̌process, and the final sewing, assembly, and finishing of these tapestries. Filmed entirely in Burma.
DVD 8865
Kente woven ceremonial cloths of Ghana /
"Kente is one of Africa's most celebrated textiles. Kente is woven in long, narrow bands. Finished strips are cut to the same length and sewn together to produce a large cloth"--Container.
DVD 8871
Last nomads of the Yayla
The Yayla is the name given to the summer pastures in the high Taurus mountains in Southern Turkey. In the 12th century, Turkic nomads made their way to these pastures, driven from central Asia by Ghenghis Khan. This film shows the way of life in the Yayla, as the nomads milk their goats, make cheese, care for their camels, spin, weave and cook. The traditional Black Tent is shown in detail as well as cave and stone dwellings. This is an intimate look into a way of life that is fast disappearing.
DVD 8874
Making of a kilim spinning, dyeing and weaving in Anatolia.
Kilims have been woven in Turkey for thousands of years in the villages of Anatolia.
DVD 8859
Mirror work & embroideries of Kutch, India
Filmed in Kutch, India, this program demonstrates traditional embroidery incorporating mirrors in the design.
DVD 8866
Peruvian knitted hats
"This film shows men and women knitting hats in the villages of Accha Alta, Chinchero, Pitumarca and Chahuaytiri in the Cusco area and on the islands of Amantini and Taquile on Lake Titicaca."--Case-slip.
DVD 8870
Thai hilltribe embroideries Karen, Lisu, Akha, Yao, Lahu, Blue & White Hmong.
"Over the last few centuries six quite distinct tribal groups have migrated to live in the mountains of Northern Thailand. They have brought with them their own culture, language and dress. This film shows the different dress of the Karen, Lisu, Akha, Yao, Lahu, Blue & White Hmong and how they adorn themselves with an extraordinary variety of embroidery."--Case-slip.
DVD 8868
Traditional felt making in Turkey kece, kepenek & sikke /
Presents an overview of traditional Turkish felt making, covering: preparing the wool; making a kecce; making a kepenek; making a sikke.
DVD 8860
Traditional silk weaving in thailand
"Isarn (N E Thailand) has been a cradle of sericulture and silk weaving for thousands of years. This film shows how the processes are still carried on by families in village houses where silkworms are grown and fed on mulberry leaves and the silk is reeled in the traditional way. The silk is then hand woven into sarongs scarves in traditional designs. Both weaving techniques used, weft ikat and supplementary weft, are extraordinarily fine, using unique processes and looms, producing wonderful vibrant cloth"--Container.
DVD 8864
Traditional weaving in Peru spinning, dyeing & weaving around Cusco /
"High in the mountain valleys around Cusco some of the Peruvian traditions dating back thousands of years are still being carried on. This film takes you into the villages to see men and women spinning, dyeing, warping up, weaving and finishing with woven braids"--DVD container.
DVD 8869
World spinning traditions
This film was shot on location around the world to show some of the surviving traditions of spinning.
DVD 8876
World weaving traditions
DVD 8875