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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Wayne, John

3 godfathers
Fugitive bank robbers care for the newborn of the woman they just buried, knowing it ruins any chance of escape. Director John Ford's western retelling of the Bibilical Three Wise Men tale remains a scenic and thematic masterpiece.
DVD 4614
Angel and the badman
A wounded gunman avenging the death of his foster-father is nursed back to health by a young Quaker woman. She promises to marry him if he will give up his gun.
DVD 900
Columbia Pictures pre-code collection
Ten cents a dance: Barbara, a dance hall girl, marries Eddie, who turns out to be a compulsive gambler. Barbara turns to a former suitor and dance hall owner, Bradley Carlton, for help. Arizona: Bob Denton, a West Point football star, discovers that his commanding officer is married to his former girlfriend, a woman bent on revenge after he jilted her. Three wise girls: An innocent small-town girl trades her soda fountain job for a modeling job in New York. She quickly learns the ropes and perils of big city life, along with her wisecracking roommate and a fellow model. Shopworn: Kitty is a waitress who falls in love with Dave, a wealthy college student. Dave's high-society mother has a trumped-up morals charge made up against her. After leaving the reformatory, Kitty becomes a showgirl, and she meets Dave again. Virtue: An honest, enterprising taxi driver mistakes a prostitute for an unemployed stenographer. After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, the woman's past comes back to haunt her when a duplicitous acquaintance implicates her in a sordid affair.
DVD 9013
Set in 12th century China, the captured Tartar princess, Bortai, tricks Genghis Khan into mistrusting his blood brother, but falls in love with the Mongol chief.
DVD 787
Dark command
Set in pre-Civil War Lawrence, Kansas where tensions about slavery ran high, this film tells a fictionalized version of the story of the raider William Clarke Quantrill. Bob Seton runs for Federal Marshall of Kansas and defeats William Cantrell. Cantrell responds by stealing Seton's girl and manipulating her into marrying him. Seton later exposes Cantrell and his band of guerillas who have been raiding both Union and Confederate lines.
DVD 798
Dawn rider [and], trail beyond /
Dawn rider: John Wayne plays a man whose father is senselessly gunned down in a holdup by a gang of bandits. He chases the gang until he himself is wounded. He later recovers and brings the crooks to justice. Trail beyond: Traveling in the Northwest, two men discover a map detailing the location of hidden gold. Their travels are deferred when a young girl is kidnapped by a renegade who learns of the map's existence. The two adventurers must race to save the girl and find the gold.
DVD 980
Donovan's reef
A straight-laced Bostonian comes searching for her father, a brawling ex-Navy man living on a South Pacific island.
DVD 1680
El Dorado
A sheriff fights cattlemen and empire builders as he tries to tame the West.
DVD 185
Eugene O'Neill The long voyage home
The merchant ship Glencairn rolls and shivers in the black North Atlantic. On board, her anxious crewmen search the sky for German planes and hope they'll survive The Long Voyage Home.
DVD 4620
Fighting Kentuckian
The daughter of a French general captures the heart of a rugged Kentucky rifleman. However, a powerful man also is determined to win her heart, and the two men soon lock horns. When the Kentuckian discovers that his rival is involved in a scheme to evict the French settlers, war breaks out between the fighting frontiersmen and the displaced French forces.
DVD 826
Fort Apache
In the old west, a military martinet has trouble with his family as well as the Indians.
DVD 4618
Green Berets
They were crack troops skilled in the techniques of unconditional warfare, the soldiers of the Special Forces-- and the focus of Hollywood's first feature film about the Vietnam War.
DVD 406
John Wayne heads a group of highly skilled professional game hunters in Africa who capture the ferocious big game with strong rope and cameras for zoos and circus attractions.
DVD 10087
Chance Buckman is a Texan who tames out-of-control oil well infernos in exotic locations around the world. Between blazes, Chance carries the burden for Madelyn, the wife who left him 20 years earlier because of his dangerous lifestyle.
DVD 244
High and the mighty
A commercial airliner develops engine trouble while flying over the Pacific Ocean. The pilot panics, so it is up to the washed-up co-pilot to get the plane down safely. Based on an Ernest K. Gann bestseller.
DVD 4417
Horse soldiers
Colonel Marlowe is in command of a motley assortment of 1200 Union volunteers whose task-- and apparent suicide mission-- is to infiltrate 300 miles of Southern territory and destroy the most strategic rail route in the Confederacy. Marlowe's life is complicated by his ferocious running feud with the company's surgeon, Major Kendall.
DVD 1609
How the West was won
A western adventure spanning three generations, the breadth of a wild, unsettled country, and fifty of the most excitingly turbulent years of this nation's history.
DVD 251
Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo
A Texas border sheriff fights off hired gunmen to keep a murderer in custody.
DVD 1520
In old California
A handsome, two-fisted pharmacist moves from Boston to Sacramento during the gold rush. Although he endears himself to the community by acting as a doctor, he tangles with the towns unscupulous political bosses. He becomes engaged to a wealthy woman from San Francisco, but discovers in the end that he loves the local dance hall singer.
DVD 797
Lawless frontier [and], Randy rides alone /
Lawless frontier: Wayne returns home after an 8-year absence and seeks the outlaw who killed his parents. He teams with an old gold miner and granddaughter whose lives get threatened when they help him. Randy rides alone: Wayne is accused of murder he didn't commit. He escapes and joins the gang to gather evidence to set a trap. He exonerates himself and saves the town.
DVD 789
Longest day
Re-enacts the military operation of D-Day from four points of view--the workings of the high commands of the American, English, French, and German forces in their battle scheme for Normandy. Largely filmed on actual invasion sites in France.
DVD 421
Man from Utah [and], Sagebrush trail /
The man from Utah: his own men are the only ones who ever win the prize money in Barton's rodeo, and whenever a local rider has a chance to win, he meets with an "accident." John Wayne, as the "Man from Utah" is determined to find out why, even if he has to break every bronco in the West. Sagebrush trail: A young cowboy finds himself behind bars, wrongly accused of a robbery. Seeing his chance, he escapes to bring the guilty bandit to justice and clear his name.
DVD 795
Man who shot Liberty Valance
The story of a man who becomes a legend and an important political figure by falsely claiming he shot a ruthless gunman (Liberty Valance).
DVD 1678
A battle of the sexes which includes comedy, action and adventure in a western setting.
DVD 882
Quiet man
An American prizefighter returns to Ireland in order to forget the past and live peacefully in his village birthplace. He falls in love with the hot-tempered sister of a belligerent neighbor, and trouble ensues over the payment of her dowry.
DVD 851
Reap the wild wind
A sea captain is locked in battle in 1840s Key West with lawyer Steve Tolliver for the affections of a beautiful ship owner. Tolliver attempts to prosecute the captain for the murder of a girl who was allegedly on board.
DVD 480
Red River
With no market for his herd, the master of a vast cattle ranch and his son decide to head the first cattle drive over the now famous Chisholm Trail, past the Red River, into Missouri. The path is filled with hardship and the drive looks hopeless as the men struggle to prevail.
DVD 483
Riders of destiny [and], the star packer /
Riders of destiny: a tuneful but tough undercover agent is out to help besieged farmers regain their water rights. This is one of the few films in which John Wayne is a singing cowboy--truly a unique side of his early career. The Star Packer: John Powers organizes the people of Little Rock, a town harassed by a gang of outlaws, and sets the trap for the gang when he learns of a planned bank holdup.
DVD 796
Rio Grande
A Cavalry unit on the Mexican border in the 1880s conducts a campaign against marauding Indians.
DVD 793
Rooster Cogburn and the lady /
A rough-edged deputy marshall teams up with a strait-laced missionary to track down a band of murdering bank robbers. During the pursuit of the outlaws, a warm rapport develops between the rough-and-tumble lawman and the flinty reverend's daughter.
DVD 873
Sands of Iwo Jima
Stryker (Wayne), a hard-nosed Marine sergeant prepares a company of recruits for combat in World War II's Pacific Theater. The new unit's training is soon put to the test in a full-scale battle against the Japanese on Iwo Jima. The famous flag-raising on Mt. Suribachi is depicted near the film's conclusion.
DVD 501
Wayne plays ex-Confederate soldier Ethan Edwards, an Indian-hater who believes more in bullets than words. He's out to find his young niece, who's been taken captive by the renegade Comanches who massacred her family.
DVD 2100
A Confederate war veteran tracks down the Indians who killed his brother and sister-in-law and carried off their daughter.
DVD 4622
She wore a yellow ribbon
The story of a U.S. Calvary captain's last days in service on the western frontier in 1876.
DVD 1679
A terminally ill gunfighter seeks to retire quietly but is embroiled in one last battle.
DVD 5825
A group of passengers with nothing in common are stuck inside a coach that is being attacked by bandits and Indians.
DVD 4623
Nine desparate travelers are thrust together on a stagecoach destined for Apache territory.
DVD 31
They were expendable
In the early days of World War II, the Japanese navy pressed relentlessly into the Philippines. Two American skippers are determined to prove that their small PT boats can be shaped into an effective battle fleet against the larger Japanese cruisers.
DVD 637
Three musketeers
Tom Wayne (played by John Wayne) is an American pilot who rescues three French Foreign Legionnaires trapped by Arab gun runners, and so begins a lasting friendship between "The Three Musketeers" and their American "D'artagnon." Together they battle El Shaitan, head of the gun runners and the treacherous Devil's Circle.
DVD 846
True grit
U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn is hired by a 14-year-old girl to kill the man who murdered her father and stole the family nest egg. She accepts the help of a Texas Ranger, who is intent on the reward, and accompanies them on the quest.
DVD 575
War wagon
Taw Jackson is a rancher who is dead set on capturing an iron-clad stagecoach belonging to cattle baron West Catlin, the man who stole his fortune and good name years before.
DVD 554
Winds of the wasteland [and], Lucky Texan /
Winds of the wasteland: two cowboys purchase a stagecoach route only to find that it connects with an abandoned mining town. Furious, the pair is determined to get even. Lucky Texan: Gold miners John Wayne and his sidekick Gabby Hayes strike it rich when they find a gold nugget, then another, and more. But as luck would have it, before they get a chance to put a stake on their claim, Hayes is unjustly accused of robbery and murder. The Duke rides to the rescue and the day is saved.
DVD 916
Wings of eagles
Commander Frank 'Spig' Wead was a pioneer aviator, renowned screenwriter, and a man of war. The skies beckoned Spig to action; a crippling injury ultimately left him powerless to act, propelling him to discover the power of his pen. He was talented, driven, flawed, and a friend of John Ford.
DVD 4619