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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Ponti, Carlo

"Two women"
Realistic drama of an Italian widow who, along with her young daughter, are brutally raped by Allied Moroccan soldiers in World War II.
DVD 666
A London photographer takes some pictures of a couple in a park and discovers that he may have recorded evidence of a murder.
DVD 2633
Boccaccio '70 : scherzo in quattro atti /
Four satires on morality, prudery, and hypocrisy.
DVD 7757
Carabiniers The riflemen /
"Centers on two peasants who join the King's army. Seduced by the promise of riches, the two leave their wives and embark into the war sending postcards home that detail their conquests. Upon their return, they learn that a peace treaty has been signed and in turn, are betrayed by the king for their overzealousness."--Container.
DVD 1276
Cassandra crossing
This bizarre entry into the disaster film genre concerns a group of hapless passengers aboard a transcontinental luxury train who are infected with a viral plague by a group of terrorists. Burt Lancaster plays military man Mackenzie, who wants to send the train across a rickety bridge so all the passengers will die, with Mackenzie reasoning the tragedy will give the terrorist movement a bad name. Among the passengers on the train trying to build up antibodies are Jennifer Rispoli Chamberlain (Sophia Loren); Nicole (Ava Gardner), who is embroiled in an affair with a younger man named Robby Navarro (Martin Sheen); and Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain (Richard Harris), a physician who wants to save the passengers but ends up duking it out with the terrorists
DVD 861
Cléo de 5 à 7
A girl waiting for the result of a medical examination wanders around Paris thinking she has cancer.
DVD 763
Doctor Zhivago
A poet and surgeon, husband and lover finds his life disrupted by war. It alters the lives of many, including Tonya, the gentle woman he marries and Lara, the woman he cannot forget.
DVD 1538
A complicated thriller about the fatalistic relationship between two men: Maurice, a crook just out of prison, and Silien, a mysterious, cryptic informer caught up in the complex relationship between the criminal underworld and the police.
DVD 5965
Europe '51
Ingrid Bergman plays a wealthy, self-absorbed Rome socialite racked by guilt over the shocking death of her young son. As a way of dealing with her grief and finding meaning in her life, she decides to devote her time and money to the city's poor and sick. Her newfound, single-minded activism leads to conflicts with her husband and questions about her sanity.
DVD 10444
Femme est une femme A woman is a woman /
Offbeat homage to Hollywood musicals finds a stripper rousing her lover's jealousy by seducing his best friend.
DVD 3380
Femme est une femme A woman is a woman.
When the beautiful Angéla wants to have a baby and her lover refuses to participate, she looks to recruit his best friend.
DVD 782
He has a good job working as a railroad man, but Andrea Marcocci is not happy. An obscure disease haunts him. His daughter Giulia leaves her husband, seeking shelter in the arms of another man, who does not love her. Andrea's good-for-nothing son storms out after one argument too many with his father. Unable to face these troubles alone, Andrea starts to drink. Inevitably, the drinking interferes with his work and he causes a serious rail accident. Desperately trying to hold onto his job, he goes to work on a strike day, futher alienating himself from his friends and colleagues.
DVD 9097
Giornata particolare A special day /
On the day of a huge rally celebrating Hitler's visit to Rome, which underscored the infamous alliance between the Nazis and Mussolini's fascist regime, a brief encounter between a weary housewife and a radio announcer unfolds into an intimate drama.
DVD 13189
Drama about a woman who must choose among three men. Restoration was done in 2000 by Ciné-Tamaris.
DVD 3830
Mépris Contempt /
Asked to write a screenplay for an American producer, a young French dramatist and his wife visit the producer's villa in Capri. There the wife and producer engage in an affair, and she decides to leave her husband. However, something quite unexpected happens.
DVD 2225
Michelangelo Antonioni's Zabriskie Point Zabriski Poǐnt /
Two young loners epitomize the rebellious counter-culture of the 1960s as they wander in the desert terrain of the western United States.
DVD 6112
A reporter assumes the identity of a dead man. The more he does this, the further he is from his true identity. When he finds himself in danger, will he be able to become himself once again, or will it be too late?
DVD 4532
Directed by Federico Fellini, the story of a fragile girl who falls in love with a brutal circus performer she was sold to by her mother.
DVD 3409
"A series of sex murders shock a college campus and four beautiful young girlfriends head for the safety of a country villa. But ... their weekend of pleasure becomes a vacation to dismember at the hand and blade of the lecherous maniac."--Container.
DVD 1014
Two women Paisan.
Two women: "Seeking shelter in an abandoned church, Cesira (Loren) and her thirteen-year-old daughter, Rosetta (Brown) are brutally attacked and raped by Allied Moroccan soldiers during WWII."--Container. Paisan: "Paisan is a powerful collection of six vignettes depicting life in war-torn Italy and the tenuous relationships between the liberated Italians and their American liberators."--Container.
DVD 1744
Ulysses' return from the Trojan Wars sets him upon a legendary adventure. He and his crew sail under the curse of Cassandra, and encounter Circe, the sirens and the cyclops.
DVD 578