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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Moyers, Bill D.

Over the past decade, India has emerged as the leader in the global market for white-collar "outsourcing" jobs-- a notable component of India's rapid economic growth. This documentary explores the experience of young Indian men and women who have been recruited into these new jobs requiring long hours, night shifts, and westernized work habits. Also reveals the human and cultural effect on Indian family life, the evolving cities and towns, and on the aspirations and daily lives of young Indians, especially women, entering the work force. Followed by interview with Michael Elliott, editor of Time International.
DVD 4739
11th of September Moyers in conversation /
Just hours after the attacks on America Bill Moyers began a unique dialogue with an unparalleled and diverse group of guests. Instead of dwelling on the horrific images of the tragedy, these poised and clear voices provided perspective and soothed a wounded, yet resilient, nation, creating a video that presents both a snapshot of our reactions on 9/11, and a testament to human spirit.
DVD 1376
30-second president
"No single force has changed American politics more than television-especially the television commercial. In this program, Bill Moyers examines the phenomenon of the "30-second president" and the role of advertising in 20th-century American politics. The video features an interview with Rosser Reeves, an advertising executive who worked on early political television campaigns for Dwight D. Eisenhower. Moyers also talks with media pioneer Tony Schwartz, whom Marshall McLuhan regarded as a fellow guru of the electronic age, for further insight into the impact of television on electoral politics"--Container.
DVD 12371
America on the road
Journalist Bill Moyers presents a history of the automobile and its effects on American society. Includes archival film footage and stills.
DVD 12366
Arming of the earth
Journalist Bill Moyers considers how the machine gun, the submarine, and the airplane have revolutionized the conduct of war. Focuses on the way in which advances in the technology of war have vastly increased the civilian toll in wartime.
DVD 12359
Becoming American The Chinese experience /
Traces the history and experiences of Chinese Americans; also includes personal journeys of AIDS researcher Dr. David Ho, market reserch pioneer Shirley Young, author Gish Jen, physicist Samuel Ting, and architect Maya Lin.
DVD 2282
Bill Moyers on faith & reason.
Bill Moyers explores the mysterious region between rationality and belief. In this program he talks with Pema Chödrön, one of North America's most prominent practitioners of Buddhist monasticism.
DVD 4989
Bill Moyers on faith & reason.
"Can spirituality, compassion, and emotional honesty survive in the face of oppression and religious fundamentalism? Canadian author Margaret Atwood ... speaks to Bill Moyers about agnosticism, the hunger for meaning, and the distinction between belief and knowledge"--Container.
DVD 6306
Bill Moyers on faith & reason.
"Bill Moyers talks with the author of 'Final Payments, the company of women', and 'Peal' about the concept of martyrdom and its connection to rage and despair. Gordon also explores the negative implications of what she sees as two converging influences in modern society: fundamentalism and consumerism" -- Container.
DVD 6307
Buying the war
"The Bush administration marketed and sold the war in Iraq to the American people. How and why did the press buy it, and what does that say about the role of journalists in helping the public sort out fact from propaganda? In this program, veteran journalist Bill Moyers, award-winning producer Kathleen Hughes, and their investigative team piece together the reporting and political spin that shaped the public mind prior to, during, and following the 2003 invasion. Exposing the disappearance of a watchdog mentality in mainstream newspaper and TV journalism, the documentary also highlights the work of intrepid Knight Ridder reporters who dug beneath the surface of administration claims, only to be drowned out by the drums of war. Further insight comes from journalists Dan Rather, former anchor of CBS evening news; Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the press; Bob Simon of 60 minutes; and Walter Isaacson, former chairman of CNN"--Container.
DVD 5418
Capitol crimes
The fall of super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff has exposed what may be one of the biggest political scandals in America's history. What does the dizzying scope of corruption say about how laws are made and who really owns the U.S. government? In this program Bill Moyers and his team of investigative journalists untangle the web of relationships, secret deals and political manipulation - including thousands of e-mails, reports, and facts on the record - to open a disturbing window on the dark side of American politics. A roundtable discussion with Thomas Frank and Norman Ornstein follows the documentary.
DVD 6294
Change, change
Journalist Bill Moyers offers a retrospective of the 1960s, a decade of upheavals that includes the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, a man on the moon, the civil rights movement, and technology. Also looks at the role television played in bringing about some of these changes. Includes archival film footage.
DVD 12374
Children in America's schools with Bill Moyers /
A look at public school districts in Ohio, this program examines the extreme range in physical conditions and educational opportunities presented in the rural, suburban, and city schools of Ohio. Discusses how the property tax funding of schools has created a situation where some districts can only spend 3,000 dollars per pupil in old, unsafe, dilapidated buildings, while other districts can afford to spend 12,000 dollars per pupil per year while maintaining modern, state-of-the-art environments. Includes a panel discussion moderated by Bill Moyers.
DVD 7228
Come to the fairs
Survey of America's World's Fairs beginning with the first one held in Chicago in 1893. It was at these fairs that new inventions such as the Ferris wheel and the telephone were first introduced. Also discusses how fairs have changed in recent years.
DVD 12362
Gro Harlem Brundtland
"In 1981, Gro Harlem Brundtland became the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of Norway ... A Harvard educated physician by profession, Brundtland has also been a prominent environmentalist throughout her political career. In this program with Bill Moyers, she speaks to the sense of environmental urgency facing policymakers today and introduces the concept of 'sustainable development.' Brundtland also talks about the increasingly important role of women in politics."--Container.
DVD 10315
Helping hand
Journalist Bill Moyers looks at how the New Deal helped to create jobs during the Depression. Includes interviews of former Civilian Conservation Corps workers who benefited from these programs.
DVD 12369
I.I. Rabi : man of the century
I.I. Rabi, Nobel Laureate physicist, discusses his views on atomic energy, the Nazi movement and the McCarthy era.
DVD 12370
Joseph Campbell and the power of myth
Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell discuss the themes and roots of human myth which is seen as man's attempt to relate himself to the universe. Starting with various topics Campbell shows both how man creates his universe and is controlled by the myth he has created.
DVD 4315
Karen Armstrong on religious fundamentalism
Topics include the psychological impact of religious fundamentalism, the concept of sacredness, the relationship between religion and psychology, and the connections among the three religions of the Book.
DVD 6308
Mark Hertsgaard on the world's love/hate relationship with America
Journalist and author Mark Hertsgaard discusses key United States environmental and foreign policy decisions that have proven divisive in the international community.
DVD 2788
Marshall, Texas
Bill Moyers returns to his hometown of Marshall, Texas, and re-examines his past through the voices of current residents and past classmates. Specifically, he examines racial relations in Marshall before, during, and after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.
DVD 12357
Net @ risk
A boon to computer users, broadband has meant fast Internet services for millions. But as the phone and cable giants that operate these networks conside the profits to be made by controlling the content and delivery of the Internet, Net Neutrality - and the easy sharing of ideas and opinions that goes with it - may soon become a thinking of the past in America. In this program, Bill Moyers and journalist Rick Karr report on the struggle for the soul of the Internet as lobbyists and legislators reshape the telecom laws for the broadband era. Will democracy's high-tech forum for the exchange of ideas be destroyed by regulations that favor online entities with deep pockets?
DVD 6297
Out of the depths : the miner's story
Journalist Bill Moyers shares the history of coal miners in Colorado at the turn of the century, their poor working conditions, and their almost feudal existence. Examines the United Mine Workers of America and their strikes in Colorado during this time.
DVD 12373
Post-war hopes, cold war fears
Describes life in America after World War II, a time of rash optimism and neuroses. While the dollar was strong and everyday life improved, the 1950's also saw the lowering of the Iron Curtain, the loss of China to Communism, the Korean War and the Red Scare.
DVD 12367
Richard Rodriguez victim of two cultures /
Presents Rodriguez' experiences of growing up in America as the son of immigrants, the loss of his "Mexican soul", and his first exposure to American culture. Discussion focuses also on the differences between Mexican and American cultures, including Rodriguez' observations on America's growing sense of loss and the essence of American society today.
DVD 6893
Secret government the Constitution in crisis : a special report /
A personal television essay that examines the events that led to the Contra war in Nicaragua and the Iran-Contra affair.
DVD 6420
Spirit & nature.
Bill Moyers goes to a conference where religious leaders confront the world's environmental crisis and search for a new human ethic toward the earth. This is a provocative program about theology and nature.
DVD 6385
Tu Wei-ming a Confucian life in America /
Bill Moyers interviews Tu Wei-ming who discusses the relevance of Confucian philosophy to our times and the recent student movement in China. Tu Wei-ming suggests that the humanism of Confucius can help us sort out some of the ethical problems of today.
DVD 2283
Usually seen as an age of speakeasies, flappers and high living, the 1920's also saw millions of workers struggling for better wages. This program explores this decade when old America was vanishing and a new urban nation was being formed. Includes reminiscences of Americans who lived during this period.
DVD 12372
Unequal education
The initial segment "Failing our children" focuses on inequality in the education available in rich and poor New York neighborhood schools. A group of four recently graduated high school students produced and reported this segment. Also includes Kathleen Hall Jamieson commenting on the 1992 Presidential campaign and a discussion between Jonathan Kozol and John Chubb on school vouchers.
DVD 11589
Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers.
DVD 12358
Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers.
Looks at newsreels, a unique 20th century institution. For over 50 years newsreels informed and entertained whole generations until their demise in the mid-1960's with the advance of televised nightly newscasts.
DVD 12360
Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers.
DVD 12361
Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers.
Part I chronicles African-Americans' search for racial equality from the 1800s through the 1930s, when the foundations of the civil rights movement were laid. Part II examines the roots and recent past of the civil rights struggle. Includes archival film and still photographs.
DVD 12375
Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers.
Traces the development of public relations in changing public images. Recognizes Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays as the first people to use mass communications to influence public opinion and create the profession of public relations.
DVD 12368
Walk through the 20th century with Bill Moyers. with Richard Strout
Journalist Richard Strout reminisces about his career as a reporter covering Washington and the White House. Beginning with the administration of Warren G. Harding up to the Reagan administration, Strout has seen Washington grow from an unhurried southern town into a bustling international seat of government.
DVD 12365
World of ideas.
In wide-ranging conversations, thirteen celebrated literary figures from six nations discuss their work, politics, morals, and the future of American society.
DVD 8783
World of ideas: Howard Zinn
DVD 2787
World War II : the propaganda battle
Bill Moyers interviews two filmmakers in the first large-scale propaganda battle in history--German filmmaker Fritz Hippler and his American counterpart, Frank Capra.
DVD 12364