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Films with: Mastroianni, Marcello

8 1/2
Fellini's autobiographical film about a famous film director who loses his inspiration in the midst of making a film.
DVD 1601
Adua e le compagne Adua and her friends /
A wonderful example of Italian realism, this film tells the story of four prostitutes forced to fend for themselves when a new law closes the bordellos of Rome. They pool their savings to open a trattoria, but find they cannot get a license. A prominent fixer with connections obtains the license for them, on the condition that they conduct their old business upstairs and pay him an exorbitant monthly fee.
DVD 9101
Bye bye monkey Ciao maschio /
Symbolic film exploring the question of whether mankind is doomed and history is destined to repeat itself, or whether people can discover a way to avoid the mistakes of the past and be rewarded by fresh hope with the next generation.
DVD 831
City of women
DVD 1279
Compagni The Organizer/
In turn-of-the-twentieth-century Turin, an accident in a textile factory incites workers to stage a walkout. But it's not until they receive unexpected aid from a traveling professor that they find a voice, unite, and stand up for themselves. This historical drama by Mario Monicelli is a beautiful and moving ode to the power of the people, brimming with humor and honesty.
DVD 8899
Divorzio all'italiana Divorce Italian style /
A married man who has fallen in love with a younger woman hatches an elaborate scheme to kill his wife.
DVD 2202
Enrico IV Henry IV /
After a modern aristocrat falls off his horse, he believes that he is Henry IV, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. For years, everyone around him adapts to this fantasy, dressing and acting accordingly. Then one day, some friends try to cure "Henry."
DVD 4219
Federico Fellini's La dolce vita
A journalist ventures into the decadent society of modern Rome and finds that his values are being destroyed, leaving him totally disillusioned.
DVD 3372
Grande bouffe
Four world-weary middle-aged men decide to gorge themselves to death in one final orgiastic weekend full of gourmet food, call girls, and a hefty, lusty schoolteacher.
DVD 887
Loi The law /
A beautiful young woman in a sleepy Italian village is desired by the son of a mobster, but she only has eyes for a handsome young engineer. Unfortunately, he is as poor as she is so Marietta decides to steal a dowry from their love nest. In so doing she exposes the town's biggest lies.
DVD 1006
Marcello Mastroianni I remember /
With an abundance of charm, wit and thoughtful introspection, Marcello Mastroianni looks back and reminisces about his life and work.
DVD 5899
An emotionally estranged couple faces heartache, desperation, and personal loss all in the course of one night.
DVD 2162
Par-dela les nuages
Four stories of love and illusion are told from the perspective of a wandering film director. First two beautiful young lovers are unable to consummate their passion because the young man prefers impossible perfection. In the second story a women tells her stalker that she murdered her father. In the third story an effort is made to appease a wife and a mistress. The last story tells of a young man infatuated with a woman who is soon to enter a convent.
DVD 2061
Prêt-à-porter Ready to wear /
At the world's hottest fashion show, there's been a murder. Now, everybody's a suspect ... They're all caught up in the year's biggest see-and-be-seen event-- where steamy scandals and spectacular supermodels turn up the heat in a riotous show of high fashion.
DVD 1510
Soliti ignoti Mario Monicelli's Big deal on Madonna Street /
Five men conspire to burglarize a small-time jeweler's safe. When the time comes to carry out the scheme, the men become hopelessly clumsy and have to eventually give up and go home.
DVD 1573
Touche pas à la femme blanche Don't touch the white woman /
Presents a unique and anachronistic pastiche on the American western and a subversive swipe at the treatment of Native Americans. As the cavalry fights the Indians, coward General Custer is trying to fight off the advances of both Sitting Bull and Marie-Hélène while modern day Parisian life goes on around them.
DVD 898