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Films & Other Videos

Films with: March, Fredric

Alexander the Great
The story of Alexander the Great, Greek hero and world-conqueror. Alexander is a man torn by conflict between his teacher, Aristotle, his warrior father and his own ambition.
DVD 3289
Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina, dutiful wife and doting mother, knows contentment but not passion. That changes when she meets ardent Count Vronsky. For him, she throws away marriage, family, social position and finally her life.
DVD 4446
Best years of our lives
Recounts the problems faced by three returning veterans of WWII as they attempt to pick up the threads of their lives.
Death takes a holiday
In this pre-code classic, Death, intent on entering the human world for a holiday, takes the form of a prince visiting a family of wealthy soclialites and encounters all of the pleasures and pains that go with a flesh-and-blood existence.
DVD 8577
Desperate hours
Three escaped convicts break into a suburban home and hold the family therein hostage.
DVD 8528
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
A doctor experiments in order to turn himself into a fiend.
DVD 4180
Eagle and the hawk
World War I drama about a reluctant hero struggling to deal with the horrors of war.
DVD 9762
Gary Cooper collection.
Designed for living: Two freewheeling Americans sharing an apartment in Paris both fall in love with the same beautiful woman. When she can't make up her mind which one she prefers, she decides to move in with both of them in this romantic farce. Peter Ibbetson: Gifted architect Peter Ibbetson discovers his childhood sweetheart is now the wife of the nobleman he is working for. After being imprisoned for life for an accidental killing, it's only their rekindled love that gives Peter hope. General died at dawn: O'Hara, an American soldier of fortune, tries to foil the ambitions of General Yang, a ruthless warlord who plans to take over the provinces of northern China. Exotic settings, captivating performances and extraordinary cinematography power this thrilling tale of double crosses.
DVD 6769 v.1
A white man raised as an Apache faces confrontation with society.
DVD 2014
Inherit the wind
A small Tennessee town gained national attention in 1925 when a biology schoolteacher was arrested for violating state law and teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in the classroom.
DVD 2022
Man in the gray flannel suit
Based on the novel by Sloan Wilson, The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit stars Gregory Peck as a haunted New York executive who defies convention and decides his family is more important than his career in this post-war melodrama.
DVD 3672
Man on a tightrope
The story of a Czechoslovakian circus troop whose members are drafted into the military when the communists take over. But as they near the Bavarian border, they decide to make a break to escape to the West.
DVD 9998
Mary of Scotland
Historical drama about the ill-fated Mary, Queen of Scots, and her cousin Elizabeth, Queen of England.
DVD 5649
Jean Valjean is a young man accused of stealing. He escapes prison and spends the rest of his life miserable and being chased by one man: a policeman named Valert.
DVD 5967
Nothing sacred
A girl with a short time to live is given a free trip to New York for two weeks, but it's all a publicity hoax.
DVD 336
Seven days in May
A popular general attempts to take over the U.S. government.
DVD 633
Sign of the cross
In the year 64 C.E., the corrupt and maniacal Emperor Nero torches Rome, and is advised to blame the ensuing destruction on the unsuspecting Christians. Meanwhile, Roman Prefect Marcus Superbus falls for an innocent and beautiful Christian maiden, Mercia. When the seductive and wicked Empress, Poppaea, learns that she has a rival for Marcus' affections, she conspires to send all Christians to a chilling death.
DVD 9495
Spanish earth The 400 million.
The Spanish Earth is a docudrama on the Civil War in Spain that dramatizes the effects of the fascist uprising and invasion on the ordinary citizen, using actual scenes of the fighting. Shows how the city of Fuentedueña works on an irrigation project while dealing with the war. The 400 Million. The Japanese aggression against China in 1937 forced the Chinese communists to join Chiang Kai-shek's Kwomintang to take up the battle against their common enemy. Filmed in 1938 and focusing on the battle of T'aiertshwang, this film shows all aspects of a war: the battle, the preparations, refugees, casualties and victims, the fear and distress, the human misery and the courage, and the land under fire.
DVD 2686
Star is born
A fading star meets an aspiring actress, falls in love with and marries her. Her career skyrockets, while his continues to fade with tragic results.
DVD 60