VTDNP Interactive Map

After completing a short course on spatial literacy and online mapping, Prudence Doherty of the VTDNP project management group was inspired to create an interactive map that provides access to the newspaper titles digitized during the first phase of the project. A version of the map will soon be added to the VTDNP web site, but for now, try the one below.

It’s simple to use. First, click on an icon to get a list of newspapers from that location. Then click on a title to get access to the digitized content. You can also start by selecting “View Larger Map” at the bottom left corner of the map.

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    1. Hi Karson, thanks for pointing this out. We’ve fixed the map display. Google Maps had a recent facelift and that affected the display of custom maps. You can also see this map on our front page.
      VTDNP Team

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