Project Contacts

Jeffrey D. Marshall Project Director/Principal Investigator
Director, Special Collections
Bailey/Howe Library, University of Vermont (Burlington)

Tom McMurdo-Member, Project Management Group
Collections and Digital Initiatives Librarian
Vermont Department of Libraries (Montpelier)

Chris Kirby-Member, Project Management Group
Adult Services and Technology Librarian
Ilsley Public Library (Middlebury)

Prudence Doherty -Member, Project Management Group
Special Collections Librarian for Public Services
Bailey/Howe Library, University of Vermont (Burlington)

Paul Carnahan – Advisor
Librarian, Vermont Historical Society


6 thoughts on “Project Contacts”

  1. Thank you to all who have been involved in this project. I am finding a wealth of information for my current local history project and very much appreciate the time and gas this has saved me.
    The LOC web site is a gem and a pleasure to work with.

  2. I am looking for an obituary for Ellen (Lancaster) Armstrong she died in 1968 in Vermont.
    Her husband’s name is William Andrew Armstrong and was married on January 16, 1905.
    Mireille Desmarais

  3. Hello,
    What papers will be digitized for Phase 3 in 2014? I don’t see this next phase listed on the website.


  4. Hi Tom,

    Apologies, this is a late response–just saw your posting now! The papers for Phase 3 are currently being determined–this is mostly reliant upon which newspapers have master negative microfilm available. We’ll post a list as soon as it is finalized.




    Mildred Holland was not an opera singer, but a Broadway ( and, later, film) actress.

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