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Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 11:05 AM
Subject: [NDNP] Farewell!

Hi all,

Today is my final day as Project Librarian for the Vermont Digital Newspaper Project. I am moving just down the road to become Head of Technical Services at the Vermont State Library in Montpelier, VT. For most of the last 12 years I have been part of either the USNP, NDNP, or both. For the last two years I have been here in VT, and before that I was part of the CDNC at Berkeley, and the California Newspaper Project at Berkeley and Riverside. While I will miss my daily encounters with historical newspapers and microfilm, I won’t miss those anxious months between grant applications and approvals. This new position is a great opportunity and I am really looking forward to it. That said, I will miss being part of this dynamic project as part of my day to day work. Fortunately, my new position has a historical role as an adviser for the VTDNP, so I will still have a degree of involvement in the Project.

I have greatly enjoyed being part!
  of the NDNP community and I look forward to seeing more states join and witnessing the growth of more homegrown state historical newspaper digitization projects.

My best to all of you,


Tom McMurdo
Project Librarian
Vermont Digital Newspaper Project
Bailey / Howe Library
University of Vermont
538 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405