VTLib workshop

Recap: ‘Chronicling America for Librarians’ workshop at Midstate Regional Library

This past Friday, March 7, at 9:30 am, the Vermont Digital Newspaper Project  gave a workshop for librarians on how to use Chronicling America at the Midstate Regional Library in Berlin, VT.

In the workshop, we briefly covered the process  VTDNP takes to bring historic newspaper content to the digital age. After browsing through our website and social media channels, librarians explored Chronicling America and its many features. We also offered tips and tricks on how to effectively search using the website. At the end, we discussed how libraries can further promote this resource.

VTLib workshop
Pictured: Erenst Anip, Project Librarian, introducing VTDNP and Chronicling America.

Visit our website’s Resources section to learn more about how to better search using Chronicling America.

We are very grateful to the Vermont Department of Library (and Mara Siegel) for the opportunity to present at their facility!

VTLib workshop
Pictured: Karyn Norwood, Digital Support Specialist, talking about the features of Chronicling America.