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Spreading the Word: Posters from the Acorn Press

The summer exhibit in Special Collections features posters that the Acorn Press produced for events and businesses in Chelsea, VT during the 1970s and 1980s.

In 1965 two cousins, Brad and Tom Brownell, bought the venerable Chelsea Press (1916-1965) and ran it under the name Acorn Press. Until his retirement in 1984, Brad Brownell did a variety of printing work in both letterpress and offset using modern equipment and the old hand presses once operated by former owner Bill Underhill.  The visually appealing posters honor the firm’s heritage, using mixed typefaces, stock cuts for images, and bold colors to catch the viewer’s attention.  At the time of his retirement in 1984, the Chelsea town history paid tribute to Brad Brownell, concluding that he “has shown both skill and imagination in fulfilling local printing needs.”


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