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Music & Other Recordings

CDs with: Pond, Wayne Johnston

A book of their own Cathy Davidson and Linda Wagner-Martin. The good Negress / A.J. Verdelle.
CD 1142
A southern life Laurence Avery. Beating Yale / Ronald Smith.
CD 947
American legend / Pete Seeger. Leading Chinese / David Strand
CD 1504
Another you Ann Beattie. Home again / John Willinsky
CD 1390
Antproof Case.
CD 1298
Artists and audiences Larry Silver, Ronald Moore, Ivan Olson. New Southerners (4) / Lee Smith.
CD 1153
Asking for love / Roxana Robinson. Creating the national pastime / G. Edward White
CD 1604
Best of the South / Richard Bausch and Shannon Ravenel. Killing the white man's Indian / Fergus Bordewich
CD 1500
Big (con)science Tom Regan, Robert Smith. 36 views of Mt. Fuji / Cathy Davidson.
CD 1148
Black women in America Darlene Clark Hine. Wolf whistle / Lewis Nordan.
CD 1162
Black workers remember Michael K. Honey. Race & representation / Michael Valdez Moses and Richard Powell.
CD 1305
Bodies of knowledge Caroline Walker Bynum and Patricia Ebrey. Memoirs, personal & professional / Teresa Godwin Phelps and Alice Kaplan.
CD 944
Bones & burials Gwendolyn M. Parker ; John Gregory Brown. Speaking freely / Vincent Blasi.
CD 1144
Brave new worlds Jeffrey Platt ... [et al.]
CD 1310
Casting the internet Robert Metcalfe. Home is somewhere else / Lilian Furst.
CD 1311
Catherwood and Quee / Jill McCorkle and Marly Youmans. Kids and couplets / J. Paul Hunter and Ulrich Knoepflmacher
CD 1505
Christian centuries Katherine Tachau and Stanley Hauerwas. A whole new life / Reynolds Price.
CD 1121
Cityscapes Garry Wills, Paul Goldberger and Kurt Schmoke. Home again / Anderson Ferrell and Macky Alston
CD 1605
Civic journalism & cyberspace / Ellen Hume. Writing God's life / Jack Miles
CD 1503
Civic journalism and cyberspace
CD 1503
Civil societies V / Robert Putnam, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Ekaterina Nikova. Half the house / Richard Hoffman
CD 1391
Classical family values Judith Evans-Grubbs. New Southerners / Randall Kenan.
CD 949
Closest companion.
CD 1295
Common places Svetlana Boym. Antproof Case / Mark Helprin.
CD 1298
Consolidating freedom. Do you read me? / Denis Donoghue
CD 1300
Creating the national pastime.
CD 1604
Crossing Ocean Parkway Marianna Torgovnick. Redeye / Clyde Edgerton.
CD 1136
Death in a Delphi seminar
CD 1499
Democracy on trial Jean Bethke Elshtain. Death in a Delphi seminar / Norman Holland
CD 1499
Difficult wheel.
CD 1410
Disciplines / Francis Oakley, Nancy Scheper-Hughes and W. Robert Connor. Closest companion / Geoffrey Ward
CD 1295
Dixie rising
CD 1506
Dream state / Moira Crone. Showing my color / Clarence Page
CD 1296
Enemies of leisure.
CD 1679
Faith in a seed Bradley Dean. New Southerners (1) / Allan Gurganus.
CD 1159
CD 1411
Family and folk
CD 1411
Farewell Fred Chappell. Dixie rising / Peter Applebome
CD 1506
Feather crowns Bobbie Ann Mason. The host / William Heyen.
CD 1133
Fire and light Larry Brown and Arthur Zajonc. That kind of danger / Donna Masini.
CD 1134
Fishboy Mark Richard. Bootlegger's daughter / Margaret Maron.
CD 1161
God's own scientists / Christopher Toumey. New Southerners (8) / Kaye Gibbons.
CD 1140
Hard boiled lit / Steven Marcus. Sharpshooters / Lewis Nordan and John A. Miller
CD 1294
High tech democracy.
CD 1409
Justice Powell John Jeffries. Shooting at loons / Margaret Maron.
CD 948
Kids and couplets
CD 1505
Killing the white man's Indian
CD 1500
Language and national identity Michael Holquist. Praying for baseball / Willie Morris and Barry Moser.
CD 1125
Leading Chinese
CD 1504
Learning online David K. Allison.
CD 1297
Leaving the folk
CD 1411
Legal lit
CD 1502
Liberal education and the canon Laura Christian Ford. Unarmed but dangerous / Hal Crowther.
CD 1124
License to speak
CD 1501
Lost Russia : photographing the ruins of Russian architecture.
CD 1409
Making a difference W. Robert Connor, Richard Schramm. History up close and personal / Fritz Stern, Leo Spitzer.
CD 1151
Middle East prospects John Voll. New Southerners (6) / Jill McCorkle.
CD 1155
Murder she wrote / Karen Halttunen. Orchard Country to Green River / Robert Morgan
CD 1301
My own country / Abraham Verghese. Friends / David Konstan
CD 1606
New musics Carol Oja. Legal lit / Robert Waxler and Robert Ferguson
CD 1502
New Southerners (11) Brent Wade. Oedipus 1994 / Charles Segal.
CD 1147
New Southerners (12) Josephine Humphreys. Shakespeare's stings / Wayne F. Hill ; Cynthia O╠łttchen.
CD 1145
New Southerners (13) Robert Olen Butler. The sixteen pleasures / Robert Hellenga.
CD 1135
New Southerners (2) Larry Brown. Can poetry matter? / Dana Gioia.
CD 1149
New Southerners (3) Tim McLaurin. What is found there / Adrienne Rich.
CD 1152
New Southerners (5) Clyde Edgerton. Writers and religion / Susan Ketchin and Margaret Lacey.
CD 1154
New Southerners (7) Dori Sanders. The national conversation / Sheldon Hackney.
CD 1165
New Southerners Tina McElroy Ansa. Taming the storm / Jack Bass ; Merle Black.
CD 1607
New stories from the South
CD 1500
Nuclear annihilation and contemporary American fiction.
CD 1679
Race and religion Peter J. Gomes and Laurie Maffly-Kipp. Ethnicity and education / Julius Chambers and Phillip Richards.
CD 1163
Reading Ellington Mark Tucker. Understanding King / Adam Fairclough.
CD 1130
Real weather.
CD 1410
Recovering American literature Peter Shaw. Salvation on Sand Mountain / Dennis Covington.
CD 1119
Reflecting black Michael Eric Dyson. Envisioning the future / John Hope Franklin.
CD 1131
Religion & American education / Warren A. Nord. Mystery woman / Patricia Cline Cohen
CD 1302
Remembering F.D.R.
CD 1603
Renaissance ritual and art Richard Spear, Edward Muir. The public muse / Steven Caton, Janet Wondra.
CD 1156
Rethinking Black belief Albert Raboteau ; David Wills. God land / Conor Cruise O'Brien.
CD 945
Righteous women Paula Giddings and Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham. Romantic and idealist / Naomi Schor and Charles Capper.
CD 943
Russian spirits Louise McReynolds and William Brumfield. High tech democracy / David Lytel.
CD 1409
Scholarly pursuits Patricia Meyer Spacks. Wandering star / Steven Yount.
CD 1120
Shakespearean scandals Stephen Greenblatt. Shrouds and secrets / John Scott.
CD 1122
CD 1294
Showing my color.
CD 1296
Souls raised from the dead / Doris Betts. Eden / Emily Grosholz.
CD 1139
Standing in unknowing Elizabeth Kirk. Literary reflections / R.W.B. Lewis.
CD 1160
Stanley steamers Stanley Fish and Stanley Hauerwas. Publish or perish / John MacArthur ... [et al.]
CD 1158
Teachers in cyberspace / James O'Donnell. License to speak / Vincent Blasi and Stanley Fish
CD 1501
The cage Audrey Schulman. Multicultural wars / Louis Menand.
CD 1132
The death of Satan Andrew Delbanco. Dream boy / Jim Grimsley
CD 1303
The hinterlands Robert Morgan. Professing feminism / Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge.
CD 1146
The hundred secret senses Amy Tan. Cussin', fightin' & rarin' / Stephanie Shaw.
CD 1309
The information Martin Amis. Weather and wheels / Betty Adcock and Kathleen Aguero.
CD 1410
The Language they speak Michael McFee. Anderson Intermezzi / T.J. Anderson.
CD 1129
The literature of women's lives / Phyllis Rose. Independence day / Richard Ford
CD 1299
The lonely days were Sundays Eli Evans. Scribes and scripture / Bart Ehrman.
CD 1150
The South explained / John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed. After thought / James Bailey
CD 1680
The woman that I am Soyini Madison. Women of letters / Hazel Rowley and Toril Moi.
CD 1143
Walcott on poetry Derek Walcott. Cured by fire / Tim McLaurin.
CD 1127
War and remembrance Claudia Koonz. War and democracy / Mark Mazower.
CD 946
Warfield stories / William Warfield and Mark Tucker. Silver rights / Constance Curry
CD 1304
Weather and wheels.
CD 1410
West Virginia wired / Gaston Caperton and Sally Johnstone. Remembering F.D.R. / William Leuchtenburg
CD 1603
Who was Jesus? E.P. Sanders. The House of Percy / Bertram Wyatt-Brown.
CD 1123
With Hiroshima eyes Joseph Gerson. Movie going / David Rodowick.
CD 1128
Writing God's life
CD 1503
Writing space J. David Bolter. The enemies of leisure / John Gery
CD 1679
Writing space: the computer, hypertext, and the history of writing.
CD 1679
Writing the Southwest David King Dunaway. Family and folk / Ian Frazier and Phillip Richards.
CD 1411
Writing women's worlds Lila Abu-Lughod ; Edna Bay. Afro-Caribbean lit / Maureen Warner-Lewis.
CD 1608