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Featured Books: International Stories

The Movement book cover

The movement : the African American struggle for civil rights by Thomas C. Holt

"The civil rights movement was among the most important historical developments of the twentieth century and one of the most remarkable mass movements in American history. In The Movement, Thomas C. Holt provides an informed and nuanced understanding of the origins, character, and objectives of the mid-twentieth-century freedom struggle, re-centering the narrative around the mobilization of ordinary people."

The New Climate Activism book cover

The new climate activism : NGO authority and participation in climate change governance by Jen Iris Allan

“At the 2019 UN climate change conference, activists and delegates for groups representing Indigenous, youth, women, and labour rights were among those marching through the halls chanting “Climate Justice, People Power.” In The New Climate Activism, Jen Iris Allan looks at why and how these social activists came to participate in climate change governance while others, such as those working on human rights and health, remain on the outside of climate activism. Through case studies of women’s rights, labour, alter-globalization, health, and human rights activism, Allan shows that some activists sought and successfully gained recognition as part of climate change governance, while others remained marginalized.”

Racism in American Lifebbook cover

Racism in American public life : a call to action by Johnnetta Betsch Cole

“Racism in American Public Life: A Call to Action is part of The Malcolm Lester Phi Beta Kappa Lectures on Liberal Arts and Public Life. Cole examines the influence of race and racism on education, particularly the liberal arts, and the wider implication for American society specifically looking at three groups: first, further marginalized groups within Black communities, such as poor and/or queer people; secondly, institutions of higher education in leading conversations on race and racism; and thirdly, how racist forces impact higher education making it a site for transformation and action.”

Salt book cover

Salt in eastern North America and the Caribbean : history and archaeology edited by Ashley A. Dumas and Paul N. Eubanks

“Salt, once a highly prized trade commodity essential for human survival, is often overlooked in research because it is invisible in the archaeological record. Salt in Eastern North America and the Caribbean: History and Archaeology brings salt back into archaeology, showing that it was valued as a dietary additive, had curative powers, and was a substance of political power and religious significance for Native Americans.”

Channeling Moroccaness

Channeling Moroccanness : language and the media of sociality by Becky L. Schulthies

“This book explores how Moroccans engage communicative failure as they seek to shape social and political relations in urban Fez.”

Pagan Celtic Britain book cover

Pagan Celtic Britain : studies in iconography and tradition by Anne Ross

“Dr. Anne Ross, who speaks Gaelic and Welsh, writes from wide experience of living in Celtic-speaking communities where she has traced vernacular tradition. She employs archaeological and anthropological evidence, as well as folklore, to provide broad insights into the early Celtic world.”

End of Adolescence book cover

The end of adolescence : the lost art of delaying adulthood by Nancy E. Hill and Alexis Redding

"Nancy Hill and Alexis Redding contest the accusation that today's young people are coddled and immature. Unearthing studies of college students five decades ago, the authors show that the behaviors now decried as markers of stalled development have long been typical of adolescents."

I Have Struck Mrs. Cochran with a stake book cover

I have struck Mrs. Cochran with a stake : sleepwalking, insanity, and the trial of Abraham Prescott by Leslie Lambert Rounds

“After creeping out of bed on a frigid January night in 1832, teenage farmhand Abraham Prescott took up an ax and thrashed his sleeping employers to the brink of death. He later explained that he'd attacked Sally and Chauncey Cochran in his sleep...Using contemporaneous accounts as well as information from other insanity and sleepwalking defenses, author Leslie Lambert Rounds reconstructs the crime and raises important questions about privilege, societal discrimination against the mentally ill and the disadvantaged, and the unfortunate secondary role of women in history.”

Just Money book cover

Just money : mission-driven banks and the future of finance by Katrin Kaufer and Lillian Steponaitis

“An accessible exploration of the role of mission-driven banks in the future of finance.”

Nigeria and the Nation-State

Nigeria and the nation-state : rethinking diplomacy with the postcolonial world by John Campbell

"Leading expert John Campbell traces the mistakes and misunderstandings of British colonial rule that forced a territory with hundreds of distinct languages, ethnic groups, and religions, no history of political unity, and no history even of similar political organization, into a single unit. After Nigerian independence in 1960, a civil war that cost the lives of one million Nigerians ended in a generation of military rule that ended only in 1999."

Organs for Sale book cover

Organs for sale : bioethics, neoliberalism, and public moral deliberation by Ryan Gillespie

“Organs for Sale is a study of the bioethical question of how to increase human organ supply. But it is also an inquiry into public moral deliberation and the relationship between economic worth and the value systems of a society. Looking closely at human organ procurement debates, the author offers a critique of neoliberalism in bioethics and asks what kind of society we truly want.”

Latinx Photography in the United States book cover

Latinx photography in the United States : a visual history by Elizabeth Ferrer

“Whether at UFW picket lines in California's Central Valley or capturing summertime street life in East Harlem Latinx photographers have documented fights for dignity and justice as well as the daily lives of ordinary people. Their powerful, innovative photographic art touches on family, identity, protest, borders, and other themes, including the experiences of immigration and marginalization common to many of their communities. Yet the work of these artists has largely been excluded from the documented history of photography in the United States.”

Writing Their Bodies book cover

Writing their bodies : restoring rhetorical relations at the Carlisle Indian School by Sarah Klotz

“1879-1918, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, the first off-reservation Indigenous American boarding school, housed 10,000 students and was a prototype for boarding schools across the continent. Analyzes pedagogical philosophies and curricular materials through the perspective of written and visual student texts during the first three-year term."