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Films with: Zicree, Marc Scott

Twilight zone.
Execution: A western outlaw is spared from his execution by a scientist and his time machine, only to face fate in the future; The hunt: A hunter and his dog are killed, leading them to what may be the gate to Heaven; The self-improvement of Salvadore Ross: A man with the ability to trade traits with others tries to turn himself into the person he believes will appeal to the woman he loves; Number twelve looks just like you: A young woman rejects an operation that will make her physically flawless like the rest of the people in the drab society in which she lives.
DVD 1095
Twilight zone.
People are alike all over: A passenger crash lands on Mars and finds, to his initial relief, that Martians appear human; Valley of the shadow: A journalist finds himself trapped in a small town where people can do amazing things; Black leather jackets: Three tough-looking men on motorcycles ride into a peaceful suburb bringing with them a secret that endangers life on Earth.
DVD 1096
Twilight zone.
Long live Walter Jameson: A two hundred year old immortal workss as a history professor; Dead man's shoes: A vagrant steps into the shoes of a murdered gangster and is taken over by the dead man's ghost; You drive: A man flees the scene after hitting a boy on a bicycle but his car is determined to make him face justice; The long morrow: An astronaut falls in love shortly before being launched on a 40 year mission during which he will be in suspended animation.
DVD 1097
Twilight zone.
A world of difference: A businessman begans to suspect he may merely be an actor playing a businessman in an office that is really a soundstage; Back there: A man travels back in time to the date of President Lincoln's assassination; One more pallbearer: With war imminent, an eccentric millionaire offers the use of his bomb shelter to three people who wronged him, at the cost of an apology; Ring-a-ding girl: A Hollywood film star receives a ring that tells her she is needed in her hometown where she is about to play the biggest role of her life.
DVD 1098
Twilight zone.
Elegy: Three astronauts land on an asteroid where people are frozen in the midst of their activities. The caretaker, the only one who can move, explains it is a cemetery where the dead's greatest wish can come true; The thirty-fathom grave: A mysterious clanging is heard from a submarine sunk 20 years earlier; A short drink from a certain fountain: An aging man desperate to keep up with his younger wife tries an experimental youth serum.
DVD 1100
Twilight zone.
I shot an arrow into the air: The first manned space mission crashes on an apparent asteroid. One astronaut discovers their true location after killing the others to ensure his own survival; Death ship: Three astronauts discover wrecked duplicate of their spacecraft and their own dead bodies; Still valley: A Confederate soldier gets the chance to win the Civil War for the South but must rely on a dubious ally.
DVD 1102
Twilight zone.
Most unusual camera: Two thieves discover that a stolen camera takes pictures of the future; The jungle: Returned from a business trip to Africa, a man scoffs at the voodoo lion curse that was placed on him. Soon he senses that something is hunting him through the streets of New York City; The 7th is made up of phantoms: Three National Guardsmen conducting war exercises near Little Big Horn in 1964 have an encounter with the Battle of Little Big Horn, fought in 1876; Uncle Simon: A woman must care for a robot in order to receive an inheritance from her detested uncle.
DVD 1108
Twilight zone.
Third from the sun: With a nuclear war about to begin, two friends steal an experimental spacecraft to take their families to an unknown planet; The shelter: When a UFO invasion appears imminent, suburban neighbors fight over one family's bomb shelter; To serve man: Nine foot tall aliens arrive on Earth. They end war, famine, and disease, all to serve man. The aliens' secret agenda is revealed by translating a mysterious text titled "To Serve man"; The fugitive: A fugitive from outer space risks his freedom to help a crippled little girl.
DVD 1111