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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Suzuki, David T.

Arctic mission
"The Arctic mission: a scientific and filmmaking expedition through the fragile but treacherous Arctic ice. This breathtakingly beautiful environment has become the first victim of global warming"--Container.
DVD 3957
Cuba the accidental revolution /
Part 1. Sustainable agriculture -- Part 2. Health care system. This documentary series examine Cuba's success in providing for itself in the face of a massive economic crisis, and how its latest revolutions - an agricultural revolution and a revolution in science and medicine - are having repercussions around the world.
DVD 5268
Hospital at the end of the earth
The Aral Sea used to be one of the world's largest and most productive inland bodies of water until a Soviet plan to turn Central Asia into the greatest cotton producer on Earth destroyed it. Now mostly a sterile lake amidst a desert poisoned by decades of fertilizer and pesticide runoff, the Aral Sea, itself ruined, is ruining the lives of people who still live near it. This program details the irreversible damage to the ecosystem and the resulting health problems being faced by the remaining inhabitants of the region. "The Aral Sea and the tragic plight of its people is not a freak, isolated event, but a crisis that is just slightly ahead of its time," says David Suzuki. -- Container.
DVD 2790
I am
Don't know who Tom Shadyac is? As a writer and a director, Shadyac first unleashed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Nutty Professor remake on the world, and then a string of film fiascoes, but that's all behind him now. A bike accident left him with a host of debilitating maladies and brought him to the verge of suicide, so he took stock of his life and set out on a quest to answer some of life's greatest questions. What's wrong with the world? How do we go about fixing it? Is the fundamental nature of man essentially benevolent or cruel? So he traveled around, enlisting the aid of what he calls "significant minds" --journalists, scientists, spiritual leaders, scholars--to understand life's essential questions. "I Am" is his documentary about this quest.
DVD 9771
Paul Ehrlich and the population bomb
Based on Erlich's best-selling book, The Population Bomb, the program features compelling archival footage from around the world, as well as interviews with Ehrlich, his colleagues, and his critics.
DVD 6886
Sacred balance
"What is the role of human beings in the sacred balance of life? Since human beings first appeared on Earth, they have lived in a sacred relationship with the place they inhabit, the land they depend on ... [O]ur family is far larger than we realize. We're at home in the human community and in the biosphere, close relatives of every living thing. We are all creatures of the living Earth. The important thing ... is that if we can see and feel the web we're a part of, we can change the way we act towards it."--Container.
DVD 12250
Surviving progress
Technological advancement, economic development, population increase - are they signs of a thriving society, or too much of a good thing? Executive produced by Martin Scorsese, 'Surviving Progress' is a provocative documentary that explores the concept of progress in the modern world, guiding through the major 'progress traps' facing civilization in the arenas of technology, economics, consumption, and the environment.
DVD 9671
Tipping point the age of the oil sands /
"A public relations battle rages over the impact of oil sands production on the environment and the people living downstream. This is thanks in part to a steady campaign by the residents of Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta. They believe oil sands toxins are destroying their territory and their culture, and they've attracted some powerful voices to their cause. Chief among them is Avatar director James Cameron. At the same time, new scientific research could trigger a tipping point in the PR battle." - container.
DVD 8409
When is enough, enough?
The story of the Mikisew Cree's challenge to the expansion of the oil sands industry. The Cree are worried about the scale and rate of expansion planned for the Athabasca oil sands, with its effect on the environment and their way of life. Scientists on the Mikisew Cree's technical panel at public hearings point to flaws in the environmental impact assessments.
DVD 3993
You must have been a bilingual baby
This program investigates how babies become bilingual, how school children fare in language immersion classes, and how adults cope with learning foreign languages.
DVD 7677