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Films with: Stanwyck, Barbara

Ball of fire
When a serious-minded professor and his high brow colleagues begin work on a new encyclopedia, he enlists the aid of a beautiful but shady night club queen to explain slang, unaware that she is on the run from the mob.
DVD 83
Barbara Stanwyck collection.
The bride wore boots: A bookish husband tries to win back the affections of his horse-breeding wife. The lady gambles: A novice gambler bets it all and loses, and is thrust into a downward spiral from which only her devoted husband can save her.
DVD 10177
Barbara Stanwyck collection.
Internes can't take money: A desperate woman must turn to Dr. Kildare for help getting her child back from gangsters. The great man's lady: a reflective 100-year old woman looks back on her life and how her sacrifice helped her husband become one of the nation's greatest men.
DVD 10176
Barbara Stanwyck collection.
All I desire: An aging stage actress returns to the small hometown and the family she abandoned ten years earlier, and new scandals erupt and old ones resurface. There's always tomorrow: An unlucky-in-love fashion designer must decide whether or not to succumb to her feelings for a married man.
DVD 10175
Bitter tea of General Yen
"An American missionary falls in love with a Chinese warlord" -
DVD 10182
Cecil B. DeMille's Union Pacific
"Overseer Jeff Butler is hired by the Union Pacific to root out the saboteurs who have been launching savage attacks on the construction of the first transcontinental railroad."--Container.
DVD 9513
Columbia Pictures pre-code collection
Ten cents a dance: Barbara, a dance hall girl, marries Eddie, who turns out to be a compulsive gambler. Barbara turns to a former suitor and dance hall owner, Bradley Carlton, for help. Arizona: Bob Denton, a West Point football star, discovers that his commanding officer is married to his former girlfriend, a woman bent on revenge after he jilted her. Three wise girls: An innocent small-town girl trades her soda fountain job for a modeling job in New York. She quickly learns the ropes and perils of big city life, along with her wisecracking roommate and a fellow model. Shopworn: Kitty is a waitress who falls in love with Dave, a wealthy college student. Dave's high-society mother has a trumped-up morals charge made up against her. After leaving the reformatory, Kitty becomes a showgirl, and she meets Dave again. Virtue: An honest, enterprising taxi driver mistakes a prostitute for an unemployed stenographer. After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, the woman's past comes back to haunt her when a duplicitous acquaintance implicates her in a sordid affair.
DVD 9013
Double indemnity
Walter Neff is a smooth talking insurance salesman who meets the very attractive Phyllis Dietrichson when he calls to renew her husband's automobile policy. The couple are immediately drawn to each other and have an affair. They scheme together to murder Phyllis' husband for life insurance money with a double indemnity clause. Unfortunately, all does not go as planned. Barton Keyes is the wily insurance investigator who must sort things out.
DVD 4498
"This charming, romantic drama depicts the intense relationship between librarian Barbara Stanwyck and a wealthy married man, played by Adolphe Menjou. " -
DVD 10208
Forbidden Hollywood collection.
Three classic films that offer a rare glimpse at a lost era of "pre-code" provocative filmmaking. In the early 1930's, before Hollywood began enforcing a self-imposed Production Code, many films allowed for extraordinary frankness including nudity, adultery and prostitution. In this restored and remastered three-movie collection, three daring young actresses are featured in racy, riveting star vehicles. Jean Harlow is a red-headed secretary who hooks the company's married boss, while carrying on with chauffeur Charles Boyer. A young soldier is forced to give up Mae Clarke when his well-to-do family learns she's a prostitute, in Waterloo Bridge. Finally baby-faced Barbara Stanwyck sleeps her way up the corporate ladder in a New York bank, not caring who gets hurt.
DVD 6361
Forbidden Hollywood collection.
Five classic films that offer a rare glimpse at a lost era of "pre-code" provocative filmmaking. Disc 1: First, Bill and Jack are railroad men. When Bill comes to stay with Jack and his wife, Bill and Lily fall in love. Jack confronts Bill about his suspicions and the two fight, leaving Jack seriously injured. Last, Joan Gordon is a singer tiring of her relationship with Eddie. She flees to North Dakota to become a mail-order bride. Happiness is threatened by her stubborn husband, a lecherous neighbor and the appearance of Eddie. Disc 2: First, Jenny was orphaned by the 1906 earthquake and fire and has gone on to become the madame of a prosperous bawdy house. After putting her son up for adoption, he becomes a district attorney dedicated to closing down such houses. She kills an underling who wants her son dead and is now facing execution. Last, A mistaken arrest, a prison term, and lack of employment leads to a young woman's involvement with gangsters. In a brothel she meets a wealthy lawyer who falls in love with her. He helps her turn her life around, but her past catches up with her. Now she is on trial for murder. Disc 3: First, A man stands up during a WWI battle and becomes a hero, but he doesn't get the credit. He becomes injuried and soon gets hooked on morphine, causing him to fall apart when he returns home. He eventually marries, but soon the Depression hits. Last, Tom and Ed are high school students whose parents, thanks to the Depression, have lost their jobs. Wanting to help make money, they set off on the rails looking for work. They finally end up in New York and Ed thinks he might have foud a job. Disc 4: Wild Bill: Explores the life and directorial times of William A. Wellman. The men who made the movies: Wellman shares many stories and speaks bluntly of the producers with who he has worked and describes his remarkable star-making and star-spotting abilities. He was responsible for helping actors win Oscars and discovered such notable actors as James Cagney and Gary Cooper.
DVD 8076
Forbidden Hollywood collection.
Five classic films that offer a rare glimpse at a lost era of "pre-code" provocative filmmaking.
DVD 6360
In 1870s New Mexico Territory, megalomaniacal widowed ranch owner T.C. Jeffords butts heads with his daughter, Vance, a firebrand with serious daddy issues, over her dowry, choice of husband, and finally, ownership of the land itself.
DVD 12682
Ladies of leisure
"A wealthy artist faces family pressure when he falls for a model with a past" -
DVD 10209
Lady Eve
"A conniving father and daughter meet up with the heir to a brewery fortune-- a wealthy but naïve snake enthusiast-- and attempt to bamboozle him at a cruise ship card table. Their plan is quickly abandoned when the daughter falls in love with their prey. But when the heir gets wise to her gold-digging ways, she must plot to re-conquer his heart."--Container.
DVD 1600
Meet John Doe
"John Doe," a genial and aimless tramp, is hoaxed into protesting against existing social evils as a newspaper circulation stunt. He pleas to the "little man" for brotherly love and democratic good will. Because of his simple sincerity, he becomes a national hero; John Doe clubs are formed and a spontaneous movement begins. John Doe is shocked when he discovers that it's all a plot by the owner of the paper, who plans to use the voting strength of the clubs to bludgeon his way to power. John Doe's resulting fight for democracy has a timeless, inspiring message for all Americans.
DVD 1025
Miracle woman
"Stanwyck plays Sister Fallon, a young woman with a gift for religious oratory who gains fame through the efforts of an unsavory promoter who stages phony 'faith healings' during her services. 'Religion is great if you can sell it, no good if you give it away, ' he tells her. Sister Fallon eventually finds redemption through the love of a man (David Manners) who believes she can cure his blindness. Before that happens, however, the two walk through a cage of lions as a test of faith"
DVD 10211
No man of her own
Helen Ferguson, pregnant, penniless and dumped by her boyfriend Steve Morley, takes the identity of the pregnant Patrice Harkness, when she and her husband are killed in a train crash. The rich Harkness in-laws, and their other son Bill, had never seen Patrice, so they accept her and her newborn son into their family. However, Steve eventually finds her and starts to blackmail her.
DVD 8924
Preston Sturges : the filmmaker collection.
This collection pays tribute to seven of Preston Sturges finest and funniest films.
DVD 5072
Stella Dallas
A mother sacrifices everything for her daughter's happiness and eventually gives up the girl for her own good.
DVD 348
Strange love of Martha Ivers
A woman kills her wealthy aunt in a row over the woman's boyfriend; another man protects the woman from prosecution in return for her agreement to marry him; eighteen years later the boyfriend returns and the woman openly renews her romance with him.
DVD 541
Thorn birds
The epic story of a priest torn between God and human passion and a beautiful girl desiring only what she cannot have, spanning five decades of ambition, fear, longing and revenge, and set against the vast horizons of Australia's Outback.
DVD 6144