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Films with: Price, Vincent

[The bat] A mystery writer takes up residence in a haunted mansion and becomes involved with a bank scandal and a sinister figure in a bat costume. [House on haunted hill] The owner of a haunted house offers five strangers $10,000 to spend the night there. They soon regret accepting his offer.
DVD 4410
Edward Scissorhands
Once upon a time in a castle high on a hill lived an inventor whose greatest creation was named Edward. Although Edward had an irresistible charm, he wasn't quite perfect. The inventor's sudden death left him unfinished, with sharp shears of metal for hands. Edward lived alone in the darkness until one day a kind Avon Lady took him home to live with her family. And so began Edward's fantastic adventures in a pastel paradise known as Suburbia.
DVD 6061
Experimental scientist Andre Delambre attempts to transfer matter through space, using himself as the test subject. But things go horrifically wrong when a common housefly buzzes into the machine, resulting in two grotesque man-fly hybrids. Now, with the head of a fly and a wing in place of one of his arms, Andre desperately hopes that he, his wife Helene and his brother Francois can capture the other mutant - the human-headed, one-armed fly - in hopes of reversing the experiment.
DVD 6037
His kind of woman
Hard-luck gambler Dan Milner is in sudden luck. He'll get $50,000 to hang out at a posh Mexican resort. $5,000 now and the big payoff when the reason he's been sent there is revealed. Of course, the gangsters making the offer don't expect him to live long enough to collect.
DVD 5824
House of wax
[House of wax] Classic horror movie about an insane sculptor that builds a wax museum out of things that used to be alive. [Mystery of the wax museum] A deranged wax sculptor who almost loses his life in a fire set by his partner. Instead of dying in the blaze, he returns for revenge, hiding his horribly disfigured face behind a wax mask.
DVD 6368
Invisible man the legacy collection /
A scientist discovers how to make himself invisible but can't reverse the process. He realizes with terror that he has become a prisoner of his unseen self, and this unbearable state drives him to madness and murder.
DVD 4227
A detective is hired to find out who killed their daughter. Soon, he falls in love with her picture.
DVD 5327
Leave her to heaven
An extremely possessive woman will do whatever it takes to keep her husband all to herself, even murder.
DVD 4897
Masque of the red death The premature burial.
Side A. The masque of the red death. The evil Prince Prospero is a devil worshipper and a tyrannical ruler. Anyone who stands against him is sentenced to death. Two men dare to denounce the Prince and are imprisoned. A beautiful woman pleads for their release, but is captured by the Prince for his own pleasures. The two prisoners are brought to the Prince at his "Masque Ball" for public torture. But there is one uninvited guest standing in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike. Side B. The premature burial. In a dark, deserted graveyard a mad doctor and two young medical students watch as workmen labor to exhume the body of someone thought to be buried alive. The discovery triggers an unexplainable reaction in Guy Carrell, one of the young students whose ancestors met their untimely deaths in strange and unusual ways and Guy is worried that he may be next.
DVD 1949
Private lives of Elizabeth and Essex
This period drama sets the tumultuous on-again, off-again affair between Queen Elizabeth I and the second Earl of Essex against Essex's powerful ambition to assume the throne of England.
DVD 4491
Return of the fly
Despite warnings from his uncle Francois, young scientist Philippe Delambre is determined to reattempt his late father's teleportation experiments with the help of his assisstant Ronald. But Ronald schemes against Philippe and turns him into the same horrifying man-fly creature that his father had become. Once again, it is up to Francois to try and make things right again.
DVD 6104
Thief and the cobbler
In the ancient city of Baghdad, a shy shoemaker named Tack falls in love with the adventure-loving Princess Yum-Yum. When an evil wizard threatens their beloved city, it's up to Tack and the Princess to defeat him.
DVD 8704
A doctor discovers that fear is a parasitic creature that grows on the spinal cords of terrified people. He captures it (the Tingler), but it escapes and runs amok in a crowded movie theater. The film is introduced by William Castle.
DVD 5628
Tomb of Ligeia
The tomb of Ligeia is the story of a dead wife who comes back as a ferocious cat on a deadly game of cat and mouse with her husband's new wife. An evening of Edgar Allan Poe features Vincent Price narrating four of Edgar Allan Poe's most horrifying classics including "The tell tale heart," "The sphinx," "The cask of Amontillado' and "The pit and the pendulum."
DVD 6790
Whales of August
Two elderly sisters who have spent sixty summers on a Maine island together must finally decide whether to give up their family home, independence and life together.
DVD 9877
While the city sleeps
"Ask mother" says the message scrawled in lipstick at a muder scene by an unknown serial killer who preys on women. It's a sensational story - if it bleeds, it leads - and a news conglomerate offers a big promotion to the high-level company exec who solves the case. So begins the wheeling, dealing and backstabbing of the competing media hotshots as they vie to unmask the so-called Lipstick Killer.
DVD 12532