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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Jamison, Bud

Chaplin's Essanay comedies.
A collection of Chaplin's films at Essanay Studios. Shanghaied: Hired to shanghai a crew, Chaplin is himself shanghaied and becomes assistant cook aboard a rolling boat. A Night in the show: Chaplin appears in a dual role as a playboy seated in the orchestra and as an obnoxious workman on a night out seated in the balcony. The latter closes the theater down by turning a fire hose on the fire-eating act. Police: The Tramp released from prison meets a former cell-mate and sets out to rob the home of a young woman. Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen: Parody of the popular Cecil B. DeMille film Carmen. Triple trouble: Charlie works in the home of an eccentric inventor from whom some German spies are attempting to obtain a formula.
DVD 1081
Chaplin's Essanay comedies.
A collection of Chaplin's films at Essanay Studios. The tramp: Charlie saves a farmer's daughter from some thieving toughs, but soon learns that her heart belongs to another. By the sea: Charlie's stroll by the sea finds him making enemies with a drunk, a husband and the police. Work: Charlie plays a paper hanger's assistant who is hired to paper a home where peace is replaced with anarchy, culminating with a massive explosion. A Woman: Charlie disguises himself as a woman in order to be near Edna after her father has forbidden her to see him. The Bank: Charlie, the janitor loves Edna, the pretty bank secretary, but her sweetheart is another Charles, the cashier. His regeneration: Chaplin makes a guest appearance in this "Broncho Billy" Anderson drama, as the tramp in a dance hall sequence.
DVD 1082
Chaplin's Essanay comedies.
A collection of Chaplin's films at Essanay Studios. His new job: Charlie applies for a job as an actor at a film studio. A night out: Charlie and Turpin are drunks about town, starting at a cafe and ending in a risque hotel room mix-up with a pretty girl. The Champion: Pint-sized Charlie defeats the bone-crushing champion prizefighter with the able assistance of his bulldog. In the park: Charlie interferes in the lives of two star-crossed lovers. A Jitney elopement: Charlie rescues his sweetheart from an arranged marriage by posing as Count Chloride de Lime. The film ends with a car chase featuring the Ford automobile.
DVD 1083
Chaplin, the collection comedy classics from the world's favorite tramp.
Films by the master filmmaker and comic genius, Charlie Chaplin. Kid auto races in Venice: Camera happy Charlie creates havoc at a children's race. Rival mashers: Charlie bests his two competitors for the affections of two young women. A Night out: Edna Purviance's first screen role in which a drunken Charlie manages to offend her husband.
DVD 1116
Keaton plus
In this exclusive collection of cinematic treasures, Kino on video, pays homage to the lesser-known works of the screen's most inventive comedian. Film historian John Bengtson has prepared an interactive tour of locations where Keaton's films were shot. An extensive photo gallery reveals family snapshots, images from Keaton's vaudeville years, fascinating behind-the-scenes stills and more. Also features Ten girls ago, a musical never completed or released providing the opportunity for Buster Keaton, Bert Lahr and Eddie Foy, Jr. to make a comeback with the help of pop star Dion. The short rough cut was assembled to court potential investors.
DVD 9114
Lost films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy the complete collection.
Big business: Classic tale of door-to-door Christmas tree salesmen. Do detectives think? Hilarious happenings with dumb dicks on the loose. Call of the cuckoo: Hoping to escape "cuckoo" neighbors, Papa Gimpelwart buys a new house, but the old neighbors show up at the housewarming. Finishing touch: Laurel and Hardy build a house which collapses under the weight of a bird. On the front page: Early comedy shows developing character of "Stan." Hustling for health: Extremely rare Hal Roach comedy shows Stan's earliest work.
DVD 1187