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Films & Other Videos

Films with: Coyote, Peter

Bitter moon
"A mild-mannered man attempts to rekindle the sexual fire in his marriage while on a vacation cruise. The only problem is he falls in love with another woman."--Container.
DVD 9666
Call of life
The film investigates the growing threat posed by the rapid and massive loss of biodiversity on the planet. Examines the primary drivers of species loss: habitat destruction, global warming, pollution, and invasive species, all the result of human population and our consumption patterns. Features leading scientists, social scientists, environmentalists and others.
DVD 8209
Carlos Castaneda enigma of a sorcerer /
"A best selling author for 30 years, Carlos Castaneda inspired millions to break free from social dogma, fueling controversy over his work's authenticity and assertions of perceving non-ordinary reality. Genius, guru, cult leader or fraud? No one really knows. Over three years in the making, this shocking expose' explores Castaneda's mythic impact and controversial teachings." -- container.
DVD 6202
Have you ever faked a restroom trip to check your email? Slept with your laptop? Or become so overwhelmed that you just unplugged from it all? In this funny, eye-opening, and inspiring film, Director Tiffany Shlain takes audiences on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride to discover what it means to be connected in the 21st century. From founding The Webby Awards to being a passionate advocate for The National Day of Unplugging, Her love/hate relationship with technology serves as the springboard for a thrilling exploration of modern life, and our interconnected future. Equal parts documentary and memoir, the film unfolds during a year in which technology and science literally become a matter of life and death for the director. As Shlain's father, Leonard Shlain, battles brain cancer and she confronts a high-risk pregnancy, her very understanding of connection is challenged. Using a brilliant mix of animation, archival footage, and home movies, Shlain reveals the surprising ties that link us not only to the people we love but also to the world at large. A personal film with universal relevance, Connected explores how, after centuries of declaring our independence, it may be time for us to declare our interdependence instead.
DVD 10989
Country music
Ken Burns chronicles the history of a uniquely American art form, rising from the experiences of remarkable people in distinctive regions of the nation. From its roots in ballads, hymns, and the blues to its mainstream popularity, viewers will follow the evolution of country music over the course of the twentieth century as it eventually emerged to become America's music. Features never-before-seen footage and photographs, plus interviews with more than 80 country music artists.
DVD 13259
Cross Creek
After ten years as a frustrated newspaper reporter and unsuccessful author of fiction, Marjorie Rawlings turns her back on financial security and takes up residence in the Florida Everglades. In this remote and untamed portion of central Florida, Rawlings is inspired to create a gallery of unforgettable characters and to produce critically-acclaimed best sellers.
DVD 2078
Dreaming of Tibet
Documents issues of resilience and adjustment of Tibetan exiles living in foreign countries, struggling to ensure the survival of their culture.
DVD 4754
Dust bowl
Ken Burns documents the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history, when a frenzied wheat boom on the southern Plains, followed by a decade-long drought during the 1930s, nearly swept away the breadbasket of the nation. Vivid interviews, dramatic photographs, and seldom-seen movie footage bring to life incredible stories of human suffering and perseverance. Includes bonus features.
DVD 9265
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial ultimate gift set /
A 10-year old boy befriends a creature from another planet that has been stranded on earth.
DVD 1541
Enron the smartest guys in the room /
The inside story of one of history's greatest business scandals, in which top executives of America's seventh largest company walked away with over one billion dollars, while investors and employees lost everything.
DVD 3877
Ghost army
The Ghost Army was officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops. From June 1944 to March 1945 it staged 20 battlefield deceptions, beginning in Normandy and ending at the Rhine River. These deceptions included an array of inflatables (tanks, trucks, jeeps, and airplanes), sound trucks, phony radio transmissions and even playacting to fool the enemy.
DVD 13096
Grand rôle The great role /
French actor Maurice thinks he has landed an important film role after years of obscurity and rushes home to tell his beloved wife Perla the news. But when he discovers the role actually went to a famous American instead, he takes on the role of his life to make sure Perla, who is ill with cancer, doesn't find out.
DVD 3782
Green fire : Aldo Leopold and a land ethic for our time /
"Green Fire...examines Leopold's thinking, renewing his idea of a land ethic for a population facing 21st century ecological challenges. Leopold's biographer, conservation biologist Dr. Curt Meine, serves as the film's on-screen guide. Green Fire describes the formation of Leopold's idea, exploring how it changed one man and later permeated through all arenas of conservation. The film draws on Leopold's life and experiences to provide context and validity, then explores the deep impact of his thinking on conservation projects around the world today. Through these examples, the film challenges viewers to contemplate their own relationship with the land community" -
DVD 8084
Guns, germs, and steel
An epic detective story that offers a gripping expose on why the world is so unequal. Professor Jared Diamond traveled the globe for over 30 years trying to answer this question. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book. Why did Eurasians conquer, displace, or decimate Native Americans, Australians, and Africans, instead of the reverse? Diamond dismantles racially based theories of human history by revealing the environmental factors actually responsible for history's broadest patterns.
DVD 3815
History of sex
Explores the history of sex and sexual practices around the world from ancient civilizations through the 20th century. Takes a revealing, and lighthearted look at the role of sex in society.
DVD 1444
Multi-billion dollar industries saturate our lives with images of unattainable beauty, exporting body hatred from New York to Beirut to Tokyo. Their target? Women, and increasingly men and children. The Illusionists turns the mirror on media, exposing the absurd, sometimes humorous, and shocking images that seek to enslave us.
DVD 11451
In the light of reverence
Across the USA, Native Americans are struggling to protect their sacred places. Religious freedom, so valued in America, is not guaranteed to those who practice land-based religions. This film discusses the struggles of three indigenous communities to protect their sacred sites from rock climbers, tourists, strip-mining, development and New Age religious practitioners.
DVD 7157
A dizzy dame hairdresser, Kika, gets involved with a host of unusual characters: a homicidal expatriate Yank writer, Nicholas, and his bewildered stepson, Ramon, an uncommunicative underwear photographer; a vampish, oddball femme tv reporter, Andrea, who's constantly on the lookout for "reality" scoops and who wears a rubber suit with a revolving video camera mounted on her head; a lesbian maid, Juana, and her mentally-deficient convicted rapist brother, Pablo, who escaped while on parole from prison to attend a religious festival in his home town.
DVD 735
Man inside
Based on the true story of Gunter Wallraff who infiltrated the most powerful newspaper in Western Europe and exposed it as a ruthless propaganda machine.
DVD 11172
Moment of death
"Death: it fascinates, it frightens, and those who face it and survive often look at life in a whole different way. National Geographic's Moment of Death looks at what happens to us when we die, why dead isn't always dead, and how mind and the body sometimes challenge science when it comes to the tipping point between life and death."-- Container. Topics include: different ways of dying; waiting mortuaries; tests for signs of life; technology and postponement of death; near-death experiences; etc.
DVD 73
National parks America's best idea /
Traces the birth of the national park idea in the mid-1800s and follows its evolution for nearly 150 years. Using archival photographs, first-person accounts of historical characters, personal memories and analysis from more than 40 interviews, and what Burns believes is the most stunning cinematography in Florentine Films' history, the series chronicles the steady addition of new parks through the stories of the people who helped create them and save them from destruction.
DVD 7013
Natural disasters
In six classic programs, National Geographic reveals the sheer power and strength of nature's greatest forces. Natural disasters examined include tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and avalanches.
DVD 11387
New metropolis
"A two-part documentary series about America's first suburbs. America's 'first' suburbs, those suburban communities built next to America's urban centers, were once the birthplace of the American Dream. ... Sixty years later, many of these original suburbs are facing a crisis: a dwindling tax base, population and business loss, decaying infrastructure, increased racial tensions and white flight. ... [These two] half-hour documentaries use compelling, personal stories to highlight these important issues"--Container.
DVD 6925
Oil on ice
A documentary connecting the fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to decisions America makes about energy policy, transportation choices, and other seemingly unrelated matters. Caught in the balance are the culture and livelihood of the Gwich'in people and the migratory wildlife in this fragile ecosystem. Discusses the conflict between the oil industry and environmentalists over the future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
DVD 3326
One man, one cow, one planet
Exposes globalization and its mantra of infinite growth in a finite world for what it really is: an environmental and human disaster. But across India, farmers are fighting back. By reviving an arcane form of agriculture, they are saving their poisoned lands and exposing the biocolonialism of multinational corporations.
DVD 7991
Pacific century
"The Pacific Century is the story of how, from the 19th century onward, modern nations have emerged from the rich and varied cultures and societies of Pacific Asia. ... this introductory area studies course provides students with an understanding of the historical and geographic context of the development of Northeast Asia (China, Japan, Korea, and the Soviet Far East) and Southeast Asia (emphasizing Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam)."--Preview.
DVD 11590
Paolo Soleri beyond form /
"Genre and ground-breaking architect Paolo Soleri remains relatively unknown outside of architectural circles, but his legacy as an artist, builder and urban theorist is staggering. Narrated by actor-activist Peter Coyote, Aimee Madsen's documentary takes a close look at Soleri's origins and lifelong labor of love--the futuristic city of Arcosanti which Soleri sets in the unforgiving desert outside Phoenix, Arizona. Inspiring a near cult-like following rivaled only by the passionate devotees of the architectural giant Frank Lloyd Wright, Soleri's city continues to grow piece-by-piece long after the death of its creator. Soleri is the most interesting architect you've never heard of. (Herb Stratford)"--Container
DVD 11245
This videodisc explores the extraordinary story of what happens when a freedom-loving nation outlaws the sale of intoxicating liquor, and the disastrous unintended consequences that follow. The utterly relevant cautionary tale raises profound questions about the proper role of government and the limits of legislating morality. When the country goes dry in 1920, after a century of debate, millions of law-abiding Americans become lawbreakers overnight.
DVD 8837
Rome power & glory /
Presents the complete history of Rome, from its primitive beginnings to the height of its glory and its eventual decline. Combines location footage of ancient monuments, detailed re-enactments, period art and writing, and insights from scholars and public figures.
DVD 1927
Roosevelts an intimate history /
Profiles Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt, three members of the most prominent and influential family in American politics. It is the first time in a major documentary television series that their individual stories have been interwoven into a single narrative. This seven-part, 14 hour film follows the Roosevelts for more than a century, from Theodore's birth in 1858 to Eleanor's death in 1962. Over the course of these years, Theodore would become the 26th President of the United States and his beloved niece, Eleanor, would marry his fifth cousin, Franklin, who became the 32nd President of the United States. Together, these three individuals not only redefined the relationship Americans had with their government and with each other, but also redefined the role of the United States within the wider world. The series encompasses the history the Roosevelts helped to shape: the creation of the National Parks, the digging of the Panama Canal, the passage of innovative New Deal programs, the defeat of Hitler, and the postwar struggles for civil rights at home and human rights abroad. It is also an intimate human story about love, betrayal, family loyalty, personal courage, and the conquest of fear.
DVD 10642
Sex, lies & gender
Profiles three gender variant individuals: a former soldier who is intersex ; a seven-year-old child born with male sex organs who has identified as a girl almost since birth ; and a hijra, or transgender person in India. Examines the science of gender, how doctors and parents deal with gender decisions, and traditional and controversial therapies.
DVD 7478
Simple question the story of STRAW /
This inspiring film tells the story of the Bay Institute's STRAW Project (Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed). In 1992, Laurette Rogers' 4th-grade class asked her what they could do to save endangered species? It was a simple question that would change their lives. Partnering with ranchers, scientists, government agencies, and schools, this remarkable effort led to the restoration of 20 miles of habitat for the endangered California freshwater shrimp in the Stemple Creek watershed of Sonoma and Marin counties. In the process it galvanized the local community and led to significant educational innovations by connecting classrooms with their local watershed. The STRAW Project serves as testimony to the importance of empowering children, which in turn transforms us all.
DVD 8410
Solitary confinement
Americans are subject to what may be the most extreme prison environment ever designed. Although the effects of isolation are largely unknown, in prisons across the country, convicts are placed in solitary confinement--cut off from nearly all human contact. Some say solitary is the only way to handle the worst prisoners, but others claim it amounts to psychological torture more cruel than any physical abuse. From prisoners on the edge, to scientists making finds that are changing our most fundamental notions of ourselves.
DVD 7477
Together in time a story of New England contra dance & music /
The story of contra, a uniquely American dance music that New Englanders formed over generations by combining English country dancing with Celtic fiddle tunes and strutting French-Canadian rhythms. Told through the lives of the people themselves: 19th century African-American fiddler John Putnam, 20th century dance caller Ralph Page; mentor Bob McQuillen; modern pied-pipers of contra, Dudley Laufman and Rodney Miller; 101-year old dancer Florence Giffin and 13 year-old musician Conor Sleith, industrial tycoon Henry Ford who tried to popularize the dance in the 1920s; and legions of long hair-hippies who found haven from industrialized society in the pastorial clip-clip of contra.
DVD 4255
Tribe an unorthodox, unauthorized, factual history of the Jewish people /
"What can the most successful doll on the planet show us about Jewish identity? This fast-paced, short film rolls together archival footage, graphics, animation, Barbie dioramas, and slam poetry to take viewers on exhilaratinging ride through Jewish history and culture. The Tribe will provoke and trigger discussion on what it means to be a member of any tribe in the 21st century."--Container.
DVD 6113
U.S. and the Holocaust
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, and Sarah Botstein's three-part, six-hour documentary series examines how the American people and leaders responded to one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of the twentieth century, and how this catastrophe challenged America's identity as a nation of immigrants and the very ideals of democracy. The U.S. and the Holocaust examines America's response to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the twentieth century. Americans consider themselves a "nation of immigrants," but as the catastrophe of the Holocaust unfolded in Europe, the United States proved unwilling to open its doors to more than a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of desperate people seeking refuge. Through riveting firsthand testimony of witnesses and survivors who as children endured persecution, violence and flight as their families tried to escape Hitler, this series delves deeply into the tragic human consequences of public indifference, bureaucratic red tape and restrictive quota laws in America. Did the nation fail to live up to its ideals? This is a history to be reckoned with.
DVD 13478
Understanding race
Examines the history and power of the artificial distinction called "race", viewing it within historical, scientific, and cultural contexts. Topics include the anthropological unity of Homo sapiens, sanctioned discrimination, such as segregation, cultural biases based on racial stereotypes, and the underlying humanity that inextricably links us all.
DVD 11646
Unprecedented the 2000 presidential election /
The riveting story about the battle for the presidency in Florida and the undermining of democracy in America. What emerges is a disturbing picture of an election marred by suspicious irregularities, electoral injustices, and sinister voter purges in a state governed by the winning candidate's brother.
DVD 9228
Walk to remember
Jamie is a preacher's daughter whose self-confidence doesn't depend on the opinions of others. Landon is skating through high school on looks and bravado. But when events thrust him into Jamie's world, he begins an unexpected journey he will never forget. The remarkable steps to a life changed involve trust, hope, goals, faith and unconditional love.
DVD 9011
Wolf an ancient spirit returns /
"Reexamines the relationship between humans and wolves ... Over centuries Europeans' hatred of wolves grew as farms and livestock grazing lands replaced forests, squeezing the wolf's natural habitat. When Europeans came to the Americas, they brought their legends, myths, and fear of wolves with them. But the attitudes of the native peoples of North America toward wolves was vastly different ... Which view of the wolf is true? Are they bloodthirsty or benevolent? What is their role in the ecosystem? ... What is a proper relationship between humans and this ... predator species?"--Publisher information.
DVD 3323
Woody Guthrie ain't got no home /
This film explores Guthrie's creative genius -- his life and music as well as lesser known talents like writing and painting. Every American who has listened to the radio knows Guthrie's 'This Land Is Your Land.' The music of the folk singer/songwriter has been recorded by everyone from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to U2.
DVD 6130
World of American Indian dance
Documentary designed to introduce audiences to the beauty, artistry, athleticism, competition and drama of dance as displayed by Native American tribes and nations. While having a powerful influence on US/Indian relationships, the dance demonstrates the ancient as well as the new struggles between intertribal cultures, progress, tradition, spirituality and commerce.
DVD 2748