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CDs with: James, Skip

Goodbye, Babylon
CD 1: Introduction: Goodbye Babylon, pt. 1 (Rev. T.T. Rose and singers) -- Are you washed in the blood of the lamb (Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters) -- Woke up this morning (with my mind on Jesus) (Roosevelt Graves and Brother) -- Present joys (Alabama Sacred Harp Singers) -- All I want is that pure religion (Blind Lemon Jefferson) -- Satisfied (J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers) -- As the life of a flower (Chuck Wagon Gang) -- Thou carest Lord, for me (Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers) -- Lift Him up that's all (Washington Phillips) -- Rock my soul (Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet) -- There's a light lit up in Galilee (Ernest V. Stoneman's Dixie Mountaineers) -- Crucifixion (Arizona Dranes) -- Crying holy unto the Lord (Blue Chips) -- I'll never go back (Louvin Brothers) -- God's gonna separate the wheat from the tares (Mahalia Jackson) -- Blessed are the poor in spirit (Luther Magby) -- I belong to the band-Hallelujah (Rev. Gary Davis) -- River of Jordan (Carter Family) -- Sow good seeds (Lil McClintock) -- I'll be satisfied (Bryant's Jubilee Quartet) -- Troubled 'bout my soul (Frank Palmes) -- Dry bones (Bascome Lamar Lunsford) -- Jesus my all (Carlisle Brothers) -- Creep along, Moses (Taskiana Four) -- Joy bells (Tennessee Music and Printing Company Quartet) -- He gave me a heart to love (Elder David Ross) -- O day (Bessie Jones and the Sea Island Singers). CD 2 Deliverance will come: There ain't no grave gonna hold my body down (Brother Claude Ely) -- Memphis flu (Elder Curry and Congregation) -- The Bible's right (Sister O.M. Terrell) -- Standing in the need of prayer (Stanley Brothers) -- The blood that stained the old rugged cross (Carl Smith) -- How about you (Thomas A. Dorsey) -- Jesus is a mighty good leader (Skip James) -- Murillo's lesson (Charles Butts Sacred Harp Singers) -- Glory glory glory glory to the lamb (Kentucky Ramblers) -- Come over here (Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers) -- I'm gonna cross the river of Jordan, some o' these days (Jaybird Coleman) -- Milky white way (Trumpeteers) -- Deliverance will come (Johnson Family Singers) -- Daniel in the den of lions (North Carolina Cooper Boys) -- Goin' on to Heaven in the sanctified way (Sister Cally Fancy) -- No more, my Lord (Jimpson) -- This world can't stand long (King's Sacred Quartette) -- God's getting worried (Virginia Dandies) -- Get right church (Empire Jubilee Quartet) -- Move members move (Rosie Hibler and family) -- Lover of the Lord (Huggins & Phillips Sacred Harp Singers) -- The old ark's a moving (A.A. Gray and Seven Foot Dilly) -- On my way to Heaven (Blind Roger Hays) -- The Bible's true (Uncle Dave Macon) -- Ship of glory (Price Family Sacred Singers) -- Since I laid my burden down (Elders McIntorsh and Edwards) -- Precious Lord, hold my hand (Elder Effie Hall and congregation) -- When the saints go marching in (Blind Willie Davis) -- Jonah, come out the wilderness (Roaring Lion with Cyril Monrose String Orchestra). CD 3 Judgment: Down on the old camp ground (Dinwiddie Colored Quartet) -- My Lord's gonna move this wicked race (Norfolk Jubilee Quartet) -- Your enemy cannot harm you (but watch your close friend) (Edward W. Clayborn) -- Ain't gonna lay my armor down (McVay & Johnson) -- I'll flay away (James and Martha Carson) -- Heavenly vision (Alabama Sacred Harp Singers) -- Lord i just can't keep from crying (Blind Willie Johnson) -- Lower my dying head (Jubilee Gospel Team) -- You've got to move (Two Gospel Keys) -- That home above (Flatt & Scruggs with Foggy Mountain Boys) -- Gold Gate gospel train (Golde Gate Jubilee Quartet) -- I'll be rested (when the roll is called) (Roosevelt Graves and Brother) -- Down on me (Eddie Head and his family) -- Goin' to rest where Jesus is (Blind Joe Taggart) -- Got Heaven in my view (Louis Washington) -- Judgment (Rev. Sister Mary Nelson) -- I want two wings to veil my face (Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers) -- We got the same kinda power over here (Rev. D.C. Rice and Sanctified Congretation) -- What are they doing in Heaven today (Washington Phillips) -- That great day (T.C.I. Women's Four) -- I'm bound for home (North Canton Quartet) -- I am in the heavenly way (Washington White) -- Over in the gloryland (Sam Morgan's Jazz Band) -- Death in the morning (Rev. Anderson Johnson) -- In the land where we'll never grow old (Maddox Brothers & Rose) -- Bathe in that beautiful pool (Dock Walsh) -- I'll have a new body (Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys). CD 4 Salvation: Walking my Lord up Calvary Hill (Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper) -- Christ arose (Sheffield Quartet) -- If you see my saviour (Thomas A. Dorsey) -- Let Jesus lead you (Jubilee Gospel Team) -- Found a wonderful savior (Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet) -- He is my story (Arisona Dranes and Choir) -- I remember Calvary (Ernest V. Stoneman & his Dixie Mountaineers) -- Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there (Blind Willie Johnson) -- If you follow Jesus (Rev. w.M. Mosley) -- Hid me in the blood of Jesus (Blind Benny Paris and wife) -- I'll be a friend to Jesus (Wade Mainer) -- Standing on the promises (Tennessee Mountaineers) -- Jesus is my air-o-plane (Mother McCollum) -- I've got salvation in my heart (Stovepipe no. 1) -- I mean to live for Jesus (Blind Alfred Reed) -- When was Jesus born? (Heavenly Gospel Singers) -- Come to the savior (Blue Sky Boys) -- I want Jesus to walk with me (Dorothy Melton) -- He's coming soon (Laura Henton) -- Return again (Okeh Atlanta Sacred Harp Singers) -- I am the true vine (Rev. Gary Davis) -- Sweet story of old (Bela Lam and his Greene County Singers) -- I'll ead a Christian life (Elder Golden P. Harris) -- I'm leaning on the Lord (Famous Blue Jay Singers) -- Where He leads me I will follow (Blind Willie Harris) -- Jesus is getting us ready for the great day (Luther Magby). CD 5 Goodbye, Babylon: Daniel saw the stone (Silver Leaf Quartette of Norfolk) -- Called to the foreign field (Alfred G. Karnes) -- Hallelujah to the lamb (Ridgel's Fountaiin Citians) -- you need Jesus on your side (Deacon A. Wilson) -- You'd better mind (Pace Jubilee Singers) -- Exhilaration (J.T. aliison's Sacred Harp Singers) -- If the light has gone out of your soul (Ernest Phipps & his congregation) -- Keep on the firing line (Brown's Ferry Four) -- Romans ten and nine (Bailes Brothers) -- Standing outside (Wade Mainer) -- Sinner you better get ready (Monroe Brothers) -- I got to cross the river of Jordan (Blind Willie McTell) -- Free at last (Dock Reed and Vera Hall Ward) -- The whole world in His hand (Bessie Johnson's Sanctified Singers) -- Amazing grace (Mahalia Jackson) -- Honey in the rock (Blind Mamie Forehand) -- On Jordan's stormy banks we stand (Seventh Day Adventist Choir) -- My heart keeps singing (Elder J.E. Burch) -- I don't intend to die in Egyptland (Joshua White) -- Primrose Hill (Daniels-Deason Harp Singers) -- Keep on the sunny side (Carter Family) -- Light in the valley (Mrs. L. Reed & Mrs. T.A. Duncans) -- When the saints go marching in (Georgia Peach) -- We are almost down to the shore (Jimmie Strothers) -- Strange things happening every day (Sister rosetta Tharpe) -- Goodbye, Babylon-pt. 2 (Rev. T.T. Rose and singers). CD 6 Sermons:Gettin' ready for Christmas day (Rev. J.M. Gates) -- Black diamond express to Hell pts. 1-2 (Rev. A.W. Nix) -- The downfall of Nebuchadnezzar (Rev. J.C. Burnett) -- The liar (Rev. Isaiah Shelton) -- Hell and what it is (Rev. Emmet Dickenson) -- The church and the kingdom (Elder J.E. Burch) -- If I have a ticket Lord can I ride? (Rev. T.E. Weems) -- You must be born again (Rev. Benny Campbell) -- Take me to the water (Rev. E.D. Campbell) -- Oh Lord, remember me (Jubilee Gospel Team) -- Christ, the teacher (Rev. E.S. Moore) -- King of kings (Rev. Johnnie Blakey) -- O Lord I'm Your child (Elder Otis Jones) -- Moses was rescued by a negro woman (Rev. Webb) -- That white mule of sin (Rev. George Jones and congregation) -- Deacon's prayer services (Deacon Leon Davis) -- the prodigal son (Rev. S.J. "Steamboat Bill" Worell) -- Well of salvation (H.C. Gatewood) -- Jonah in the belly of the whale (Rev. F.W. McGee) -- The gambler's doom (Rev. J.C. Burnett) -- The prodigal's return (The things I usta do I don't do no more) (Hallellujah Joe) -- God is mad with man (Rev. T.E. Weems) -- The black camel of death (Rev. J.M. Milton) -- Death might be your Santa Claus (Rev. J.M. Gates with his congregation).
CD 2938
The very best of Cream / Cream.
Wrapping paper / Jack Bruce, Pete Brown (2:21) -- I feel free / Jack Bruce, Pete Brown (2:51) -- N.S.U. / Jack Bruce (2:43) -- Sweet wine / Ginger Baker, Janet Godfrey (3:17) -- I'm so glad / Skip James (3:57) -- Spoonful / Willie Dixon (6:30) -- Strange brew / Eric Clapton, Gail Collins (2:46) -- Sunshine of your love / Jack Bruce, Pete Brown, Eric Clapton (4:10) -- Tales of brave Ulysses / Eric Clapton, Martin Sharp (2:46) -- Swlabr / Jack Bruce, Pete Brown (2:31) -- We're going wrong / Jack Bruce (3:26) -- White room / Jack Bruce, Pete Brown (4:58) -- Sitting on top of the world / Chester Burnett (Howlin' Wolf) (4:58) -- Politician / Jack Bruce, Pete Brown (4:11) -- Those were the days / Ginger Baker, Mike Taylor (2:53) -- Born under a bad sign / Booker T. Jones, William Bell (3:09) -- Deserted cities of the heart / Jack Bruce, Pete Brown (3:38) -- Crossroads / Robert Johnson (4:15) -- Anyone for tennis / Eric Clapton, Martin Sharp (2:38) -- Badge / Eric Clapton, George Harrison (2:44).
CD 2268