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Lesson Plans!

Are you looking for classroom learning activities that focus on history and newspapers? Want to learn more about the "wireless towers" of nearly 100 years ago? Check out the lesson plans! VTDNP Digital Support Specialist, Karyn Norwood, developed these lesson plans to coincide with an exhibit that she and Project Librarian, Erenst Anip put together for the Vermont Alliance for Social Studies annual conference in Burlington, December 2013.

VTDNP at the World Library & Information Congress 2013 in Singapore:

  • Newspapers in a Global Microcosm: Updates & Activities from the IFLA Newspapers Section, presentation slides prepared by Birdie MacLennan to accompany a lightening talk given at Annual Awardee conference of the National Digital Newspaper Program at the Library of Congress on September 12, 2013.

  • Bringing the past to the people: outreach efforts and value-added content for chronicling America in Hawaii and Vermont

    VTDNP Project Librarian, Erenst Anip, presented a paper that he co-authored with Jodie Mattos, "Bringing the past to the people: outreach efforts and value-added content for chronicling America in Hawaii and Vermont" at IFLA Newspapers Standing Committee Open Forum (Session 153) on August 20, 2013.

    VTDNP Project Director, Birdie MacLennan, has accepted a four year appointment (2013-2017) from the IFLA Governing Board as a member of the Newspapers Section Standing Committee. She participated in related Newspapers Section meetings and forums.

    They also attended IFLA 2013 Satellite Meeting on Newspaper and Genealogy and Local History (GENLOC) Sections, 14-15 August, as part of their trip.

    Photo album on VTDNP Facebook Page

    Coverage from UVM Libraries E-News You Can Use

  • IFLA World Library & Information Congress 2013. From our perspective; Erenst Anip & Birdie Maclennan. This was a UVM Libraries Staff & Faculty Development Committee brown bag lunch talk on November 14, 2013 where Birdie and Erenst shares their experience in at the pre-conference, conference and Singapore in general.
  • VTDNP at the UVM Library Conference Day 2013:

    [Poster] Bennington Opera House: Early 20th Century Entertainment in Rural Vermont

    There's a lot you can do with the rich content that historic newspapers provide! Karyn Norwood, VTDNP Digital Support Specialist, presented a research project on the Bennington (Vt) Opera House, using Chronicling America to find interesting newspaper advertisements and articles that illustrated the transitions in the entertainment industry in rural Vermont in the early 20th century.

    Growing Fields exhibit at the UVM Library Lobby:

    Images from Chronicling America used in exhibit [Flickr]

    The University of Vermont Bailey/Howe Library Lobby is host to a colorful summer collection of farm and food images in a summer 2013 exhibit called “Growing Fields". The exhibit features newspaper clippings from the Vermont Farmer to provide historical background of agriculture here in Vermont.

    VTDNP in LRTS - a peer reviewed article:

    "The Vermont Digital Newspaper Project and the National Digital Newspaper Program," by Tom McMurdo and Birdie MacLennan. Library Resources & Technical Services 53, no.3 (July 2013): 148-163.

    This article provides a detailed overview of the VTDNP as a state partner in the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Institutional partnerships and the engagement of committed individuals serve as a foundation to the VTDNP and provide an avenue to expand state-wide infrastructures to accommodate large-scale microfilm-to-digital conversion and preservation efforts. Through collaboration and outreach, project partners select and digitize historical newspapers on microfilm that were published between 1836 and 1922. The content is archived by LC and made freely available through the website Chronicling America. A detailed bibliography is included. PDF

    VTDNP at the Vermont Library Conference:

    Chronicling America / Chronicling Vermont: Historic Newspapers @ the Library of Congress.
    VTDNP collaborators, Erenst Anip, Birdie MacLennan, Chris Kirby, and Tom McMurdo provide a brief project overview and present three topics to illustrate use of Chronicling America in finding different angles to interesting historical themes in Vermont newspapers of the 19th and early 20th centuries - alongside other states' newspapers covering similar themes or topics. Click here to see what we discovered: VLC presentation, May 21, 2013 - ppt

    Vermont Newspapers: An Interactive Map

    An interactive map of Vermont newspapers digitized by the VTDNP for Chronicling America, developed by Prudence Doherty.

    Vermont Digital Newspaper Project Advisory Committee Briefing Book

    The purpose of the Briefing Book is to provide information about the Vermont Digital Newspaper Project, to guide Advisory Committee members in the selection of newspapers on microfilm to be digitized, and to offer suggestions for other activities that might be pursued by the Advisory Committee. It also includes a tutorial on using Basecamp Project Management software, an essential tool for project communication. The intended audience of this work is VTDNP Advisory Committee members. It may also be of interest to a general audience, and to other state projects embarking on newspaper digitization projects. Compiled by Lorraine Lanius with contributions from members of the Project Management Group, including Prudence Doherty, Paul Donovan, Chris Kirby, Birdie MacLennan, and Tom McMurdo.
    VTDNP Briefing Book, 2010-2012 [Phase 1]
    VTDNP Briefing Book, 2012-2014 [Phase 2]

    Genealogical Research

    Using Chronicling America and Other Freely Available Online Newspapers for Genealogical Research presented by Tom McMurdo at a meeting of the Genealogical Society of Vermont in South Hero, Vermont, October 20, 2012.

    Communication and Outreach Strategies

    This NDNP 2012 Lightning Talk: Promoting the Vermont Digital Newspaper Project to Different Audiences summarizes outreach and communication strategies used in "spreading the news" about the Vermont Digital Newspaper Project. Presented by Tom McMurdo and Birdie MacLennan at the National Digital Newspaper Program Awardee Conference at the National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, DC, September 27, 2012.

    VTDNP session for Turning Points in American History:

    Presented by Tom McMurdo on July 26, 2012 as part of an interactive class for the Vermont K-12 teacher professional development program, Turning Points in American History. The presentation examines UVM Libraries resources, walks through a tutorial for searching online newspapers, and poses an interesting research question: Searching online newspapers for K-12 Educators.

    VTDNP at NASIG 2012:

    Two-part presentation, "The Vermont Digital Newspaper Project: Starting a State Newspaper Digitization Program." An overview of the VTDNP from planning stages and implementation to the creation of metadata and the transformation of microfilmed newspapers into online searchable content: Part one and Part two.

    How to search newspapers:

    A general audience tutorial for searching Vermont's historical newspapers: finding Great Stuff in Chronicling America and the VTDNP.

    Project structure and execution:

    A more technical overview of the genesis and execution of the project, presented by Project members Chris Kirby, Birdie MacLennan, Prudence Doherty and Tom McMurdo: VTDNP NELA presentation, Oct. 2011.


    We participated in a "Pechakucha" event at the UVM Fleming Museum on September 15, 2011. Pechakucha is a format where twenty seconds are alloted for twenty slides. The format makes for a fast moving, informative, and entertaining presentation. Here is the VTDNP Pechakucha presentation.

    Advisory Committee and Title Selection:

    This brief eight slide presentation provides an overview of the VTDNP Advisory Committee and Title Selection processes. It was prepared by Birdie MacLennan and delivered by Tom McMurdo at the NDNP Annual Award Meeting in Washington, DC, August 29, 2011:
    VTDNP NDNP 2011 Presentation

    VTDNP at the Massachusetts Library Association Conference:

    On April 27, 2011, VTDNP members Chris Kirby and Tom McMurdo joined the Boston Public Library's (BPL) Chrissy Watkins Rissmeyer for a joint presentation on the NDNP and the VTDNP at the Massachusetts Library Association conference. This talk was part of the BPL's efforts to inform interested parties and the public at large about their efforts to join the NDNP as a new state program. It served as an excellent opportunity for us to get the message out about what we are doing here in Vermont, the first NDNP state program in New England. We are hopeful that Massachusetts will join the NDNP this year.
    MLA presentation, 2011.
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