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New Flickr & Pinterest Album: Vermont Historic Architecture

Historic newspaper content can be invaluable for local history           research, particularly in regard to historic buildings in a community. Often newspapers would publish supplements about a town, its          industries, or businesses.  Articles would also be published on new construction, cornerstones being laid, dedication ceremonies, or other news about buildings in a community. We created an album showing just some of the different architecture found in Vermont’s historic newspapers on Chronicling America. Are these buildings still standing in your community? Enjoy!

Baxter National Bank in Rutland, Vermont. Image from the Vermont Phoenix, February 4, 1910.

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Have you had success using Chronicling America to research a             Vermont building? Share your story below and include a link! We’ll add it to our collection of images.

Researching historic buildings on Chronicling America

om fisher search
A detailed account of a local businessman’s new home in Montpelier, Vermont, on State Street. This was found by using the advanced search of keywords with any of the words “state” and “street” and the phrase “O.M. Fisher.” I did not limit the years, but did limit results to the state of Vermont.

Historic newspapers on Chronicling America hold an abundance of information regarding local and national news and cultural trends of the past. Newspapers are also particularly helpful in uncovering the history of the built landscape of our communities. Continue reading Researching historic buildings on Chronicling America