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Classroom Computers & Software Policy

Any special request for software must be made a minimum of 2 weeks before the start of any semester. Any request received after the two week cut off will be installed only if time permits in the room schedule during my normal business hours.

Any software requested must have a valid license held by the University of Vermont that I can have access to or retain in my office while the software is installed for the semester. Software without a valid UVM license or a privately owned copy will not be installed. If you are going to use any software for demonstration purposes only, we suggest you bring in a laptop with the software already pre-installed on it. We will be happy to instruct you on how to connect that laptop to the presentation system in your assigned classroom.

Most General Purpose (GP) classrooms supported by us will have a Dell PC installed in the Instructors Station with a common software package.

To see the specs for the currently installed computers, click here.

Please note, GP Classroom computers were imaged during the summer of 2015 and now include Deep Freeze and the Deep Freeze Cloud. We hope this will cut down if not eliminate malware and viruses not caught by our anti-virus software. With Deep Freeze and the Deep Freeze Cloud, routine updates for the operating system as well as some software and browser plugins and add-ons are automaticly checked and updated each night. This will also insure the desktop remains the same in each classroom and can easily be restored by a simple restart of the computer. This also means any files saved on the desktop or in locations other then the "User Files Folders" will be deleted at the restart. To have access to your files for future classes in a room for the semester, you will have to save them in the User Files Folder. There is a shortcut on the desktop to help you easily access your files.

For a list of the software installed, see Classroom Software package.

When you turn the computer on in the GP classrooms, they will automatically log into the account for the instructor on the computer. If someone has logged out, please choose "owstation" for the user.    There is no password for this account. The computers are set up on a "workgroup" and do not log in to any domain.    They have access to the internet and all programs installed.    This makes it secure, you don't have to remember to log out of your personal UVM account.   This also makes it easy for Guest Speakers and Instructors that are non-affiliates, they can use the computers without having to worry about a guest account.

To view the room layouts as well as a list of the equipment in the room, click on this link for Classroom Schedules (EMS) The exceptions to this are the computers in Kalkin and Votey. Room layouts and equipment lists are also in EMS however, installed software and logging into the computer is unique in each building. For assistance with the computers in Votey and Perkins, please contact CEMS Help or call (802)656-8490 For assistance with the computers in Kalkin, please contact Matt Parisi or call (802)656-0800

If the room assigned to you for your class doesn't have the equipment you requested or if you have problems with the size or location, please click here to go to the Registrar's Policies and Procedures page for room scheduling. All the contact information you need can be found there.