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Back-to-School Movies

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

We’ll admit it. Even though most of us librarians are not exactly in the target demographic, we’re kind of absolutely loving the back-to-school vibe in Tavi Gevinson’s new online magazine Rookie. Maybe that’s because some of us are old enough to have lived through the days of Sassy, the mid-1990’s call-to-girl-power magazine that serves as partial inspiration for Gevinson’s work (What? We already said we were old.)

Maybe it’s Joss Whedon’s advice about how to survive your first year of high school (incidentally, pretty applicable to the question of how to survive your first year of college, or your first year of law school, or whatever), or the DIYish fashion tips that are all Plaid!, Knee Socks!, Belt Your Books!, or maybe it is just the rain that never stops, but we’re already planning a weekend back-to-school, best-teen-movies-ever marathon.

Alternately, we’re thinking about the real implications of all this rain, and how to help our fellow Vermonters. But say you want to reward yourself after a day of hard labor with the sort of nostalgia and excuse for popcorn that only a teen movie provides. Here’s some of the best the UVM media collection has to offer (we like to think Gevinson and Co. would approve):

Bend it Like Beckham

The Breakfast Club

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2

N.B.: The library owns the complete run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but in our humble opinion it’s season two when things really get going (Evil Angel! Spike and Dru! Oz!). Not that we have spent a lot of time thinking about it or anything.

Freaks and Geeks


Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love


Mean Girls

Real Women Have Curves


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Virgin Suicides