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Bigfoot book cover
Bigfoot : the life and times of a legend by Joshua Blu Buhs

“Independent scholar Buhs (The Fire Ant Wars) skeptically but affectionately surveys the evidentiary traces of bigfoot and his yeti and Sasquatch kin in sightings, tracks, sideshow exhibits and film, but his focus is on the megapod as cultural signifier. To the white working-class men who are his biggest fans, Buhs contends, bigfoot is an icon of untamed masculinity, a populist rebel against scientific elites, the last champion of authentic reality against a plastic, image-driven, effeminate consumer society.” –Publisher’s Weekly

Hear Joshua Bluh Buhs discuss the book on the radio program Focus 580.

Censoring an Iranian Love Story book cover
Censoring an Iranian love story by Shahriar Mandanipour ; translated from the Farsi by Sara Khalili

“Imagine trying to write about romance in a society in which it’s a crime for a woman to walk down the street with a man who isn’t a relative, and in which government censors scrutinize every line. Shahriar Mandanipour, the struggling Iranian author portrayed with mischievous wit and serious intent in this elaborately chambered double-novel by the real-life Shahriar Mandanipour––a prominent, censored Iranian writer––labors anxiously over the love story of Sara and Dara under the sharp eyes of Mr. Petrovich, a censor of disturbingly omniscient powers.” –Booklist

Visit the author’s website.

Finding the Lost Year book cover
Finding the lost year : what happened when Little Rock closed its public schools by Sondra Gordy

“Much has been written about the Little Rock School Crisis of 1957, but very little has been devoted to the following year – the Lost Year, 1958-59 – when Little Rock schools were closed to all students, both black and white. “Finding the Lost Year” is the first book to look at the unresolved elements of the school desegregation crisis and how it turned into a community crisis, when policymakers thwarted desegregation and challenged the creation of a racially integrated community and when competing groups staked out agendas that set Arkansas’ capital on a path that has played out for the past fifty years.” –Publisher’s information

Learn about Gordy’s documentary on the same topic.

The Protest Singer book cover
The protest singer : an intimate portrait of Pete Seeger by Alec Wilkinson

“A true American original is brought to life in this rich and lively portrait of Pete Seeger, who, with his musical grace and inextinguishable passion for social justice, transformed folk singing into a high form of peaceful protest in the second half of the twentieth century. Drawing on his extensive talks with Seeger, New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson lets us experience the man’s unique blend of independence and commitment, charm, courage, energy, and belief in human equality and American democracy.” –Publisher’s information

Preview on Google Books

See an excerpt from the American Masters documentary Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

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