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Birds of North America



Step outside on a quiet summer evening in Vermont and you just might hear the call of our state bird, the Hermit Thrush, beautifully singing in its fluty warble “Oh, holy holy,-ah, purity purity,-eeh, sweetly sweetly.”  If you’re not sure a Hermit Thrush is what you’re hearing, log into Birds of North America and listen to their audio sample rather than relying on this phonetic description.  But audio samples of bird songs are just a small percentage of the useful information you’ll find in this database.  Birds of North America “provides comprehensive life histories for each of the 716+ species of birds breeding in the USA (including Hawaii) and Canada.” The in depth articles contain everything you would want to know about a bird including information on demography and population, migration, habitat, food habits, behavior, and breeding information.  The database also contains images, video, and audio that illustrate plumages, behaviors, habitat, nests and eggs, and more.  So whether you need to gather some information about the local birds of Vermont before a bird watching trip or want to add some visual or auditory appeal to your presentation, Birds of North America is the premier reference source for your North American ornithological information.

Santee Wood Duck by murali_n used in accordance with the Creative Commons license.


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