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Burlington Fire Insurance Maps 1869-1919 Available Online


The Fire Insurance Maps of Burlington, Vermont collection now includes over 200 maps that provide a remarkably detailed record of the city’s development from 1869-1919.

The earliest insurance maps cover the commercial, industrial, and residential area from the Lake Champlain waterfront east to Church and Shelburne Streets and from Pearl Street on the north to Howard Street on the south. Coverage gradually expands to include the growing downtown, the University of Vermont and the manufacturing area at Winooski Falls to the east, and new residential and commercial areas to the north and south.


One of the mill buildings at Winooski Falls.

The colored 21 x 25 inch sheets show building footprints, construction methods and materials, size and number of floors, and uses. They also show streets, railroads, wharves and slips, property boundaries, street numbers, water systems and fire hydrants. Except for 1869, each map set includes an index sheet showing the mapped area and sheet numbers, a list of streets and addresses, a “specials index” of businesses and organizations, and a detailed key that lists the symbols used to indicate building features.


In 1919, the Coon Ice Cream Factory occupied
a 3-story brick building at 84 South Winooski
Avenue where City Market is located today.


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