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Remembering Irene

At the end of August 2011, Tropical Storm Irene devastated Vermont. After the storm,Vermonters gathered stories of destruction and devastation as well as stories of the remarkable recovery efforts.  Bailey/Howe Library is collecting books and films that document how Vermont communities came together to help individuals and communities rebuild.


Wrath of Irene: Vermont’s Imperfect Storm of 2011
Accounts of the storm in the White River watershed, taken from articles and photographs that originally appeared in The Herald of Randolph.

Irene Storms Through Mendon: You Can Get There from Here
With help from the Vermont Folklife Center, the Mendon Historical Society recorded first-person accounts of the struggles town residents confronted during and after Tropical Storm Irene. The interviews form the framework for this book.


Voices from the Flood, by Jeanne Weston Cook
Black and white photos and essays record people’s experiences during the  flood devastation and then recovery in Northfield and Roxbury.

When the River Rose
When the River Rose presents stories of “flood, recovery, and rebirth” in Waterbury, one of the towns hit hardest by Tropical Storm Irene. Edited by journalist David Goodman, with photographs by Gordon Miller. Published by the Children’s Literacy Foundation.

O' Let Your Song Be Sung

Higher Ground, by Kevin Fitton
Higher Ground is a children’s book about a flooded dairy farm, with illustrations by Mary Azarian.

Flood Bound
Filmmaker Marion Abrams and 36 other Pittsfield residents tell the amazing story of how the townspeople responded to the destruction and isolation that resulted from the August storm.

Strength of the Storm
Strength of the Storm is a film about Tropical Storm Irene’s devastating affect on Vermont’s mobile home parks and how the residents came together after the storm to make their voices heard and get their needs met. Produced by the Vermont Worker’s Center and directed by Rob Koier.

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