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The University Libraries care about what you think. We want your voice to be at the heart of our planning and assessment efforts.

Please participate in a very important electronic survey that will help us learn how our user community views library services, and benchmark our collection, services, and facilities with other libraries. Sample responses indicate it takes approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey. Your investment of time now will be greatly appreciated.

We would appreciate it if you would complete the online survey at http://library.uvm.edu/surveys/ now, or within the next few days.

This survey is important because it will:

  • *Help us understand how the UVM community rates library services.
  • *Allow us to compare results with other academic research libraries.
  • *Make sure your voice is heard in library planning.
  • *Let us implement changes based on your needs.

We’re providing the opportunity for survey participants to win prizes. If you choose, you can enter a drawing for over a dozen gift certificates to the UVM Bookstore and Computer Depot, ranging in value from $100 to $10.

We hope you will choose to respond. If you participate, your responses will be held in confidence. No identifying links between responses and the individual responding will be retained. The survey is called LibQUAL+ (TM) and is being administered by the Association of Research Libraries. If you have any difficulty in accessing or taking the survey, please contact Selene Colburn at Selene.Colburn@uvm.edu.

Thank you for your time. Your opinion matters!

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