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Oxford Library works on Google Books

Bodleian Library crest

Google Books recently completed scanning hundreds of thousands of nineteenth-century public domain books from Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, a project which began in 2004.

“From English to German, to Spanish and French, most of the digitized works date from the 19th century and range from classic literature to more scientific volumes in fields including Geography, Philosophy or Anthropology. Among some of the works now available through Book Search, you can find the first English translation of Newton’s Mathematical principles of natural philosophy from 1729, the first edition of Jane Austen’s Emma, and John Cassell’s Illustrated History of England. You can search and read the full text of these works on Google Book Search, and download and print a pdf if you wish to.” –Inside Google Book Search

History of England illustration

Images include jeffreykeefer’s Bodleian Library, Oxford (used in accordance with the Creative Commons license) and an illustration from John Cassell’s Illustrated History of England.


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