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These works can be found on our New Book shelf in Bailey/Howe, an ever-rotating sampling of things we’re adding to our collection. You can also review all our newest books online, and subscribe via RSS to receive alerts about acquisitions, by discipline.


The Vanishers: A Novel, by Heidi Julavits

Is the bond between mother and daughter unbreakable, even by death? The Vanishers is a stunning meditation on grief, female rivalry, and the furious power of a daughter’s love. The book defies genre and has been called everything from a “paranormal detective story” to a “hilarious satire of academic politics.”



The Theology of Battlestar Galactica: American Chiristianity in the 2004-2209 Television Series, by Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr.

Battlestar Galactica (2005 to 2009 on the Sci Fi Channel) featured religion and theology among its central concerns, says the author of this new book about the acclaimed series. Over the course of 87 episodes and two television movies, Battlestar Galactica explored the meaning of salvation, prophecy, exile, apocalypse, resurrection, and messianism. Wetmore counters with the Christian theology for each of Battlestar Galactica’s imagined religions.



Ingenious Contrivances, Curiously Carved: Scrimshaw in the New Bedford Whaling Museum, by Stuart M. Frank

The 700 photographs in this volume, attests the Boston Globe, highlight the artistic output associated with New Bedford’s role in the 1800s as the whaling capital of the world. “Putting their idle hours to use, whalers took painstaking care to carve teeth and bones from whales. Many of the pieces were made as gifts for loved ones at home. Yet scrimshaw was never purely a decorative art. Whalers, frequently adding a touch of whimsy, also made practical objects, such as canes, pie crimpers, and letter openers.”


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