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Blackboard Jungle2 Resources


This weekend, educators will convene at UVM’s Dudley H. Davis Center for The Blackboard Jungle 2, a symposium on integration, equality, and social justice in the classroom. The University Libraries are home to a number of resources that may be of use to attendees, or anyone interested in the topic.

Book Collection

It’s easy to locate books in the library catalog on a variety of relevant topics. Vermont K-12 educators and faculty at other colleges and universities are eligible for free borrower’s cards.

Sample titles of interest:

Just Schools book cover Just Schools : pursuing equality in societies of difference by [keynote speaker] Martha Minow, Richard A. Shweder, and Hazel Rose Markus, editors

Educating for Moral Action book cover Educating for moral action : a sourcebook in health and rehabilitation ethics edited by [keynote speaker] Ruth B. Purtilo, Gail M. Jensen, Charlotte Brasic Royeen

Challenges of Multicultural Education Challenges of multicultural education : teaching and taking diversity courses edited by Norah Peters-Davis and Jeffrey Shultz

Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education book cover Handbook of research on multicultural education by James A. Banks, editor ; Cherry A. McGee Banks, associate editor

Education is Politics Education is politics : critical teaching across differences, postsecondary edited by Ira Shor & Caroline Pari

Understanding the whole student : holistic multicultural education by Clifford Mayes … [et al.]

Multicultural Education book cover Multicultural encounters by Sanjay Sharma

Start Seeing Diversity book cover Start seeing diversity : the basic guide to an anti-bias classroom by Ellen Wolpert for the Committee for Boston Public Housing

Search under the subject heading multicultural education to find hundreds more titles.

Media Collection

The Bailey/Howe Library is home to an extensive collection of scholarly and popular DVDs, browseable by title, director, actor, or writer. UVM affiliates can borrow DVDs; there are also viewing stations onsite.

The contents of last year’s Blackboard Jungle Symposium are available via DVD.

The Libraries house rich collections in support of ALANA U.S. Ethnic Studies.

The thousands of databases and electronic journals in the Libraries collection (many of them interdisciplinary in nature) include:

Ethnic News Watch [Remote access – UVM only]
An interdisciplinary, bilingual (English and Spanish) and comprehensive full text database of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. Coverage: 1990 to present.

Gender Watch [Remote access – UVM only]
GenderWatch is a full text database of unique and diverse publications that focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas. With archival material dating back to 1970’s, GenderWatch is a repository of important historical perspectives on the evolution of the women’s movement, men’s studies, the transgendered community, and the changes in gender roles over the years.

Alt-Press Watch[Remote access – UVM only]
Alt-PressWatch is a full text database of the newspapers, magazines and journals from alternative and independent presses. This interdisciplinary resource provides a valuable source of alternative viewpoints and perspectives to complement and challenge mainstream media coverage.

ERIC [Remote access – UVM only]
ERIC – the Education Resources Information Center – is an online digital library of education research and information.

Sample new books on ALANA studies and multiculturalism:

The UVM Libraries’ new book list is updated weekly. Subscribe via RSS feed to subjects that interest you.

Best Laid Plans book cover Best laid plans : the origins of American multilateralism and the dawn of the Cold War by Stewart Patrick.

Japanese Americans book cover Japanese Americans : the formation and transformations of an ethnic group by Paul Spickard.

Between Barack and a Hard Place book cover Between Barack and a hard place : racism and white denial in the age of Obama by Tim Wise

The Ties That Bind book cover The ties that bind : a memoir of race, memory, and redemption by Bertice Berry

In Search of Our Roots book cover In search of our roots : how 19 extraordinary African Americans reclaimed their past by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The Land Has memory book cover The land has memory : indigenous knowledge, native landscapes, and the National Museum of the American Indian edited by Duane Blue Spruce and Tanya Thrasher

Selling Your Father's Bones book cover Selling your father’s bones : America’s 140-year war against the Nez Perce Tribe by Brian Schofield

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