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Get to Know the Class of 2014

Associate Library Professor Daisy Benson is the author of the recent Report on the 2010 First-Year Library Survey, which looks at the computing habits and research skills of first-time first-year students in the class of 2014.

Some key findings from Benson’s study:

  • 97% of students surveyed indicated they would be bringing a laptop to campus. 86% have a cell phone or smartphone & 55% have a smartphone or iPod Touch.
  • 39% of incoming students used library books for research 3 or fewer times. 40% wrote a paper 5 or more pages long 3 or fewer times.
  • Students are confident in their ability to evaluate research materials. Actual performance varied – incoming students had the hardest time with reading a citation (which has implications for their ability to locate research materials) & distinguishing between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine.

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