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Ask a Librarian

Keeping the Peace

We know it gets crazy around here – sometimes too crazy. We know because you’ve told us!

We’re trying hard to accommodate all the different ways you use the library: to meet up with classmates for a group project, to edit video, to grab a quick cup of coffee, to seriously hunker down and study for a test without interruption.

Please help us protect the second and third floors as quiet study space. This means no prolonged conversations, no conversations above a whisper, and no cell phones.

In fact, we ask that you turn your cell phone to vibrate and limit phone conversations around the building to the first floor lobby and/or Cyber Café.

Take a look at our full Expectations of Library Patrons policy and let us know what you think (leave a comment or email selene.colburn@uvm.edu). Will these policies help you get more out of your time here?

SHH by Elizabeth Welsh used in accordance with Creative Commons.


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