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Maple Exhibits

Maple Ridge, Danville, VT

The UVM Libraries have been collecting maple resources for many years, creating an outstanding collection for the study of Vermont’s signature maple industry.  This spring, all the display cases in Bailey/Howe Library feature maple exhibits based on materials selected from the Wilbur Collection of Vermontiana, the Maple History Collection, and the collections of UVM’s Proctor Maple Research Center.

“It’s Always Maple Time in Vermont” in the lobby the uses photographs, paintings, prints, business records, advertisements and artifacts to show how the essential process of evaporating and concentrating sap through boiling has been modified as a result of innovation and research.  The display also includes images of sugaring-off parties and examples of maple-themed poetry, prose, and even country music.

“Sweet and Savory: Cooking with Maple,” also located in the lobby, documents the richly varied and creative dishes that home cooks and professional chefs make with maple.  Drawing from over 100 years of cookbooks, the exhibit showcases dishes that are well-loved and familiar, such as Maple Bars, as well as those that are unusual and intriguing, such as Black-Peppered Maple Cream Pie.

The exhibit cases in Special Collections feature women who made outstanding contributions to Vermont maple business and research, including the enterprising ladies of Maple Grove Candies, author and sugarmaker Helen Nearing, and UVM scientist Mariafranca Morselli.

The exhibits are located in the Bailey/Howe Library Lobby and in Special Collections.  They will be on display through June 2010.

Tasty Maple Recipes

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