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Science Archives Now Available

Station 3

UVM Libraries is pleased to announce that patrons now have access to Science, one of the most influential scientific publications, back to 1890. The Science Classic back file includes the very first issue of Science published under founder Thomas A. Edison and complements Science Online, which covers issues from 1997 until today.

Publishers say this about Science Classic:

“Science readers may now access a wealth of scientific literature. This archival content includes groundbreaking Research Articles and Reports, News of the Week and News Focus, Letters, Books et al., Policy Forum, Reviews, Perspectives, Association Affairs, Technical Comment Abstracts, Brevia, even advertisements found in the print issues published before 1997. Readers will have at their fingertips key articles in the history of science from the late 19th, the 20th, and the early 21st centuries such as the human genome, the genes for breast and colon cancer, and the Bose-Einstein condensate in physics.”

Access this archive as you would any Science article through the publisher’s website or UVM Libraries Online Catalog and Electronic Journals List.

Station 3 photograph by Casey J. used in accordance with the Creative Commons license.


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